Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 529 - The Four-apertured Great Grandmaster

Chapter 529 The Four-apertured Great Grandmaster

Ding Hao looked up at the sky.

It was all blue.

However, to look closer, something like a trembling jelly would be found. It constantly expanded, contracted and trembled, as if there was incomparably terrifying power. It seemingly came from the other side of the space barrier or the cosmic space far above the vault, colliding drastically with one another.

By nightfall, the rusted sword and the magic sword were still nowhere to be seen.

Now the crimson moon showed up.

Ding Hao had to be more patient. He sat on the top of the tower and absorbed the essence of the crimson moon to melt his own body.

At this time, Ding Hao looked at himself, and he was suddenly startled by his poor health.

Previously, his mind was all drawn by the magic sword, so he didn’t observe himself carefully and didn’t find it. At this time, he found that after his exhaustingly climbing the tower, his physical strength was almost drained and he has reached the limit of potential. When he patiently adjusted his breath now, he felt nothing but soreness and numbness.

This was a sign of complete exhaustion.

Qi inside of him was nearly drained just like a dry creek bed.

In his lower dantian at the abdomen and middle dantian at the breast, only Qi Seed was swaying and glimmering as if the blaze threw out a dim light and could go off any second.

Ding Hao gently exhaled foul air and began performing Invincible Fighting Method, recovering his whole strength.

By his triggering, Hell Ice Qi Seed and Heaven Fire Qi Seed finally began recovering.

The dim light became brighter. After a while, Qi Seed also became sparkling and crystal-clear. Its round full look made it seemingly transform from the liquid state into the solid one.

When Ding Hao looked closely, he found a rice-sized, nucleus-shaped ball in the innermost core of the two Qi Seeds.

The two Qi Seeds continuously divided into endless liquid profound strength, just like the rushing Yangtze River, whistling into the meridian channel.

The meridian channel that had been dried up like a cracked riverbed was moisturized by this purer liquid Qi, immediately restored its vitality, and became wider and smoother.

This was a striking change caused by extreme pressure, which was much stronger than ordinary impact cultivation.

Ding Hao could even clearly feel that every time Qi in his body passed through an aperture, there seemed to be a big explosion as if a planet was formed in an instant. Just like the previous Qi Seed, a solid rice-sized Qi nodule appeared in the very center of each aperture, containing fantastic power.

Ding Hao still did not know how such a solid nodule worked.

But it could never be a bad thing.

After Qi passed the last condensed aperture, the powerful impact had been never diminished.

Ding Hao simply guided this impact and hit new apertures.

Almost in an instant, the fourth aperture “Tiantai” in “the sixth scripture of Foot’s Minor Yang” was instantly knocked open. The impurities inside were just like wild waves and rolling sands, being smelted within a very short time. The cultivation which took at least one day had been greatly shortened.

Ding Hao started to smelt this new aperture with the method of pointing stars.

After about an hour and a half, a stream of silver stars burst out of Ding Hao.

A fantastic power popped out.

This was a sign of success.

“Finally…” Ding Hao went into ecstasies.

This was an unexpected gain.

According to his previous calculation, it took about half a month to accumulate experience to become the four-apertured great grandmaster. Unexpectedly, climbing the sword tower had consumed all his power, and then he was upset by the supreme power of the rusted sword and magic sword. by an astonishing coincidence, the fourth aperture of great grandmaster had been created in an instant.

He clearly felt that after the fourth aperture had been completed, the impulse of Qi still had the potentials to be further developed.

However, it was a little difficult for Ding Hao to continue hitting the fifth aperture. Ding Hao did not take risks to do so. Instead, he began performing Qi and continued to hit those smooth meridian channels and apertures. He wanted to gradually consolidate his cultivation of Qi. He knew it was dangerous to seek growth to build the foundation of martial arts, and avoided taking a low road.

One step closer to the Twelve Sutra.

Ding Hao did not slack off, and immediately performed the Heaven Fire Qi of middle dantian in his chest to practice the Six Strange Veins.

Another long practice began.

Ding Hao finally stopped thinking about the rusted sword and the magic sword.

As time flew, another ray of flame rushed through Ding Hao’s chest, and a light group looming through the bones of his chest surged with fantastic power, slowly drawn into his body after a while.

The cultivation of Qi of middle dantian in his chest finally entered into the realm of the four-apertured great grandmaster.

Ding Hao slowly withdrew from the state of emptiness and exhaled foul air.

Qi in his body gradually calmed down, working in respective meridian channels and apertures in a fixed rhythm and cycled every day.

He slowly opened his eyes.

