Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 50

Chapter 50 Li Lan

The more he reflected on the set of swordsmanship, the more exquisite he thought it was.

However, the disciple Song Feixiong from Western Academy of red shirts apparently had not grasped the real quintessence of the swordsmanship, for he only copied the movements, not the soul of it!

At the same time, a few dozens of disciples from Eastern Academy of green shirts, including Zhang Fan, gathered around Ding Hao in a circle, in the prevention of any disturbance. Ding Hao was taking a rest in preparation of the second round of the martial arts contests.

“Ding Hao actually made it to the next round!” In distance, Ge Yin was not quite convinced of Ding Hao’s victory.

“He was just lucky and met a Western Academy of red shirts fool.” Apparently, Zhang Tianlun was not satisfied with the result either.

Although they were all disciples from Eastern Academy of green shirts, Ding Hao’s victory had somehow stolen the spotlight that was supposed to be exclusively theirs. Thus, their preparations and plots before the game had gone through some unexpected changes.

“Don’t mind him, you two take some rest to prepare for the second round. In a game like this, you should focus on yourselves.”

Sitting cross-legged as them, Li Lan slightly opened his eyes from his meditation and reminded them with his brows furrowed.

“Yes, senior brother Li!”

“Thank you for reminding us.”

Ge Yin and Zhang Tianlun both shivered in their hearts and immediately gathered their Qi to build up their battle strength, in preparation for the second round of contests.

Once again, Li Lan shut his eyes.

In fact, he was startled and even begrudged Ding Hao’s victory as well.

He had gone out of his way to acquire two Power Catalyst Elixirs from a close elder who had recently exited training and let Ge Yin and Zhang Tianlun take them. Their strength was increased in a short time, which really cost him a dear price.

According to Li Lan’s original plan, as long as he and his two trusted subordinates stood out alone in the first rounds. They would naturally win the admiration of the disciples from the Eastern Academy, hence suppressing Ding Hao’s popularity in the Eastern Academy of green shirts.

Then, after the big competition of the five academies, he would pull some strings and easily made the 400 disciples in Eastern Academy under his command, in preparation for him being the head of Eastern Academy of green shirts.

Who knew that Ding Hao would make it to the second round?

Li Lan’s plan failed.

Li Lan shook his head. He could not help but think that the information he collected was not detailed enough. Being at the bottom of the five academies, all of the disciples from Eastern Academy of green shirts should have been eliminated in the first rounds except him… However, Ding Hao, the dark horse, emerged out of his exectaion.

To be exact, Li Lan had never taken Ding Hao seriously at all.

They had investigated Ding Hao’s backgrounds. He used to be just a servant of the outside circle of Swordsmanship-seeking Sect, and had failed the entrance test four years consecutively. In the last test, he finally joined the sect by chance. They never expected that such a humble servant seemed to be very promising.

“Well, you won’t get lucky next round.”

Li Lan sneered in his heart.

Four hours later, the second round of the big competition of the five academies began.

After the first round’s tests, the five academies had been ranked.

Central Academy of white shirts was generally acknowledged to be the best and had performed excellently. Other than the one who had been defeated by Zhang Tianlun, among the 10 seeded fighters, nine of them had miraculously made into the second rounds with a score of nine points, collectively in the first place.

Southern Academy of purple shirts took second place; Lyu Kuang and other five people beat their own rivals and collectively scored six points.

Then, Eastern Academy of green shirts which had been considered the weakest, made everyone’s jaw drop. Because of the strong performance of Ding Hao, Li Lan, and others, they actually saved their academy from being in the last place. With their four victories, they took third place with four points.

Last, Western Academy of red shirts and Northern Academy of yellow shirts respectively had three winners in the second rounds of the contest. With three points, they were tied for the fourth place.

At that time, on the announcement stone tablet, the competition arrangement of the second round was presented. Ding Hao’s second rival, finally surfaced—

The 10th player of Eastern Academy of green shirts would fight the third player of Southern Academy of purple shirts.

Ding Hao’s opponent would be the third player from Southern Academy of purple shirts.

Moreover, Li Lan also met an opponent from Southern Academy of purple shirts.

Ge Yin’s and Zhang Tianlun’s luck finally run out, they both actually would fight powerhouses from Honorable Alliance of Seven of Central Academy of white shirts. The moment they learned the news, their faces fell and they looked terrible.

At the same time, the fatty Ren Xiaoyao from Northern Academy of yellow shirts made many people present envy.

This guy was so lucky that he actually got a bye in this round. He became the luckiest one among the 25 people, which was that he would not need to take the second round of the contest and directly got into the third round.

The remaining 24 people started again to fight in pairs.

It was at the 10th arena.

A hulk youth clad in a purple robe was proudly looking up and down at his opponent, then he chuckled. “I didn’t expect that a pussycat like you could enter the second round. I’m Nan Mengzheng, who are you, sissy?”

“I’m Li Lan.”

Li Lan announced his name calmly.

However, a cold shimmer flashed in the deep of his eyes, just for an instant. Supposedly, the word “sissy” that Nan Mengzheng used to address him made him angry.

Nan Mengzheng himself did not notice the opponent’s anger at all, though.

“Li Lan? You even have such a sissy name, haha…” Hearing the rival announcing his name, Nan Mengzheng burst into laughing.

Just when he was about to talk a little more, his face suddenly changed dramatically.

At that instant, an overwhelming aura was sweeping toward him.

A human’s figure dashed, and then Li Lan was beside him in a split second. Such speed was like that of a ghost, and was way beyond normal people’s reaction speed.

Nan Mengzheng was shocked.

Before he could react, a white and delicate palm with slim fingers had gently patted his chest.


Disbelief burst out in Nan Mengzheng’s eyes.

A pussycat opponent like him actually had such an unbelievable strength?

“What kind of monster have I messed up with?”

As the last thought crossed his mind, he tasted something sweet deep in his throat, and then blood was spurting out of his mouth. He was sent back flying involuntarily like a cannonball. Finally, he landed hard on the ground 30 to 40 meters away. His legs and arms twitching, he passed out completely.

It was only one stroke!

The furious Li Lan did not hold back his strength anymore.

He had shown his terrifying strength. Like a T. rex, he had sent his rival flying with one stroke straightly, and his opponent had been an expert among the top three in Southern Academy of purple shirts.

It was down below the stage.

Disciples from both Eastern Academy of green shirts and Southern Academy of purple shirts were all dumbfounded.

The youths all gawked at the feminine-looking boy on the stage in awe, their mouths wide open.

A second before, the battle did not begin yet.

A second later, the battle had drawn to an end.

They even had not figured out what had happened up in the stage!

Li Lan!

He had real powerful strength!

Vicious methods!

Li Lan!

Finally, Li Lan gained himself a reputation, and that reputation would impress everyone who heard it.

It was at the 14th arena.

“Ergh… puff!” Ge Yin had fought just for one minute before he drew his body backward, blooding spurting out of his mouth.

He staggered and was trying to collect himself. However, he could only stare at his rival in awe, without the slightest strength to fight back.

His opponent was the martial mania in third place of Honorable Alliance of Seven from Central Academy of white shirts, Chen Sheng. He was a tanned, short, and skinny youth. During the battle, he was wearing a smile the whole time, revealing his snow-white teeth.

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