Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 48

Chapter 48 The Lightning-Chasing Central Swordsmanship

It was at the same time.

The three third-gen core inner circle martial experts, including Yin Yifei, all returned to the magnificent auditorium which had been built beside the Hall of Military Affairs.

They greeted a few dozens of outer elders, inner elders, other third-gen experts of Swordsmanship-seeking Sect, and secular elders of Swordsmanship-seeking Sect who came from down the hill. Then, they took their seats and awaited the commencement of the game.

After 15 minutes, the bell rang magnificently one more time inside the Hall of Military Affairs.

Finally, the thrilling competition of the five academies was about to begin.

Soon, on the announcement stone tablet in the center of the Hall of Military Affairs, the competition arrangement of the first round was presented. In the first round, 50 seeded fighters from five academies would be divided into 25 groups. They would fight in pairs to complete the first round.

Li Lan, who was the most capable powerhouse in Eastern Academy of green shirts, would fight a disciple from Northern Academy of yellow shirts.

Li Lan’s wingmen, Ge Yin and Zhang Tianlun, would fight disciples from Southern Academy of purple shirts and Central Academy of white shirts respectively.

Other several Eastern Academy of green shirts disciples knew their rivals as well.

On the announcement stone tablet, Ding Hao also saw his opponent’s name in the first round—

The 10th player of Eastern Academy of green shirts would fight the sixth player of Western Academy of red shirts.

Ding Hao’s opponent was someone ranked sixth in Western Academy of red shirts.

At present, disciples of five academies did not have to wait in line anymore. They were allowed to walk freely in the hall. They could choose whichever game they wanted to watch and root for their favorite seeded fighters.

It was at the 36th arena.

Ding Hao was taking the stairs to the ring step by step, while his rival was already fidgeting in the center of the ring.

“Hahaha, I was lucky. Of all five academies, I actually run into the weakest Eastern Academy of green shirts, and he is a loser who ranks at 10th, haha!” The red-clad Western Acadamy disciple chortled at the sight of Ding Hao. He urged impatiently. “Hurry, don’t drag your feet. I’m going to prepare for the second round after I beat you!”

The youth’s body was shaped like bamboo, skinny and tall, and he had pimples on his face. He was speaking with his nose in the air like he did not take Ding Hao seriously at all.

Ding Hao remained calm and ascended to the center of the arena.

An inner disciple who was in charge of the first round came to check the equipment the two opponents’ carried. After making sure there was no insidious hidden weapon or evil weapon, the inner disciple addressed some rules that they needed to pay attention to, and nodded to signal the beginning of the first round.

“Well, kid, it was unlucky for you to ran into me.” The bamboo-like youth sneered and approached step by step.

Ding Hao still fastened his rusted sword by his waist. He was motionless and as calm as a river.

At that time, by the ring, rounds of thunderous applause were heard. The audience burst into applause and the whole room cheered.

“Come on! Brother Ding!”

“Brother Ding! Beat him with one stroke!”

“Beat the rampant red bamboo right now!”

“We’re all here for you, Brother Ding! Come on!”

“Victory belongs to Brother Ding! To Brother Ding!”

The audience burst into cheers. They were loud, acting flamboyantly, and attracted a lot of attention. Even many big shots on the magnificent auditorium spotted the scene. They looked toward the direction of the noise in the distance.

“I didn’t expect that you’re so popular. Well, that doesn’t count. We don’t win by popularity in martial arts contests. It’s up to your martial arts strength!”

The skinny bamboo in red was also startled by the enthusiasm of masses of Eastern Academy of green shirts disciples. He could not help but feel jealousy and then approached Ding Hao with a sneer.

“If you’re done with your crap, let’s begin the fight,” said Ding Hao.

“You… you little bastard. Since you so want to get kicked in the ass, then get out of the ring right now.” The skinny bamboo in red was irritated. He grasped the sheath by the right hand. He flicked his thumb and the long sword shot out vigorously in the form of silver flowing light with a ding.

In the meanwhile, he stamped on the ground with his both feet and burst into strength. He dashed forward with his entire body like a jaguar. He raised his right hand lightning-fast and grasped something in the air. At that moment, he clasped the hilt and moved simultaneously with the movement of the sword. They were like a lightning.

It was a terrifying swordsmanship!

Moreover, it even surpassed the swordsmanship of the cold-looking youth Fang Tianyi.

Seeded fighters from the five academies were all really forces to be reckoned with.

In face of the Sword Qi, Ding Hao’s black hair scattered wildly in the air.

Nevertheless, Ding Hao’s face looked extremely calm.

He was as still as a mountain. When the sword tip was about to pierce through him, he slightly tilted in a split second. He dodged the sword body, put his forefinger and middle finger closely together like a sword. He was performing one of the foundation sword techniques—the Cloud-stirring swordsmanship.

A patch of faint silver chilling fog scattered across Ding Hao’s palm.

At that instant, inside the ring, icing air that could almost freeze people burst out.

The skinny tall bamboo in red felt in the direction of his opponent’s finger pointed, and his ribs were feeling something like a dull pain. His face changed dramatically.

Never did he expect that a guy ranked at 10th in Eastern Academy of green shirts could easily ward off his killer move—the Lightning-Chasing Central Swordsmanship.

One must know that he performed the move fast. He almost withdrew his sword and wielded the sword in an instant. His rival not only dodged the move but actually struck back with a seeming foundation sword technique.

Ding Hao’s black hair fell like a waterfall. His two fingers were shrouded in a strange-colored icing fog, and then formed into something nearly like an ice sword.

The red-clad skinny tall bamboo’s heart skipped a beat. He knew he had met an expert.


He performed a row of different moves consecutively with the long sword. The moves of the Lightning-Chasing Central Swordsmanship were released smoothly time and time again.

Sword lights were shining brightly. They were so dazzling that for the audience, they could only see waves of scattering silver lights. They only saw that the terrifying sword light besieged Ding Hao completely and shrouded his body.

Outside the ring, the scene made many Eastern Academy of green shirts disciples close their mouths out of nervousness.

Ding Hao still had not drawn his sword.

Slowly and continuously, he gently patted the rival’s sword body with the palm that was covered in cold silver ice. His eyes were shining; he was closely watching and constantly reading his competitor’s sword path and sword technique.

Clangs of the palm and the sword flooded the ring.

The tall skinny bamboo wielded his sword faster and faster. He was going all out.

He felt that he never performed the set of Lightning-Chasing Central Swordsmanship to such a perfect phase. He was completely absorbed in the sword technique that he could almost perform every move and every style as fast as he wanted. Never had he been in such a stage over his past daily sword practice.

Gradually, the tall and skinny bamboo, Song Feixiong, found out in surprise that the barriers and weak spots he used to encounter in the daily practice faded away. His sword technique and moves were smooth in a nearly perfect way.

Moreover, the audience outside the ring was dazzled by his moves as well.

“Haha, our senior brother Song Feixiong is indeed capable. This Human Rank Middle Class set of Lightning-Chasing Central Swordsmanship he performs is perfect. I guess that Eastern Academy of green shirts disciple is losing it!”

The surrounding Western Academy of red shirts disciples were walking on air.

“Nonsense, our Brother Ding is deliberately letting him win temporarily. Look, Brother Ding hasn’t drawn his sword until now!” As the number one fan of Ding Hao, the hunter youth Zhang Fan immediately retorted.

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