Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 999

Chapter 999 The Snow Province is Mine

“Kill them!”

“Ha-ha-ha, kill them all!”

“Let these weaklings tremble under our feet. Take away whatever we want and kill them all no matter whether they resist or not!”

The mercenaries from the Land of Divine Grace were like demons that had lost their mind and gone berserk. After they discovered the Mirror Lake, they immediately launched outrageous attacks. Caught off guard, the Mirror Lake, which was known as the picturesque holy land of martial arts in the Snow Province, instantly fell into chaos. Smoke rose high into the sky, and all kinds of cries and roars rang out.

“Ha-ha-ha, this feeling is so wonderful.” A mercenary as strong as a bear threw his head back and roared to the sky after chopping down several shop assistants who were running past him in a panic.

“Mom...” A little girl about three to four years old cried sadly.

Tears streamed down her soft, smooth face, and her beautiful skirt was stained with blood. She stood by a collapsed house, helpless. Not far away, her mother had been crushed by a collapsed stone pillar, already dead. Obviously, this poor woman only had the time to push her daughter out of danger. Every part of her body below the chest had been smashed.

Flames were burning.

Somewhere not far away, a martial artist rushed out of an alley with his white-haired mother while trying to protect her, but he was soon stopped and encircled by a group of mercenaries. After a fight with a destined result, he died with a remaining grievance, and the head of her white-haired mother was hanging on the tip of a spear.

A female martial artist was screaming and cursing, but she couldn’t move at all because she had been deprived of strength. All her clothes had been stripped off, and her white body was exposed in the air. A mercenary looking like a giant bear was lying and working on her body with a grim smile on his face. A group of rough mercenaries around them laughed wildly and urged the bear-like mercenary to hurry up...

In the distance, more than a dozen young martial artists were besieged. They fought desperately, but they couldn’t win any chance of survival. In the blink of an eye, they were all cut into pieces...

“Who are you? Who the hell are you?”

“No! Don’t kill me!”

“Just go, Senior Brother!”

“Master, help me...”

“Bastards! You bunch of animals!”

All kinds of miserable cries, roars, screams, and curses rang out around the picturesque Mirror Lake. The holy land of martial arts had almost become hell.

The huge black warship with a black dragon flag was drifting slowly in the sky.

Beams of black light kept shooting into the air from the bow of the warship. Every time the Puissant Power Cannons were filled with energy, they would mercilessly fire beams of black light at the buildings area of the Mirror Lake below. Every time they bombarded, large areas of the ground caved in, countless buildings collapsed, and smoke and flames rose into the sky. The beautiful area around the Mirror Lake turned into the Asura Hell of blood and fire.

The one-eyed and one-armed steward of the Black-blood Dragon Mercenary Troop stood on the deck, his eyes flashing with cold light. He unleashed his Divine Senses to survey the situation below. Any building in which he thought there might be local masters would be immediately bombarded by the giant black warship.

Looking at the clouds of smoke and flames rising into the sky, he felt an uncontrollable surge of excitement.

For him, the feeling of killing at will was simply amazing.

The Mirror Lake was a holy land of martial arts in the Snow Province. Besides local sects in the Snow Province, a considerable number of sects based in other provinces, including some super sects like the Blue Cloud Sect, the Extermination Swordsmanship Sect and the River Palace, had also established their branches in the Snow Province in the past few years.

In addition, the Mysterious Frost Holy Guards from the Holy Palace of Mysterious Frost in the Northern Region had also been mobilized to the Snow Province.

After suffering the sudden attack, the Mirror Lake remained in a state of chaos for a while. Then, the major sects realized what was happening and launched counterattacks. Amid the swooshing sounds in the air, numerous streams of light flashed, and some masters soared into the sky to attack the giant black warship.

“Who dares to attack the Mirror Lake?”

“You reckless bastards! How dare you attack the Extermination Swordsmanship Sect?”

“Where are those bandits from? How dare they come here to make trouble? Kill them all!”

Roars of rage came from the bases of various major sects under attack. The people of these sects were like enraged gigantic dragons and behemoths. Finally, the saint-level masters of some large sects began their counterattacks in anger.

A strange look flashed across the eyes of the steward of the Black-blood Dragon Mercenary Troop.

At first, he thought this small village-like place was nothing more than a rat nest, but he didn’t expect that there would be saint-level masters here. He waved his hand with a cold look on his face. Tens of light beams immediately shot into the air from the giant black warship. They were actually saint-level mercenaries who had been ordered to fight back.

The people who came to attack the warship were only part of the Black-blood Dragon Mercenary Troop, but there were more than forty of them, and all of them were saint-level masters. After all, the Black-blood Dragon Mercenary Troop was one of the top 20 largest mercenary troops in the Eastern Continent of the Land of Divine Grace. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have obtained the first batch of quotas for entering the world behind the new space gate.

In the next moment, the saint-level masters of both sides confronted each other.

Terrifying power waves rolled and surged in the void, as if the sky were going to be shattered.

Fortunately, the saint-level masters of the Black-blood Dragon Mercenary Troop didn’t want to destroy the buildings below and the treasures that they could take. Therefore, they concealed their auras a little bit. Otherwise, the areas around the Mirror Lake would probably turn into a desert in less than half an hour in such a fierce battle.


Blood spurted out.

