Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 673 - No One Can Last Three Rounds against Him

Chapter 673 No One Can Last Three Rounds against Him

The gap between the two sides was simply too great.

Ding Hao could still be considered merciful.

Even if this palm hit him, he would still not be injured after crashing to the ground. However, the Hell Ice Qi had invaded his body. For the next day or two at least, his inner Qi would stagnate and not run smoothly, meaning that he was no longer able to fight.

“You want to take revenge on me? Your strength is far too low.”

Ding Hao stood on the spire of the tower, his tone icy and disdainful.

The young man was embarrassed and angry, so much so that he spat out blood. Unfortunately, he could not condense his Qi and soar up the 21st story of the tower again.

All of this happened in the twinkling of an eye. By the time the others reacted, everything was over. Ding Hao gripped the long sword in his right hand, gazing down at the others like a divine monarch in the moonlight.

After a brief moment of silence, everyone was infuriated.

This man was too arrogant!

He actually dared to injure a man and challenge them in a moment like this. Did he really think himself invincible in this mortal world?

“Kill him, kill this devil!”

“How can a martial artist of the Divine Central Continent allow a Northern Region madman to be so conceited?”

Amongst the crowd below, some in the dark were fanning the flames, constantly yelling and stirring up everyone’s emotions. Their voices resounded from all directions, floating about.

Ding Hao released his Divine Senses and kept observing.

More human figures flashed.

Four figures appeared on the roof of the uppermost story, surrounding Ding Hao from all sides.

The four were also dressed in plain white mourning clothes, with a white gauze wrapped around their heads. They were three men and one woman around the ages of 20 to 30, full of heroic valor, their bodies blazing with Qi flames. Their strength wasn’t bad—all one or two-apertured Martial Emperors.

The facial expressions of these four warriors were similar to that of the earlier young man, their eyes full of hatred as they gnashed their teeth. They seemed to want to devour Ding Hao and skin him alive.

“Looks like you people also have relatives who died in my hands?” Ding Hao’s eyes swept across their faces.

“The Wang siblings—Wang Ying, Wang Qiang, Wang Fei, and Wang Rong—of the Sky Star Sect from Bian Province, are here to avenge our father and elder brother. Devil, you killed so many innocent people, and your hands are stained with the blood of your own kind. Can you sleep easy at night?” Their leader stared intently at Ding Hao, his eyes spitting fire.

“I eat well and sleep well. My hands are clean because I haven’t killed anyone since arriving at the Divine Central Continent,” Ding Hao said with a serious face.

“You have a glib tongue. Someone saw those murders with his own eyes. You were the one who killed them with your sword. Do you still want to equivocate and defend yourself?” The lady among the four widened her almond-shaped eyes, shouting angrily.

Ding Hao glanced at her and snickered rudely. “What a pitiful girl. You have long hair, poor insight, big breasts, and no brain. You tick all the boxes.”

“Don’t bicker with him. Let’s attack together and kill this man.”

The weapons of all four were refined steel spears, with tassels as red as blood. The moment they attacked together, flames burst out of their spears like snakes flicking out crimson tongues. There was a loud explosion, and tens of thousands of icy sparks scattered down. The spear radiances were stabbing from all directions, like tens of thousands of arrows, whistling through the air.

In the night sky, the vague shadows of four giant pythons looked about to devour Ding Hao, flicking their scarlet tongues and baring their horrific white fangs, their large bloody mouths agape.

This was clearly a Joint Attack Formation.

The four siblings shared the same thoughts, attacking at the same time like one, unleashing the power of the combat formation to the utmost. Their power was unstoppable, far beyond the destructive power of an ordinary Martial Emperor. Seeing this, the crowds around Yellow Crane Tower cheered.

“Bravo! Kill this devil!”

“The Four Guardians Celestial Spear Formation of the Sky Star Sect in Bian Province indeed lives up to its reputation!”

“Excellent spear technique, great formation! No wonder it dominated Bian Province for centuries. Unfortunately, had the late Leader of the Sky Star Sect not been so eager to kill this devil by himself, he would not have died. The four siblings of the Wang family are executing a Joint Attack Formation, and will surely avenge their father!”

“If they kill Ding Hao, the Sky Star Sect will surely achieve great fame!”

Numerous people cheered loudly at this moment, in support of the Wang siblings.

But after the time taken for a few dozen breaths—

“Ding, ding, ding, ding!”

Four faint rattles of metal colliding could be heard from the roof of Yellow Crane Tower.

The spear radiances darting all over the sky disappeared in an instant, and the huge morphed pythons roaring angrily also suddenly vanished. Everything stopped in that instant. Four surprised gasps rang out at almost the same time. There was a burst of Icing Qi, as four figures fell from the roof of the Yellow Crane Tower.

The figures suddenly separated.

Ding Hao was still standing quietly on the spire of the tower, his face calm, his breathing steady—totally unscathed.

The four siblings of the Wang family vomited blood as they crashed onto the ground. With furious expressions, they struggled up and tried soaring back to continue their fight. But a thin silvery layer of frost had spread around their body surfaces, completely sealing their Qi inside. They did not even have the strength to stand up.

“Those who are weak, don’t bother to come up and humiliate yourself.”

Ding Hao’s voice came floating out in the night sky.

At this moment, after the initial shock, everyone around was totally enraged, inundated with fury. This devilish executioner’s hands were stained with blood, and he was so arrogant that they could no longer tolerate him. He was simply a psychopathic maniac.

Following that, dozens of men leaped up the roof of Yellow Crane Tower and launched crazy attacks.

