Supreme Magus

Chapter 81 Celebratory Banque

All those who where spectating, were so astonished to be at loss for words.

Scarlett and the Headmaster called each other so fast that it was impossible to know who had called who.

"What the heck is that thing?" Asked Linjos.

"How the heck did a fourth-year student got her hands on a Stunner Clacker's venom?" Asked Scarlett.

Having got his answer already, Linjos returned the favour.

"Yesterday that group was attacked by Clackers. One of the poisoned ones was recued and managed to detoxify himself. I never expected for him to actually store the venom for later use."

"Son of a…" Scarlett turned back at the fight, were the tables were quickly being turned.

Termyn had managed to land safely, but its energy reserves were scraping the bottom of the barrel. Belia, on the other hand, was could finally show all her prowess.

By rearranging the ice shard that composed her armour, she was able change the shape and size of all its parts.

Sacrificing her defence, she turned her limbs in giant swords, hammers, sickles, whatever came to her mind that was better suited to juggle the Cingy in mid-air, while her conjured weapons darted around piling up the damage.

Phloria kept sticking close to the Ry, while the venom started to take effect, making its movements sluggish and uncoordinated.

Lith instead, could feel that something was wrong. Despite all of his efforts, after a few blows Sentar had managed to put some distance between them, blocking the incoming attacks with air cushions that dissipated the force of each strike before it could reach the Cron's body.

- "Dammit! Solus, remind me never to get close to a magical beast until I get a decent weapon. First the Ry, now the Cron, I'm too weak to get anything from physical attacks, f*ck my life." –

"There, there." Solus replied. "Look at the bright side, you learned this during an exercise, instead of risking your life on a gamble."

"Yeah, you are damn right. This time the glass is half full, even for me." –

Lith stopped giving chase and started casting another powerful spell, but Sentar was too fast, even in its debilitated state. Swallowing its pride, the Cron admitted defeat, using air fusion and air magic to run away as fast as it could.

Sentar swooped down, rescuing Termyn from Belia's clutches before it was too late. With a sudden U-turn, it grabbed also M'Rook, using true air magic to make both its companions weightless.

It was only then that Visen completed the third array, conjuring multiple elemental spheres that would attack any opponent he would design as a target. Alas, there was no one left.

To his defence, the whole fight had barely lasted a minute, and every time he had to activate an array or dodge an incoming attack, his casting speed had been severely affected.

Wardens' spells were more suited to be prepared from the rear guard, rather than in the line of fire.

"F*ck!" He yelled. "Right now? All that casting and sweat for nothing?"

"Who cares?" Belia was on cloud nine. "We won! This time they were the ones running away. We should celebrate…"

"Where is Lith?" Phloria cut her short, refusing to lower her guard yet.

"Right here." Said a voice from above.

Watching his face, one could think they had actually lost. Lith could barely contain his anger and frustration.

- "Why did I even waste all that time learning martial arts again? They are useless against magical beasts, and against humans I just need the simplest spell to kill or incapacitate them."

"Well, maybe because you were so clumsy you would trip on your own feet?" Solus sarcastically reminded him.

"Also, they are not useless. All that footwork practice saved our lives countless times. If in the future you get cornered, what would have you said if you did not do it? 'Oh, why I was so arrogant? Why didn't I learn them again?'.

You are unbelievable, nothing is good enough for you. Too cold, too hot, too lukewarm. Enough with you control issues, quit whining and rejoice! You'll ruin everyone's mood." -

Just looking at him, everyone assumed back their combat position, believing Lith's demeanour was caused by an impending danger he was going to warn them about.

"Where is the enemy?" Asked Phloria looking left and right, keeping an ear out for any suspicious noise.

Lith used Life Vision, searching the proximities for any sign of danger.

"Gone, I'd say. Even from above, is all trees and small animals."

"So, did we really win?" A radiant smile appeared on Phloria's face, finally lowering her estoc. She turned towards her companions, her arms raised to the sky in sign of joy. The others followed her suit, getting close to each other.

Before something unspeakable, like asking him to partake in a group hug, could happen, Lith burst their bubble.

"Do you really want to start screaming in this gods-forsaken forest? I say that with all the ruckus we made, it's better to go back to our haven, before another uninvited guest shows up."

- "Party pooper!" Solus scolded him. "Nonetheless, let's get out of here. The rings are empty, and your mana reserves are dangerously low."

"I know. Using a tier four spell requiring hexacasting, while using three kinds of fusion magic really did take its toll. And I can't even use Invigorate too much. Having an apparently infinite mana capacity would rise too many questions." –

His words spoiled the happy mood, and by the time they got back at the cave most of the euphoria was gone.

