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Chapter 2924 Copies and Originals (Part 2)

Chapter 2924 Copies and Originals (Part 2)

"The reason Glemos performed so many experiments on his followers is also similar. He used Harmonizers with no template to trigger chaotic mutations and then he would study the life force of those who survived, using them as a starting point for the next batch.

"Monsters spawn fast so he had no shortage of test subjects."

"If that's true, then what about the Balors? Their development rate is not much different from humans. Also, what about the undead? Their fertility rate is abysmal." Solus pointed out.

"There are two possible explanations for this." Xubari, the lead Healer, said. "Either after many experiments Glemos spotted a tell that allowed him to determine the first steps a life force had to take, and that's what we hope, or he simply needed a lot of time and sacrifices.

"After all, Glemos was just the latest researcher, there's no telling for how long the Tyrant bloodline has studied the Balors. Maybe the Tyrants even mating with Balors in the hope of creating a powerful hybrid.

"As for the undead, they can be spawned faster than monsters. You only need a fresh corpse and a necromancy spell." A long awkward silence followed those words.

Solus shuddered, thinking about Nyka and how many like her had been sacrificed just to fill Glemos' pockets with the Undead Courts' resources.

"Wait a second." She said. "If your second hypothesis is correct, why isn't everyone rejoicing? You have Ufyl's life force to use as a template and the blueprints for the Harmonizer. You can take turns wearing it and study each other's life force."

She looked left and right, noticing that there was only one Seven-Headed Dragon in the cave and that the rest of the arrays contained different models of Harmonizers designed solely for crystals and magical metals.

"It's complicated." Fyrwal's necks straightened while the other Hydras looked so glum that Lith felt like someone had suddenly died. "Consider that the difference in mass between a monster and its reverted form is negligible.

"The alteration their bodies undergo is akin to healing from a body-altering congenital disease but still a disease. The differences between a Hydra and a Dragon, instead, are several.

"Mass, mana organs, bone density, extra limbs, and the list goes on.

"There's a reason why even evolving from a magical beast to an Emperor Beast requires Mogar's help. The same reason Thrud needed her modified version of the Madness and weeks of gestation to ensure the survival of her generals." The Elder Hydra clenched her claws in anger.

"When we first developed our own Harmonizers, a researcher disregarded all that and turned herself into a Seven-Headed Dragon."

"And?" Lith asked even though he already knew the answer.

"Her body went from 20 to 30 meters of height, her internal volume increased by several times and she developed wings." Half of Xubari's heads looked down while the other half had an angry look in their eyes.

"Bottom line, she died of starvation before her body could complete the transformation."

"I feared as much." Lith nodded. "I'm sorry for your loss."

"Don't be." The lead Healer replied. "My sister was an idiot, but at least her recklessness taught our young ones a lesson. Had she not made such a foolish decision in front of everyone, there's no telling how many Hydras would have done the same in the privacy of their rooms."

"And the problems didn't finish there." Fyrwal continued. "We devised a machine that would feed and nurture a Hydra while his body was gradually altered by a special Harmonizer, ensuring his survival.

"The experiment was a success, but the volunteer died anyway."

"Didn't you say that the transformation was gradual? How could he die after turning into a Dragon? Did someone kill him out of envy?" Solus asked.

"Worse." Xubari replied. "At first, everything was alright. Dragon Eyes, Origin Flames, Cantor had everything and he was as happy as you can imagine. Yet a few days after emerging from the growth vat, his body started to rot.

"You see, here's another thing no one had thought about. Monsters are like any other race. Their individual features and talents are unique, but their bodies all work the same way. Divine Beasts, instead, have each a unique body, depending on their bloodline.

"A Red Dragon is different from a Darkness Dragon, just like a Shadow Phoenix is different from a Storm Phoenix." The lead Healer used Lith's bloodlines to better explain the issue.

"Imagine what would happen if someone tried to forcefully suppress your natural talents and develop others you are not supposed to have."

"My body would fight the changes tooth and nail, just like it happened to Cantor." The Tiamat replied.

"Exactly." Fyrwal nodded. "We Hydras may look all the same to you, but each branch of the family has inherited a different bloodline from Leegaain and if we awaken the wrong one, we'll die."

"Is this what happened to Cantor?" Solus asked.

"I wish." Xubari said. "We just put him back in the vat and removed the Harmonizer. They work only while in the presence of a geyser and we couldn't demand our test subjects to spend their lives as prisoners so the machine is devised to support the transformation both ways.

"The problem was that as the effect of the Harmonizer faded, Cantor's body stabilized whereas his mind delved into madness. Even though he had gained the Dragon Eyes and Origin Flames for a short while, he was already addicted to them.

"The pain from the loss of the bloodline abilities coupled with the natural greed of Hydras drove him insane. We sedated him and did everything we could to help him recover but he ended up taking his own life."

"Gods, I'm so sorry." Solus wanted to hug the Hydra, but with her small body, he would barely notice.

Also, she had no idea if the gesture would have been considered compassioned or just rude.

"Everyone here is." Xubari replied. "Not only is the death of our brethren a tragedy, but if we fail to make the Harmonizers work, their misery will be for nothing. Please, help us."

Lith pondered the issue for a while, but there was nothing he could do.

'My bloodlines awakened and fused on their own, I have no idea how it happened.' He thought. 'The tower played no part in it and Menadion was a normal human so there is no floor that can help us.'

'Even worse, the Harmonizers are completely useless for Nalrond.' Solus said. 'We have no idea what shape his life forces would take once fused and he is the last of his kind. What can we do?'

'I don't know. I wonder how Thrud-' Lith's train of thought derailed as he remembered the many unique Divine Beasts born from the Mad Queen's research.

"I'm sorry, I don't think I can help you with this, but maybe I know someone who can." He said after a while. "Can you please Warp me back home? I'll contact you as soon as I have a definitive answer."

"Sure." Fyrwal nodded.

"I also need to bring Ufyl and Faluel with me. Don't ask me questions, please. Just know that without them, I have no chance of success."

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