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Chapter 2315 Lntended Flaw (Part 1)

Chapter 2315 Lntended Flaw (Part 1)

“The effect of surprise will last only for a few seconds. During that time we must deal as much damage as possible.” Lith said.

“Arrange your troops however you want as long as they encircle the Golden Griffon and are in a position suitable to take advantage of its weakened state.”

“Will do.” General Vorgh replied.

The Kingdom considered it pointless to send regular soldiers against an academy so their troops consisted solely of War Mages and Wardens. Their spells were the only ones that might affect something that big.

“Clench your teeth, kids. This is going to hurt.” Tessa said after weaving the final rune of her legendary array.

Lith nodded and Friya braced for impact, the pain of the previous experience still vivid in her mind.

Contrary to everyone’s surprise, Lith screamed no less than her.

A silver pillar descended from the sky while a black one came from the ground, mixing into a shadowy silver yet they went no further. Lith could feel his core grow stronger, yet his life force resisted the sudden influx of new power.

The three sides that comprised Lith’s life force didn’t change and their current configuration had trouble wielding the energy of the bright violet. His human, Beast, and Abomination side managed to channel it after a while, but the pain the When All Are One array caused Lith was great.

‘Fuck me sideways! I should have known that with my weird-ass life force, there had to be some weird-ass condition for the bright violet. A condition I don’t meet yet!’ Lith thought.

His body had reached 30 meters of height, yet there was no visible change in his appearance. Lith felt like his body was an inflated balloon filled with too much helium.

‘Shrink down, moron!’ Tessa scolded him. ‘We don’t want Thrud to notice you. Also, you are ruining the overall effect.’

‘What do you mean?’ Lith asked while the Titania took out her Yggdrasil staff, Morning Dew, and Fyrwal her mace, Dreamweaver.

‘You are taking Valeron’s place and he was a human.’ The Elder Hydra replied. ‘Not once did I fight in my true form while he was with us. No one was allowed to stand taller than the King.’

‘I’m no King.’ Lith used the power of his newfound core and his Golems to conjure as many Demons of Darkness as she could.

‘Tell that to them!’ Tessa replied as she conjured more Demons and so did the rest of the group.

In the blink of an eye, there were so many that even Nandi had trouble fueling them all to six eyes.

‘Fuck me sideways!’ Lith and Solus thought in unison as the sheer number of Demons painted the green of the forest black.

Thousands and thousands of them snarled and roared as far as the eye could see.

‘What did you expect?’ Fyrwal said. ‘It’s a legendary array and now there are five of you with a bright violet core.’

‘Way ahead of you.’ Solus said via a private channel. ‘I’m trying to crack When All Are One with the Eyes.’

‘This is so cool!’ Crank said. ‘If I knew it, I would have paid you to let me do this.’

‘You can always give up on your rewards.’ Tessa said.

‘Sorry, sweetheart, I’m excitable, not a moron.’

“On my mark!” Lith roared in his communication amulet as black and red runes built up around War.

He was halfway through weaving his Blade Spell when he noticed more runes all around him.

The others had a replica of War made of Spirit Magic wrap around their respective weapons and were mirroring every one of his movements.

‘Again, as long as you are part of the array, we are one.’ Tessa replied to his silent disbelief.

“Now!” Five Ruins departed from Lith’s group, followed by a hail of multi-colored shooting stars.

Everyone now had seven heads and a pair of feathered wings and they all emitted eight bursts of Cursed Flames. The snakes coming out of Lith’s shoulders had no trouble withstanding his bloodline ability and working in pairs akin to his mouth and wings.

The Blade Tier spells struck the Golden Griffon’s right knee whereas the Cursed Flames struck the left. At the same time, the Kingdom’s army and the Mage Association unleashed countless gravity arrays while the Awakened seven-man units released waves of Silverwing’s Annihilation.

The Eldritches joined them, but instead of targeting the Golden Griffon’s escape hatches they focused their Chaos Annihilations on the elbows. They hoped to cripple Hystar’s ability to position the defensive arrays and keep him from softening the landing.

Solus and Bytra followed suit with the Golden Knight throwing a Furies’ Flight followed by Tower Tier spells thanks to Nandi fueling her. The Raiju neighed in outrage at the sight of the titan, firing a Chaos Annihilation non-stop from her horn.

The lost academy’s defensive systems reacted as soon as they perceived the attack, conjuring several Bastions at the same time. Yet it was too late.

The kneecaps shattered, the elbows crumbled, and the increased gravity made the titan collapse under its own weight. The Bastions could block a few Annihilations, but not all of them.

The Cursed Flames exploded as soon as they came in contact with each other and spread along the left leg above and below the point of impact. The golden armor of the academy seemed to develop dull polka dots as the holes created by the spells grew in size.

“Attack!” The people under the effects of When All Are One said in unison and the Demons obeyed.

It all happened so fast that for a moment the people on both sides forgot about what was at stake and the horrors of the war. They only focused on the majestic sight of the combined Blade Spell and the swarm of Demons blotting out the sky.

With only three exceptions.

“Great Mother protect us.” King Meron gripped his wife’s hand. “Verhen has gathered under his banner the four finding pillars of the Kingdom. Something that hasn’t happened since Valeron the First.”

“It’s worse than that.” Sylpha sighed. “He’s also commanding our army and the Council’s. No matter how bad a leader he is and how important the role of our generals is.

“All the people will see from today’s recordings is a second Valeron bringing down a monster. Today’s victory will belong to him and everyone else will disappear in the background.

“We might win the war, but the Kingdom wouldn’t look up to us anymore.”

The third exception was the Mad Queen who was almost driven insane by Lith’s making a fool of her whole bloodline.

“That fucker dared to take Valeron’s place as the Spear in the When All Are One array! That’s something that should have belonged to my father! That belongs to me! How dares that filthy Titania sully MY legacy?

“She and her stupid array belong with my son, Valeron the Second, not with the wretched son of a farmer! We carry the same blood of the man Tessa and Fyrwal called King, yet they are once again siding against us.

“I will not stand for this! Hystar, send out all troops and set the power core to overdrive. Time to teach these ants a lesson.” Thrud said with a snarl.

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