As far as he could see, Ding Hao saw two objects in front of him. He couldn’t suppress his surprise and shouted out.

The rusted sword was in his right side,

While the magic sword was on the left.

They were both floating around him.

They… were back!

Ding Hao tried to suppress his shock and looked up.

The crimson moon in the sky had become dim and almost disappearing.

This meant that a new day was about to come, and he had practiced almost all night unconsciously. When the rusted sword and the magic sword ended their battle and returned to the top of the tower, Ding Hao did not even notice them.

He turned around to take a look.

Ji Yingqi was asleep in the inscription tent. Her girlish, delicate face looked tranquil and beautiful by the moonlight. The Evil Moon and the Adorable cuddled together in a sound sleep after their cultivation.

It seemed that they did not know that the magic sword and the rusted sword had returned.

Ding Hao stood up gently and observed the two swords carefully.

At this time, there was nothing change to the rusted sword. It was still covered with mottled rust, and there was no more earth-shaking supreme air around. It quietly floated beside Ding Hao. Looking closely, however, Ding Hao found there seemed to be a little bit more rust on the sword than before, but he was not sure where was more.

As Ding Hao gently held the rusted sword in his hand, it had a familiar feel of coldness.

“Hey, my old friend. You are finally back. I am really worried that you will never appear again after you soared into the sky!”

His fingers touched the rusted sword as if he were touching the skin of his lover.

Ding Hao glowed with extra delight as if he met an old friend after such a long separation. He slowly infused Hell Ice Qi and a familiar feeling came back. Ding Hao breathed a sigh of relief. He was sure that if he infused Qi with all his strength, he could still trigger the supreme power in the rusted sword.

After he put the rusted sword away, Ding Hao’s eyes fell on the magic sword.

At this time, the magic sword no longer showed its fierce nature that had risen before, gently floating beside Ding Hao, like a well-behaved pet. Although there was no rust, the blade was extremely smooth, but it was covered with cracks, as if it was put together by countless pieces of broken iron and might disintegrate at any time.

Ding Hao noticed that there were countless dense crimson inscriptions on the pieces of broken iron.

With his knowledge of inscriptions, he could not even judge what kind of inscription it was.

It was neither the mainstream inscription of Land of Infinity of today, nor the ancient plain inscription. There was no slight overflow of power, as if it was some messy patterns. But if you observed carefully these lines, your vision would be blurred as if the entire human soul seemed to sink into the blade.

Ding Hao just glanced at it roughly, and he dared not look carefully.

It reminded Ding Hao of another thing—

That was the chessboard-like stone table in the mysterious cave under the stone cliff of the garbage area of the back hill in Swordsmanship-seeking Sect.

That mysterious cave was the birthplace of Ding Hao’s adventures. In addition to transforming the white liquid in Ding Hao’s body and obtaining the Saber Master and Sword Master, Ding Hao found another extremely bizarre thing in it.

Yes, it was the chessboard-like stone table.

It was also covered with these lines similar to the patterns on the body of the magic sword.

At that time, as long as Ding Hao looked at the patterns on the stone table, he would be shaken and almost fainted.

At the very beginning, he thought that his strength was not enough. But after Ding Hao entered the realm of Inborn Martial Grandmaster Realm, he thought he had known some knowledge of inscriptions. He did visit the mysterious cave many times, but every time he stared at the strange patterns, he would felt quite dizzy.

And the two old monsters, Saber Master and Sword Master, also kept silent on this stone table, so Ding Hao vaguely understood that the mysterious lines on the table were actually extremely some scary existence, which couldn’t be pried upon by him.

The lines on the broken blade of the magic sword now gave Ding Hao the same feeling as the patterns on the mysterious stone table.

“Are they the same inscription?”

As Ding Hao was wondering, he suddenly reached to catch up with the handle of the magic sword.

He felt as if he were holding a hot mass of magma.

Other than that, there was no response.

The magic sword that bad burst out the same supreme power as the rusted sword appeared extremely quiet at this time. When it was back to Ding Hao’s hand again, no more repulsion appeared.

Ding Hao didn’t know whether it was an illusion, and he even vaguely felt that this magic sword was like a living creature, so he cheered in a low voice.

He finally got the opportunity to observe this magic sword so closely.

This crimson handle was as big as a duck egg, covered with strange threads. Ding Hao didn’t know what material it was made of. He felt great when holding in hand. It emitted terrible heat, but it made Ding Hao extremely comfortable. Its blade was more than 30 centimeters wide, and it was about one and five meters long with the handle. The whole body of the sword was crimson.

The only remaining piece of the sword was extremely broken, even the blade was in pieces, as if it would break into dozens of pieces at any time.

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