But they quickly fell down again.

They were no match for Ding Hao, and their cultivation was sealed by his Hell Ice Qi. They could no longer fight.

The crowds became more and more incensed and agitated.

The warriors below roared furiously, heaping him with all kinds of insults. But unfortunately, most were too weak. After witnessing Ding Hao’s powerful fighting ability, they did not really have the courage to challenge him.

“There’s no need to stick to the martial rule of fairness when dealing with this devil. Let’s attack together and exhaust him to death!” In the crowds, there were a hidden few with sly malicious intentions, constantly fanning the flames.

“Right. If this goes on, the martial artists of the Central Region will be totally shamed!”

“Let’s attack together. Surely, he will eventually run out of energy.”

“Since this devil dares to turn up at Yellow Crane Tower, he must think nothing of us. We must win back our dignity!”

Provocative words could be heard from all directions, drifting in the air.

However, there were also some who noticed certain details. Why hadn’t this murderous Devil King, who had successively defeated scores of masters on Yellow Crane Tower, killed anyone?

“Fiendish devil, let me slay you.”

Amidst the shouts, another master mounted the roof of Yellow Crane Tower.

It was a middle-aged man with an aquiline nose, his fair face not sporting a beard. Dressed in a black robe, his eyes were long and slanted, gleaming with a ferocious light. With a long sword hanging at his waist, he was of medium build, looking like an extremely sinister man. He was the first expert who had mounted the roof today not in mourning clothes.

“Announce your name.” Ding Hao sized him up carefully.

“Hahaha, I’m from Jin Province, and my name is Li Buhui. Fiendish devil, your hands are stained with the blood of the Human Clan. You’ve committed all kinds of atrocities and murdered countless people. I’ll make sure you can’t escape today…” The aquiline-nosed man sneered, unsheathing the long sword by his waist.

“You must be one of those hiding in the crowds, constantly changing positions and stirring up trouble, right?” Ding Hao’s eyes suddenly became stern and penetrating.

“What nonsense are you talking about… ” A flicker of panic flitted across Li Buhui’s face.

“Look at your clothes. No one from your family has died in my hands. What qualifies you to take revenge on me?” Ding Hao’s eyes had become even more severe.

“Well… even though you didn’t kill my kin, I saw with my own eyes you slaughtering fellow warriors of the Divine Central Continent. I still can’t forget that bloody, brutal scene. I, Li Buhui, am a righteous man. As a member of the Human Clan of the Divine Central Continent, I’m of course qualified to kill you!”

Li Buhui proclaimed loudly, his voice full of indignation, his Qi energy quivering.

His words aroused the clamorous cheers of numerous men around him.

A smile suddenly appeared on the corner of Ding Hao’s lips. He said, “You saw me kill them with your own eyes? Are you sure it was me you saw with your eyes, and not someone else?”

“Humph, how can I be wrong? Of course it’s you. Even if you turn into ashes, I can still recognize your face… It’s definitely you!” Li Buhui said with great certainty.

“Alright.” Ding Hao nodded and said, “Then I’ll let you see how I kill again.”

Before his voice died away…

Ding Hao had swung out his sword.

At this moment, everyone around could not help raising their hands to shield their eyes.

A streak of indescribably dazzling crimson brilliance erupted from the rusted sword in Ding Hao’s hand. Although like a silvery thread of silk, it had the power to rend the heavens and the earth, like lightning or divine fury, lustrous and blinding, making everyone avert their eyes.

The brilliance disappeared in a flash.

At this moment, the victor had already been decided.

“Hey… you… you…” The aquiline-nosed man stood rooted to the ground, the long sword in his hand shattered into pieces, his face full of horror and disbelief.

He had observed many times that Ding Hao had not killed anyone today. That was why he had decided to go up and challenge him.

However, it never occurred to him that Ding Hao would not show any mercy this time.

The keen sword radiance pierced through his body, robbing him of all his vitality.

“Why did it have to be me?”

Pale silvery frost of ice slowly surfaced on his body like deadly venom. The situation was extremely strange. In the blink of an eye, half of Li Buhui’s body was encased in the crystal clear ice.

“No… you… spare me…” Li Buhui roared in horror.

“Tell me now, did you really see me kill anyone with your own eyes?” Ding Hao asked, stressing each word.

“I… I… I didn’t… I didn’t see it. I was lying. Please spare me…” Seeing the ice crystal spread toward his neck and head, he was on the verge of a breakdown. At death’s door, he was like a pitiful buffoon.

“Lying? Someone made you say that, didn’t he?” Ding Hao’s eyes were burning.

“No, I…” In the blink of an eye, Li Buhui’s whole body had been encased in a silvery ice crystal, freezing into a humanoid ice sculpture. The horrified expression was frozen forever on Li Buhui’s face.

Ding Hao gently reached out and tipped the ice sculpture over.

With a crash, the ice casing shattered, together with Li Buhui frozen inside, turning into ice splinters, disappearing completely.

“You’re just a pathetic clown, totally heedless of the consequences.”

Ding Hao’s voice was clear, as he released this warning to some people.

Those who had come for revenge were stupid, but still after all victims. This was why Ding Hao had shown them mercy, only defeating them but sparing their lives. But a villain like Li Buhui had slandered him for fame and money, turning white into black, lying barefaced to the public. Ding Hao would only be satisfied slaying him with one sword stroke.

Even though he was surrounded by enemies, Ding Hao would still not show mercy to such a person.

The tumults and curses around Yellow Crane Tower suddenly died down.

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