Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 840 - Troublemakers

Chapter 840 Troublemakers

Ding Hao closed his eyes. Although the power in his body had gone, he was still immersed in the state of invincibility.

He had expected that there would be a terrifying power when he activated both the Devil Saber and the Rusted Sword. After all, he had experienced the same things when he operated his saber and sword before, but the power just now shocked Ding Hao again.

At that very moment, Ding Hao had an illusion that he was the only master that could dominate the world. He felt that he was in charge of everything, and nothing could go against his will.

At the same time, the forces and big shots who secretly monitored everything here were so shocked that their minds went blank, completely unable to think.

“What sort of power was that?”

“So what secrets are hidden for this man?”

“It’s terrifying. In terms of the attribute, the power he displayed just now was even beyond the Immortal Realm.”

“Was it because of his saber and sword?”

Ding Honglei and the Supreme Master of the Demon Clan who had been controlling everything were not the only god-level masters who were watching the battle. Many god-level masters were hiding in the dark. In particular, Ding Hao’s final earth-shattering strike shocked countless god-level masters.

Everyone felt something beyond their comprehension in the body of the green-robed man standing in the sky now.

Inside the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect, countless disciples were standing still and looking at the figure in the sky as if they were worshipping the god. They even forgot to cheer or breathe. Thousands of swords floating in the sky finally fell weightlessly at this moment like a rain of swords and sabers!

At this moment, the last ray of the setting sun in the sky was disappearing into the distant mountains.

Ding Hao suddenly heard the voice of Sky-fleeing Stone Key. “Time’s up. If I don’t leave now, I can never go back.”

Now almost all the power in Ding Hao’s body was taken away. He could barely stand in the void, but he felt that a force from the Sky-fleeing Stone Key had enveloped him. He was turned into a white light and taken to the Great Abyss.

Ding Hao had turned into a silver light and disappeared in front of them.

Together with him, Xie Jieyu had also turned into a silver light and disappeared.

They vanished in the sight of everyone at the same time.

In a daze, Ding Hao found that he was in a mysterious cave. The Sky-fleeing Stone Key flew out of the storage space on its own and landed on the chessboard formation on the stone table. Later, a strange mercury bubble emerged and enveloped Ding Hao.

The chessboard formation had been activated.

A weightless sensation, which was like the feeling one had during time travel, came over him. Everything in front of him was replaced by endless darkness.

“Am I going to the immortal land?”

As the last thought crossed his mind, Ding Hao lost consciousness.

Ding Hao in a coma didn’t see that the light of Heavenly Samsara Disc flashed in his body when he was taken to the Great Abyss. This time, the flame was not grey but was as scarlet as blood. The scarlet mist swept across the entire battlefield as if it was absorbing something.

Everyone felt that the bloody and evil aura that filled the sky above the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect suddenly disappeared.

Those who saw it were all stunned.

Li Lan silently looked in the direction of the Great Abyss. She sighed quietly in her heart, and then looked determined. She said word by word, “From now on, Elder Ding Hao will seclude himself in the Great Abyss for closed-door training. Do not disturb him. All peak masters and chiefs of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect must perform their duties. Don’t neglect anything.”

The disciples and elders of the sect all bowed their heads, obeying her order loudly.

Judging from the Sect Leader’s tone, they felt that Elder Ding Hao had not left the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect for the time being, which made them feel relieved. After going through so many tribulations, everyone felt that the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect could never be intruded into as long as Ding Hao was here.

In the crowd, Ximen Qianxue remained quiet in her long purple dress.

She could sense where Ding Hao had gone.

The mind-interlinking with him made this elixir master feel as if her heart stopped beating.

“Hope you can return safely.”

Li Yiruo was standing beside Ximen Qianxue. She held Ximen Qianxue’s hands so tightly that her fingers turned pale.

At this moment, the most outstanding women in the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect were worrying about Ding Hao.

“What are Shuang’er and Woxing?” Li Lan suddenly realized something and asked.

It was strange that Ding Tianshuang and Ren Woxing didn’t join in the fun. An ominous foreboding suddenly surged in Li Lan’s heart.

“They were here just now.” Wang Juefeng turned around to have a look, but the two little kids who had been hiding in the crowd in the distance and doing something secretly had disappeared. He released his Divine Senses to search them but could not find them at all.

“Sect Leader, Martial Uncle Wang, I just saw… that Tian Shuang and Woxing walk toward the Great Abyss…” A successor disciple remembered what he had vaguely seen. However, he could not see it clearly because he was too shocked by the battle in the sky.

