Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 744 - The Second Divine Artifact: God-suppressing Seal

Chapter 744 The Second Divine Artifact: God-suppressing Seal

After several attempts, Ding Hao found that he could drive the “Heavenly Samsara Disc” at will. After he injected a large amount of Qi into it, it would emit six-colored strange light. Other than that, it had no other power. The strange light could only spread across the small tokens that formed the disc, and it would not burst out as an attacking power. Ding Hao had no idea what special functions it had.

After getting familiar with the Heavenly Samsara Disc for a while, Ding Hao could even willfully drive any of the six tokens to make it shine.

That was all he knew about this divine artifact, and its power seemed to be weaker than he had imagined.

In the end, Ding Hao still didn’t figure out the real use of the “Heavenly Samsara Disc”.

“Is it because my power is insufficient to activate this divine artifact?”

He guessed that the most important ability should relate to the word “Samsara”, but it was obvious that he could not figure out the key point yet.

“I’ll ask the Saber Master and the Sword Master later. They must know something… I didn’t expect that it would be so easy for me to get one of the Three Great Divine Artifacts. At least it’s much easier than I thought. However, how should I keep this “Heavenly Samsara Disc”? It’s a divine artifact. The Storage Ring should not be able to contain such a thing. Do I have to hold it in my hand all the time…”

While Ding Hao was thinking, the six-color heavenly disc suddenly disappeared.

He was shocked at first, but he suddenly felt that there was another thing in his sea of consciousness. After looking inside, he found that the “Heavenly Samsara Disc” had directly entered his sea of consciousness and turned into a six-color light ball. It quietly resided there and occupied a corner of his sea of consciousness.

To his surprise, the golden light ball, which originally occupied a part of his sea of consciousness, moved to another location to make room for the six-color light ball, as if it were extremely afraid of the newcomer.

“All right, there is another uninvited guest in my sea of consciousness.”

Ding Hao had no idea whether this situation was good or bad.

After a try, Ding Hao found that as long as he thought about it, the “Heavenly Samsara Disc” would appear in his hand. This meant that he could control it to appear freely in his sea of consciousness and outside of his body. It was indeed very convenient to use, though Ding Hao still didn’t know how to use it.

“It’s a pity that the profiteer, Tianshu, is not here. Otherwise, he should have gotten some clues in his unique way… Eh?”

Ding Hao put away the “Heavenly Samsara Disc”, and then, surprisingly, he found that the coconut-shaped milky white luminous bodies around the six tokens of the heavenly disc had begun to break down into white fragments and powder, which were falling like snowflakes in the air…

“These coconut-shaped milky white luminous bodies should be the things used to preserve the “Heavenly Samsara Disc” in warm and humid conditions. Their origin should be quite extraordinary, but unfortunately, the energy in them has been completely drained. They should be dead now.”

Ding Hao speculated.

After he landed on the ground and was about to pick up some white fragments and powder for observation, a silvery light suddenly burst out, and the whole space in front of him was shrouded in soft, milky white light. When the light faded like a tide, all the white fragments and powder on the ground completely disappeared.


Ding Hao was dumbfounded. He did not expect that such a thing would happen.

It seemed that something had silently disappeared in an instant.

Without the silvery light from the coconut-shaped luminous bodies, the huge space seemed to have become a little darker.

However, the surrounding walls were made of ultimate-grade crystallite stone, so everything around him was still clearly visible.

Ding Hao carefully inspected the whole space, but he didn’t find any other treasures or energy bodies. It seemed that the other two of the Three Great Divine Artifacts were not here.

The surrounding walls were made of rare crystallite stone covered by a strange light film, and it was impossible to take out these crystals. In addition, there were many winding pathways of varying size through the walls. No one knew where they led to.

“Woof, woof, woof, woof!”

The black puppy had been very quiet since it entered this space. Seeing that everything was over, it sniffed in the air with its little black nose and seemed to have found something. It walked toward a huge pathway ahead while signaling Ding Hao to follow it.

This time, Ding Hao did not hesitate at all and immediately followed the black puppy.

“With one divine artifact in hand, a kind person should feel content and refrain from being too greedy. However, now that the black puppy had the ability to accurately locate the divine artifacts in this maze-like final divine temple, why not try again? If I could take all the Three Great Divine Artifacts into my arms, I would…”

At the thought of that, Ding Hao had an impulse to drool.

“I must have been led astray by the Evil Moon.”

The black puppy trotted to lead the way, as if it were going home.

The Primeval Fairy Butterfly fluttered along the way to provide lighting for Ding Hao.

