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Chapter 2929 The Path Ahead (Part 1)

Chapter 2929 The Path Ahead (Part 1)

?"No one knows how Thrud identified and awakened the hidden potential of your dormant bloodlines." Lith said. "Even with Ufyl's help, isolating the markers that allowed him to evolve into a Seven-Headed Dragon might take decades.

"Replicating the process without the use of Forbidden Magic is going to require even longer. If you accept to take part in the research, however, by comparing the life forces of the members of your family with yours, the Hydras should be able to spot what you all have in common.

"At that point, they'll be capable of programming the Harmonizer to trigger a specific bloodline instead of reshaping the entire life force.

"The effect would only last while the subject is above a mana geyser, but by studying the changes during the forced evolution, the Hydras can find a way to make it permanent if not even to awaken a dormant bloodline without the Harmonizer.

"You would help Ufyl, your families, and the beast Council."

The lost Divine Beasts turned to Leegaain before answering.

"It's going to take you much more than that to earn you a second chance but it's a start." The Guardian said. "You have my permission to participate in the experimentation, if that's what you want."

"Permission, not order. Correct?" Leari asked and Leegaain nodded.

"What do we have to lose?" Ophius said. "Any Emperor Beast who knows us and can recognize our energy signature will live about 3000 years. Rather than just wait for everyone to forget about us, we might as well do something.

"I don't like the idea of becoming the Hydras' test subject, especially after enduring the experiments that Xedros first and the True Queen later put us through. However, I'd rather do that and breathe fresh air than being trapped inside Leegaain's biomes until I forget how the real Mogar looks like.

"This is our opportunity to get outside and start fixing the mess that we have contributed creating. We have sacrificed countless lives and destroyed entire cities, thinking that it was necessary to save the Griffon Kingdom.

"Alas, the only threat to the Kingdom was Thrud and we were too caught in our self-righteous anger to question her actions and motives."

"That's assuming that Leegaain has been telling us the truth." Leari pointed out. "Even if he's right, how can we be sure that we aren't being manipulated again? The Council might want us for our powers, just like the True Queen.

"If the Hydras lean how to reproduce our abilities and misuse them, how would this be any different?"

"Easy." Faluel stepped forward, putting herself between the Seven-Headed Dragon and the Thunderborne. "See what's become of the Kingdom with your eyes and listen to what your past enemies and allies think of you with your ears.

"I can give you a tour of the regions that have been involved in the conflict and let you witness the consequences of your actions.

"I offer myself as your guardian and guide until you've made up your mind. I ask nothing in return and if you choose not to help the Hydras with our research, you have my word that I won't reveal your survival to the Council."

"Why would you do that, Hydra?" Leari asked, her eyes narrowed in suspicion. "We are not of your blood and if we turn down your offer, you'd have nothing to gain."

"Because I have nothing to lose either if not a little time." Faluel shrugged.

"What do you mean?" Gulfort the Moonhound asked.

"I'm no saint, just practical." She replied. "Even if I bring you out of here, you would still be under Leegaain's watch. Try anything funny and Grandfather is going to make you regret being born."

"That's for sure." The Guardian snorted. "You are alive because of me. You are my responsibility, no matter where you are."

"My point exactly." Faluel nodded. "You are no threat to me or to anyone in the Kingdom. If you end up refusing to help, you are going to be trapped in here for millennia which is punishment enough for me.

"Spilling the beans to the Council would achieve nothing but souring the relationship between Leegaain and the Awakened and betraying his trust in me."

The Hydra took a pause, letting the lost Divine Beasts ponder her words.

"Before making up your mind, consider this." Faluel said after she noticed with Life Vision that tendrils of mana now connected Thrud's former Generals in a mind link. "This is your opportunity to share your side of the story, to explain why you did what you did instead of being remembered as bloodthirsty monsters.

"Also, by helping the Hydras, you'd be helping all Lesser Divine Beasts. You'd improve the lives of your bloodline's future generations. Maybe it won't be enough to clean your names, especially if the project fails, but it would still be proof of your goodwill."

"It's more than that." Leegaain chimed in. "Actions speak louder than any apology ever could. As I said back when I brought you here, I'm not going to let you go anywhere until you've proven me that you are remorseful for your actions and have made amends for them.

"Don't think that you just have to wait in the comfort of my house and then say that you are sorry. If I'm not convinced of your sincerity, you are going to stay here until the day you die."

Since it was clear that the choice was between waiting for the members of the current Awakened Council to die and then starting to atone for their crimes and getting to work right now, the lost Divine Beasts needed but a few minutes to made their decision.

"We take your offer, Hydra." Leari spoke for everyone. "We are going to witness what has become of the Griffon Kingdom under your supervision. Be warned, though.

"If by the end of our road trip I haven't changed my mind on the Royals and the Council, I'd rather spend the rest of my life as a caged rat than help those who put me in Xedros' hands."

"And so would I." Gulfort said, quickly followed by the rest of the group.

"What about me?" Protheus asked. "I'm not a Divine Beast but I can replicate their powers almost to perfection. Is the offer valid for me as well?"

The Doppelganger could now replicate up to two mana organs belonging to a Divine Beast while taking its form. Conjuring more and mixing the attributes belonging to different bloodlines was still impossible to him.

Leegaain had no idea if it was due to the fact that Protheus' core was still bright green, because he had yet to master his bloodline abilities after being infused with Ambrosia, or if it was just impossible.

"The more the merrier. I think-" Faluel tried to say when the Father of All Dragons cut her short.

"You are allowed to follow your companions in their travels, but not to take part in the experiments."

"Why?" Protheus asked. "Why I am the only one who's forbidden from seeking forgiveness? How are my crimes worse than those of my companions?"

"They aren't." Leegaain shook his head. "Quite the contrary, your penance is going to be much lighter."

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