"I still can't believe it." Belia's cheeks flushed at the thought of their battle.

"I resent that. My plan was rock solid." Phloria objected.

"Indeed it was. But you misunderstood me. I meant that I still can't believe I didn't screw up! After how I behaved during the first day, I was starting to believe I was a hopeless case."

"There, there. A single slip up means nothing, it can happen even to the best of us." Visen was mostly speaking about himself, trying to be supportive at the same time.

They started sharing the highlights of each one's contribution to the victory, patting themselves on the back and complimenting to each other.

Lith was already nauseous from all the niceties, seriously considering to cut off the next hand on his shoulder.

"If we want to eat more than hot air today, we need to prepare the meat. Has any of you ever skinned and gutted some game?"

Lith used earth magic to conjure several jars from the ground, to collect the non-edible parts before destroying them with darkness magic.

An awkward silence followed.

"I never hunted alone, before. I would always give my game to the cook. He always took care of the rest." Phloria was embarrassed, so she fiddled the ground with her foot.

- "Interesting." Lith thought. "Phloria does that every time she feels uncomfortable. I could exploit this tell, if I ever decide to plagiarize poker."

"Or if you are curious about who she is interested in!" Solus chimed in.


"Come on, spoilsport. Don't you want to see some romance? You are all so young and hormonal, wouldn't be cute if two of your teammates hook up?"

"It would be a disaster. First their mind would become even emptier, and second, I don't want to spectate some kids making out. The cave is little and my patience short." Solus mind-pouted at him. –

According to Solus' observations, Phloria wasn't uncomfortable around any of her teammates. That was disappointing for her, she really wanted someone to jump on Lith, just to see his reaction.

"I know only the basics, but I'm a fast learner." Visen volunteered, winking at the girls.

- "Neither of them is really cute, but beggars can't be choosers." He thought. "I will show to the girls that a real man doesn't fear a little guts and blood." –

Having already experienced high school, Lith could recognize that look at first sight. It was what undeserved confidence mixed with desperation and the willingness to f*ck anything that moves looked like.

"Okay." Lith said hiding a cruel grin behind a kind mask.

"First, you have to drain the blood. To do that, you hang them upside down and then cut off the head." He made an exaggerated movement on purpose, sending a little blood everywhere.

Visen's face lost its colour, turning pale. Lith mercilessly handed him a big fluffy rabbit. Despite being already dead, its big round eyes were staring at Visen, like asking: "Why did you kill me?"

While Visen was trying to come up with an excuse to go back with the girls, Lith had already took the skin off of his prey, handing that too to Visen.

"Put it in a jar for me, please." Lith never stopped smiling with a kind and brotherly expression on his face.

Visen let the rabbit fall from the shock. When his hands touched the greasy and sticky side of the skin, he turned green, fighting against the urge to puke.

- "You're a monster!" Solus accused him.

"Guilty as charged." He confessed. –

"At this point, you need to perform a big incision, and pull out all the organs. Like this!" He turned the gutted rabbit toward Visen, to let him better appreciate the view.

Just to keep on the safe side, Lith reinforced the Hush barrier and conjured a pot really close to his teammate.

"Why are you still holding the skin?" Lith pretended to not have noticed he was frozen stiff.

"Here, toss away the guts for me, please." When Lith handed him the viscera too, it was too much for Visen. He fainted on the floor like a dead weight. Lith had expected some screaming and puking, but that was fine too.

"What happened?" The girls asked after hearing the thump sound. They had run in the bathroom after the first blood.

"Nothing. Seems Visen is not cut to be a hunter, though." After getting rid of the poser, Lith's movements became much faster and precise. It wouldn't take him long to finish.

"Does anyone know how to cook?" He asked.

"Are you asking that just because we are girls?" Phloria sounded quite enraged.

"No, just because I hope someone can give me a hand."

"Sorry." Belia said. "I know how to eat, though."

"What about you, oh fearless leader?" Lith poked her, since Phloria still refused to reply.

"I never got the chance nor the desire to learn. But I'm quite skilled at eating too, thank you for asking." Phloria took a mental note to at least learn how to butcher, otherwise her hunting skill would lack a practical use.

Before starting to cook, Lith cleaned everything and destroyed the jars and their content. He called the girls to wake up their fallen comrade and show them how to use first magic for cooking.

When the delicious smell of roasted meat started to spread, Visen fully regained his senses and appetite. Using so many powerful spells while fighting such a hard battle, had exhausted most of their mana and stamina.

They managed to wolf down everything they had got during the morning, leaving nothing for dinner. Despite not having salt or any spice, their meal was seasoned with victory and hunger, making that the best meal the three of them ever had in their life.

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