The Evil Moon sneezed and followed Ding Hao not far away. He didn’t get any benefit just now, which made him very unhappy. He had made up his mind that once the black puppy found another divine artifact, he would never be modest and seize it before Ding Hao.

“Meow, I am the real master. Even the little chap Ding Hao, a human pet, has gotten a divine artifact. Why don’t I have one? It’s unforgivable!”

The Demon King—Evil Moon muttered to himself.

Then he walked faster and pretended to overtake Ding Hao by accident. He ran to the side of the black puppy and kept pace with it.

They walked for about an hour.

Ding Hao once again sensed the extremely subtle fluctuation of divine power in the air, which meant that he should not be far from having another divine artifact. The light ahead was getting brighter and softer, and the original stony wall of the pathway gradually transitioned into ultimate-grade crystallite stone.

The Evil Moon was staying extremely focused, waiting for the exciting moment to come.

Finally, they passed the last crossroad.

The black puppy barked loudly and ran forward with great joy.

“Meow, haha, here comes the opportunity!” The Evil Moon laughed excitedly and suddenly sped up the pace. He darted out of the pathway exit like a white lightning bolt and rushed toward the silvery light ball ahead like a fish into the sea.

“Woof, woof, woof?”

The black puppy watched this scene in astonishment.

“This damn greedy cat!”

Ding Hao immediately understood the Evil Moon’s thoughts, but he did not stop the cat. Whether it was the Evil Moon or him that got a divine artifact, it would make no difference. To be honest, Ding Hao had long regarded this unreliable fat cat as his own brother and family.

However, in the next moment—


With an awful scream, the Evil Moon flew back from the pathway exit at a faster speed. He hit the wall of the pathway with a loud bang. His limbs stretched out against the wall, making him look like a piece of paper. After a long while, he slowly slipped down.

“What happened?”

Ding Hao was shocked.

“Ding, you little chap, why are you still standing there? Hurry up and grab the divine artifact. There are a lot of people fighting for the “God-suppressing Seal”. If you hesitate, the divine artifact will fall into the hands of someone else!”

The Evil Moon saw stars in front of his eyes, yet he shouted in an exasperated voice.

“Has someone found another divine artifact?”

Ding Hao froze for a moment and then realized it was not surprising that someone else had found the divine artifact. After all, so many absolute superiors and rare geniuses had entered the final divine temple, and they were all among the strongest in terms of strength, means, luck, and fortune. Since he had found the “Heavenly Samsara Disc” by himself, the others could naturally find the divine artifacts.

“Let me get out and take a look.”

With a thought in his mind, Ding Hao sent the black puppy and the little butterfly into the storage space to prevent them from being affected by the fierce battle between absolute superiors. After that, he rushed out like a lightning bolt with the rusted sword in his hand.

“Humph, another one? Get out of here if you don’t want to die. The “God-suppressing Seal” is mine…”

With an angry snort, a sea of formidable Demon Aura surged toward him like raging waves.

Ding Hao threw a punch, and a purple Heavenly Dragon rushed out of his spine. The fist flame like a light column instantly beat back the sea of Demon Aura.

In terms of physical power, Ding Hao could absolutely be regarded as the strongest among those who had entered the Final Divine Temple.

The powerful fist force surged in the void, attracting everyone’s attention.

The space here was also a huge one. The surrounding walls gave off milky white light, which was extremely soft and lit up the entire space. A red light ball was flickering like a red sun in the upper space, and a surging divine power surged out from it and spread in all directions.

Ding Hao was astounded.

That flickering red light ball was undoubtedly another divine artifact.

However, he vaguely saw a delicate and perfect figure struggling inside the red light ball, as if she were carrying out some mysterious ritual.

It was the beautiful maiden with a ferocious killing intent.

She was also the master of the silly giant Arnold.

She was already close to the divine artifact.

According to the words of the person who stopped Ding Hao just now, the identity of this divine artifact had been confirmed. It was the “God-suppressing Seal”, one of the Three Great Divine Artifacts. As the name suggested, this divine artifact should be a seal, and as its name contained the word “god-suppressing”, it must have unparalleled attacking power.

Judging from the divine power surging in this space, the “God-suppressing Seal” seemed to be much more powerful than the “Heavenly Samsara Disc”.

Ding Hao’s appearance brought about temporary silence in the huge space.

There were at least six or seven figures in the space.

One of them was the Golden-scale Blood Crocodile, a Demon Saint in his original form with a body like a small hill made of gold. His body was covered with shining golden scales, a row of bony spikes like sharp teeth stuck out from his spine, and his scarlet eyes were full of blood. The beast gave off a frightening killing intent all over.

This Blood Crocodile Demon Saint was the one that attacked the Evil Moon and stopped Ding Hao just now.

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