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Chapter 2894: Full Power (part 2)

Chapter 2894: Full Power (part 2)

At that point, fear had frozen Kamila like a deer in headlights. She wanted to turn off the projector to not let the babies witness what was happening but at the same time, she couldn't bear to not know her husband's fate.

Elysia and Valeron cried for their father from the beginning of the fight, yet Tyris remained neutral. Until something inside of her snapped.

She remembered well the pain of losing her Valeron.

She also remembered how much the little Bahamut had suffered from the death of Jormun first and Thrud later. The Mad Queen had been true to her name during the War of the Griffons but Tyris couldn't deny how similar they were.

Not only in their physical appearance, but also in their pain.

The same pain that was once again ravaging the little body of Valeron the Second.

She gently lay down the Tiamat's unconscious body on the ground before turning to the Eternal Fortress.

["This isn't my turf and the people of Jiera are not my responsibility anymore."] She said as a burning fury evaporated her tears and twisted her visage. ["They have turned their back on me and you are probably unaware of my vow."]

She walked toward the edges of the barriers, her body swelling in size as she returned to her true appearance.

["Under any other circumstance, I would offer you to walk away in exchange for me overlooking your transgression. Today is different. You have caused my blood great pain. You have caused me great pain and for that, I'll end you."]

A majestic Golden Griffon stood 50 meters (166 feet) tall on her hind legs, surrounded by a warm yellow light akin to the sun and a majestic aura of power.

The people from Garlen fell to their knees in awe whereas Thaymos just resumed laughing.

["End me? I don't know who you are but I know what you are, little bird. You are nothing!"] The Eternal Fortress was double Tyris' height and even though her aura was brighter than his own, Thaymos showed no sign of fear.

["I've fought the strongest Guardian of Jiera. Zagran herself failed to stop me and she was much stronger than you."] He said, and he was right.

"You sure are an ass, Fenagar." Zagran scoffed in indignance through the mind link that connected her to her fellow Guardian. "The least you could do is stop opposing Tyris' powers like you do for me when I deal with threats on your turf. This is just petty."

"No, this is wise." The Leviathan shook his head. "Tyris is on my turf against my permission and she even dared wound me when I reprimanded her for her invasion.

"Sooner or later, we'll fight for a third time and this is the perfect opportunity for me to learn how to deal with her. I'm not lifting the restrictions because she doesn't deserve my help."

'That and because by limiting her strength I'll force her to reveal her best cards.' He inwardly added.

"That's a fancy way to say you are a petty bastard." The Garuda replied before opening another mind link, this time to Garlen. "Hey, Sally, do you want to come here?"

The Overlord heed Zagran's call and turned her attention to Jiera noticing the upcoming battle.

"Gladly, but why are you bringing me there? You could just share your senses with me." She replied.

"Because this is what friends do, asshole. Not like someone who kept her fight against Tezka all for herself." The Garuda scoffed but opened the Gate anyway.

She was secretly worried for the Griffon. The last time Zagran had beaten Thaymos into submission, he was standing above a mana geyser while at his peak strength.

Now he could only tap into the part of the energy that Solus' tower, the Gate, and the Wayfinder left available and he had just fought his way there. Yet the Eternal Fortress was stronger than back then. Much stronger.

Tyris felt the land of Jiera rebelling to her touch and its world energy resisting her call. Her powers were indeed diminished. She wasn't just a Guardian outside of her turf, she was a Guardian in a hostile land.

Thaymos charged at her, his colossal body eclipsing hers like an adult does with a child. He kept the defensive barrier active and punched with all of his strength.

Griffons possessed the greatest physical strength among Divine Beasts but the gap in mass between Tyris and Thaymos was several times that in height. If she dodged or tripped him, the Eternal Fortress would reach the camp and kill all those the Griffon was desperately trying to protect.

Tyris recognized the threat and quickly shifted her body weight, raising her left arm to block Thaymos' massive fist.

The mere contact between her clawed hand and the flat surface formed by the buildings that comprised the lost city's fingers produced a clap of thunder that deafened humans and monsters alike.

The shockwave that the true might of the Eternal Fortress caused shattered what was left of the defensive arrays of the Wayfinder, the hard-light construct of Quylla, and the new batch of safety measures erected by Raagu.

It was no spell or complicated tactic, simply the result of Thaymos being serious. He had played with the Destroyer to unravel the mystery he was and understand how Lith could have extinguished the light of Thaymos' immortal brethren.

Against Tyris, instead, the Eternal Fortress was going all out.

He was eager to put his true power to test against a Guardian. Eager to discover how much his power had grown since his last fight with Zagran and how big the gap between him and Mogar's chosen still was.

The ground sunk below the titans' feet as their limbs clashed, violent quakes opened deep fissures that brought lava to the surface while the shockwave generated strong winds that uprooted the nearest trees and cleared the sky from the clouds.

The Guardian was fierce but the Eternal Fortress was strong. So strong that when his charge stopped, he had been pushed several meters back, leaving deep trenches in the barren soil.


Tyris was unmoving, still in the same spot where she had taken her stand. Her wings were unfurled and had taken the brunt of the shockwave, allowing the people of Garlen to survive.

"First mistake." She tightened her fingers, crushing Thaymos' fist with her grip.

Cracks spread up to his forearm and sent jolts of pain through his body. He reacted by pulling his right arm back to draw her close and throwing a left jab.

"Second mistake." Tyris resisted the pull and exploited the Eternal Fortress' shift in weight to throw him off balance and drag him forward.

Her right elbow deflected his left arm and then her fist struck at Thaymos' chest with a counter that carried both their weight and momentum. Her hand pierced through the Spirit Barrier and the protective arrays below, leaving a deep mark on his chest.

Tyris' right fist kept hammering at the Eternal Fortress while her left hand kept him locked in place. Her punches rained so fast that when the mark of the second hit appeared on his armor, she had already hit him ten times.

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