Supreme Magus

Chapter 277 White Part 2

"Those are your available choices for the Code of Practice course." Ironhelm explained.

You start tomorrow and we need to know where do you want to be assigned. The rules are simple. Each day you have to pick a different duty.

"No repetitions allowed until the start of the following week. The Headmaster wants the students to acquire experience in as many fields as possible before graduating. I'm here to answer any question you may have and to offer you guidance."

Lith read quickly the list, noticing that each job was listed along with the maximum number of points the student could be awarded according to their performance. The jobs ranged from clerk for the Mage Association to patrolman.

"Why working as a Healer is not an option?" Lith found odd not being given the opportunity.

"Because it would be overkill. Like all students with a practical specialization, you are already scheduled to spend a good part of the third trimester working in the field. Code of Practice gives you the possibility to try out things that you normally wouldn't do." Ironhelm explained.

Lith nodded, simply selecting for the rest of the week the jobs granting the highest number of points in descending order. Ironhelm furrowed his brows, most of Lith's choices were identical to those of his colleagues.

Being the last year, everyone was eager to score the maximum number of points, no matter what. Yet very few had selected the first job on the list.

"Are you sure about this?" Ironhelm asked.

"Yes, I am. Is there any problem?"

"Kid, I understand you are in the top three and want to keep it that way, but maybe you should rethink your choice. This is the real deal. I know that Linjos kept you safe until now, be it in the forest or during the house calls.

"However, the Headmaster is only a man, he cannot guarantee your safety at all times. What good would points do you if you die?"

"If it's so dangerous why is it available?" Lith didn't budge, merely raising an eyebrow in annoyance.

"Because we didn't make this list, the Crown did. Academies are simply tasked with providing assistance, the final choice belongs to the student." Ironhelm scoffed.

"Thanks for your concern, but I have made up my mind."

Ironhelm shook his head. There were several things he would have liked to say, yet he remained silent. After inputting Lith's choices in his communication amulet, the Professor left the room.

'Are you sure about this?' Solus asked. 'What about our plan of being low key?'

'Too late for that. This is the final year, holding back is useless. I need to stand out as much as possible to acquire what I need and guarantee the safety of my family even during my absence. Besides, the Crown already knows about me.

'During the last year, I've spoken with the Royals more often than most nobles do during their whole lives. I have allies in the army, in the Queen's corps as well as in the White Griffon. Before I was a nobody. I had to build up things slowly while now I'm a rising star.

Even if I sit back and do nothing, a lot of people will try to get back at me for my success. As I see it, this is our only way out.'


The following day, the city of Xenatos.

Thanks to the Academy's Warp Gate, Lith crossed hundreds of kilometers in an instant. Arriving at the location of his first day of community service required help from a mage of the local branch of the Association.

Lith had never been there and time was of the essence.

'I still can't believe we are going to do this.' Solus sighed.

'What do you mean?' Lith laughed in response. 'It's our first opportunity to face normal human opponents instead of the wackjobs we keep meeting since we entered the White Griffon. Who knows? Maybe working as a member of a tactical team may be interesting.'

Walking through the Warp Steps, Lith found himself inside an abandoned warehouse. It was a run-down place, dust and cobwebs covered most of the surfaces. The only clean spot had been arranged as a debriefing room, with wooden chairs and a white board.

Lith could see the rough sketch of the layout of a building that was drawn on it. He counted three floors and what seemed like a basement.

Several men and women wearing military looking uniforms were assembled in a circle around the boards, their faces were tense. No one had weapons, but only because each one had a dimensional ring.

Their clothes were black in color, with the insignia of the local Lord's Household on their backs, shoulders, and heart.

They also wore metal protectors on the forearms, shoulders, and chest. Solus completed the analysis for him.

'Everything they wear is enchanted, but the quality is poor. The clothes are inferior to your old uniform. Only the zones also covered by protectors offer a decent defense.'

Being used to the Queen's corps, the Talons, and all the marvels of the academy, Solus had high standards.

'What do you expect? This isn't an elite squad, just a local police force. It must be the standard equipment. I could never afford my Skinwalker armor without the academy's points. How many mages?' Lith replied.

'Good question. All those present have red cores, except the woman on the second chair from the right, who has a green one, and the man on the first chair on the left. He has just a yellow core. She's probably a mage. Him, I'm not so sure. It depends on the power standards they use.'

Solus pointed at Lith a woman with chestnut hair in her forties and a black-haired man around the same age. Everyone in the squad had an expression difficult to decipher.

More than nervous, they looked like they were there because they had lost a bet.

"The first saddle has arrived, captain." A rough voice scoffed. Lith saw it belonged to the man with the yellow core, who spat on the ground with a disgusted expression. The woman with the green core glared at him for a second but said nothing.

'Saddle?' Solus was baffled.

'Probably an insult. I guess they consider students like me dead weight, or worse.' Lith didn't like being offended, but he could understand the man's feelings. Whatever they were about to do was a dangerous job and the police officers would be forced to keep an eye on the students too.

It would make their work harder and get back in one piece even harder.

"Nice to meet you, son." The captain offered Lith her hand, which he promptly shook.

"I'm captain Yerna of the Xenatos police force."


"No names, son. We must judge only the performance, not the household." She said with a stern look.

"Since you are from the White Griffon, we'll just call you White. That's sergeant Khran, my second in command. Sorry for the cold reception. Today's task would be a run of the mill, if not for the fact that we are waiting for another student."

"Two rookies to the same unit?" Lith asked.

"Yeah, the other one belongs to the Fire griffon." Yerna nodded.

"Why did they send both of us here? It makes no sense."

"Thanks for your understanding, White. The problem is there aren't many missions that students can take part in without endangering themselves or the host team." She sighed.

"Which is exactly you are doing by being here." Khran stood up, walking toward Lith with a menacing expression.

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