“What?” Li Lan, Wang Juefeng, Ren Xiaoyao, and Muying all froze with shock.

Hearing that, they immediately turned into four beams of light and shot toward the Great Abyss.

After a while, in the mysterious cave, the four experts worriedly looked at the stone table in front of them, which had become completely smooth and traceless. They didn’t know what to do, because next to the stone table were fragments of Ding Tianshuang’s skirt and half of a broken crystal milk bottle cherished by Ren Woxing.

Although the chessboard formation on the stone table had completely disappeared, the auras of the two little kids lingered in the cave.

The two little kids had already reached the Martial Soldier Realm because of their profound martial arts foundation, so it was not difficult for them to come to this mysterious cave from the ground. All the signs indicated that they had been here. However, the four experts had searched almost everywhere of the Great Abyss, but the kids were still nowhere to be seen. The only explanation was…

“They… Did they enter the immortal land through the chessboard formation?” Ren Xiaoyao was stunned with his mouth wide open and his voice slightly trembled. Muying, who was standing by his side, clutched Ren Xiaoyao’s shoulder tightly with tears in her beautiful eyes.

Li Lan closed her eyes and carefully recalled something that happened in the early morning.

“Mom, is dad leaving us again?”

“Is he going far away? How far is it from here?”

“Shuang’er is unwilling to part with dad. Shuang’er wants to go with dad… I am also unwilling to part with mom, it’s just…”

Ding Tianshuang’s crisp clear voice still lingered in Li Lan’s ears. As far as she remembered, Ding Tianshuang would do anything when she went crazy. If Ding Tianshuang had figured out where Ding Hao was going, it was possible for her to secretly follow Ding Hao wherever he went.

Could it be that these two little kids had used some tricks to sneak into the Gate to the Immortal Land?

Li Lan had always been calm and intelligent. Ordinarily, she would remain calm even if Mount Tai collapsed in front of her. However, she couldn’t help but feel scared at this moment. Her mind went completely blank, not knowing what to do.

“Maybe it’s an opportunity for them.” Wang Juefeng, the cynical man, murmured dumbfounded.

The chaotic air engulfed the world, leaving no light for him.

Ding Hao looked at the surroundings in surprise. He suddenly felt that something familiar yet a little strange. Looking down, he found that the dark gray ground was boundless. There was even no breeze between heaven and earth and the world seemed to have frozen.

A black river was surging on this vast land like a huge crack and set off waves like a tsunami. The river was as vast as an ocean, running quickly with white flashes. It was amazing that there was no sound of water.

In the distant sky, a towering, 990-feet-high divine platform was standing in the black river. On the divine platform was a divine mirror sounded by silver light and lightning. The divine mirror shot out endless lights into the black river as if it was judging and patrolling something.

“Is it… Hell Path?” Ding Hao finally regained his wits.

It was exactly what he saw in his dream that day. At that time, he dreamt that he came to a strange space and saw all the Spirit of the Dead in the Towering Buddha Pagoda were in this black river. He created the Karma Mirror based on the myths and legends of his previous life on earth by accident. He dragged a Spirit of the Dead out of the black river, endowed him with magical power, and named it King Qinguang.

At that time, he pondered over the dream and found it a little bit weird.

However, Ding Hao did not pay much attention to it since nothing strange happened later.

He didn’t expect that he would be here again today.

Could it be that…

While Ding Hao was wondering what was going on, a bolt of lightning suddenly flashed in the sky. The beautiful silver lightning was like a divine dragon dancing wildly, cutting through the void. It winded, circled, and stopped in front of him.

The silver lightning receded and turned into a burly figure in armor. His bronze skin made whoever saw him feel that he was loyal and reliable. He knelt on one knee in the void and said reverently, “I am King Jiang of Qinguang. It’s my honor to meet you, Master.”

It was indeed King Qinguang!

“Everything was completely the same as my last dream. That is to say, it was not just a simple dream. It should have something to do with the Heavenly Samsara Disc in my body.”

Ding Hao nodded and said, “Get up.”

King Jiang of Qinguang replied reverently, “I didn’t know that you had come to patrol and didn’t come out to welcome you. Please punish me, Master!”

“It’s alright. You didn’t know that I was coming.”

Ding Hao observed and found that King Jiang of Qinguang was much stronger than he was when Ding Hao last saw him. He was nearly a tangible object now and the power contained in his body was also much stronger. Especially, the power of the Lightning Whip could threaten Martial Grand Emperors.

It seemed that King Jiang of Qinguang had not slackened his cultivation in the past days.

With a thought in Ding Hao’s mind, they dashed to the Karma Mirror.

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