A saint-level master from the River Palace let out a shrill scream and died under the attack of four opponents at the same level as his.

“Why are there so many masters?” An outside elder of the Extermination Swordsmanship Sect was greatly shocked. The opponents who appeared out of the blue were frenzied and powerful beyond his imagination. He shouted, “Who are you? I am an elder of the Extermination Swordsmanship Sect. You...”

Before he could finish speaking...

A streak of lightning flashed, struck him from behind, and blasted him to pieces. He died without a burial place.

“There’s something wrong. Let’s get out of here right away...” A saint-level master from the Snow Province exclaimed in shock and escaped like a stream of light. He had realized that the enemy was so powerful that the major Human Clan sects based around the Mirror Lake wouldn’t have any chance of winning the battle even if they joined forces.

However, he failed to escape in the end. Three saint-level mercenaries of the Black-blood Dragon Mercenary Troop caught up with him, encircled him, and killed him in the sky.

These saint-level mercenaries were the real elites, killing machines, and mainstays of the Black-blood Dragon Mercenary Troop. Cruel and merciless, they would never let any enemy get out of their hands.

“Kill them!”

Numerous beams of golden light flashed.

About thirty to forty Mysterious Frost Holy Guards rose to the sky from the square of the statue of the God of War of Mysterious Frost and heroically charged forward. They were responsible for guarding the Human Clan in the Snow Province. They usually enjoyed everyone’s respect, high status, and great right to speak. In the face of a sudden war, they had to step up and fight in the most dangerous place...

The actions taken by the Mysterious Frost Holy Guards and the saint-level masters of various major sects gave hope to countless people of the Snow Province who were crying and screaming in a panic. Countless people were looking forward to seeing the giant black warship being knocked down and destroyed.

However, almost all of the Mysterious Frost Holy Guards died in battle.

The saint-level masters of the various major sects also died one after another.

The scene was like an apocalyptic disaster.

The martial artists of the Human Clan and civilians in the Mirror Lake region fell into despair and extreme fear. The image of Death popped up in their mind. This was simply a battle that they could never win, and the enemy was madly killing all visible living creatures like devils from hell...

“Mom, mom...” The little girl was still crying sadly. She squatted down and shook her mother’s arm, but she could never wake up the dearest person to her.

She wept sadly. Her helpless and frightened look could make a stone man melt.

Right at that moment, a mercenary holding a long bloodstained saber caught sight of the little girl.

He walked slowly towards the little girl with a malicious grin on his face.

The blade of his saber rubbed against the ground, giving off a foul smell of blood.

When the little girl saw him, her face became ashen with fear. She even forgot to run away. She was desperately shaking her mother by the shoulders, but her mother had been crushed to death by the huge stone pillar. She cried shrilly, “Mom, get up. Mom, please get up. I’m so scared... Mom...”

She was still hoping that her mother could get up and hold her with a smile as usual.

Unfortunately, her mother, the person who loved her the most, would never wake up again.

Death had taken her mother away.

The grinning mercenary raised his long saber.

Terribly scared, the little girl closed her eyes and held her mother’s arm tightly.

After quite a while...

The saber did not fall.

A palm that felt a little cold fell on her shoulder. For some reason, there was a strange surge of warmth coming from the palm. The little girl opened her eyes in horror and saw a handsome young face.

The face was expressionless. The eyebrows and hair of the man she saw were as white as snow, and the look on his face appeared a little cold. He was wearing a long white robe, which made him look like a tall pile of ice-cold snow. He looked at the little girl in a strange way.

For some reason, the little girl suddenly stopped feeling scared.

She had some kind of inexplicable trust in the young man with white hair and white eyebrows. She hesitated for a moment. Then, she turned around, burst out crying, rushed into his arms, and held him tight the way she usually hugged her mother.

The white-haired and white-browed young man felt a little surprised and froze for a moment.

Then, his lips curled into a soft smile, and he gently picked up the little girl with his left arm.

A meter away, the ferocious-looking mercenary, who had raised his long saber to kill the little girl, was staring at the white-haired and white-browed young man with a look of horror on his face. He had been paralyzed by a strange force and could not move at all. The only thing that he could do was to watch everything happen in front of him.

“You... You...” The mercenary couldn’t contain his fear.

The white-haired and white-browed young man didn’t even look at the mercenary as he slowly walked past the latter. Then, the mercenary’s body broke into several pieces as if it had been slashed by an invisible sharp blade...

In the distance...

The mercenaries who had ravaged the female martial artist saw the young man and their dead companion. They rushed over while roaring angrily and grinning grimly.

The young man took a step forward and moved swiftly like a flash of light. In the next moment, he appeared behind the mercenaries.

The mercenaries were still running while grinning.

The young man stood there and looked up at the giant black warship in the sky, frowning.

Just then, the mercenaries stopped running in shock. When they turned around, one of them suddenly screamed in horror. The mercenary saw the bodies of his companions breaking into pieces like carrots cut by a sharp knife...

He was no exception.

When these mercenaries died, they still didn’t know how they died.

“The Snow Province is mine. Without my permission, no one shall try to destroy it,” the white-haired and white-browed young man muttered to himself. Then, he slowly pulled out the long sword hanging from his waist with his right hand.

“My sword must taste blood once it’s unsheathed.”

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