Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 46

Chapter 46 The Very First of the Competition Between the Five Academies

The fire force only took less than an hour to dredge one-eighteenth of the Ren Meridian and arrive at Zhongji, the first aperture of Ren Meridian.

According to the cultivation method recorded in the “One Saber to Begin Your Journey Technique”, the fire force constantly tried to dredge that condensed and solid aperture and refined the impurities.

Time passed quickly.

It was again at dawn.

Ding Hao’s body was giving out heat that made the air moist and shone with faintly red as if he was in a steamer. The temperature in the room had gradually reached very high.

When the first rays of the sun came in from the window and fell on Ding Hao’s body.


Ding Hao’s figure shook a little. He opened his eyes with a smile.

“Haha, Finally! I’ve made it!”

Zhongji, the first aperture of Ren Meridian, one of the six extra-channels, was finally thoroughly refined.

That aperture, which was originally filled with impurities, was now like a small newborn universe. The fire force turned into a fireball, shining and burning like a fixed star. The dark force flew in Zhongji in systemic circulation pathways at a speed of 10 laps per second.

A thought came into Ding Hao’s mind.


A small flame appeared in the palm of his right hand, like a flickering yellow elf.

This flame did not seem to have any power, but it had a surprisingly high temperature, enough to melt bronze in an instant.

There were a lot of benefits after having refined Zhongji, the head of Ren Meridian.

Not only did it mean that Ding Hao could control the supreme fire, but also that he had become the unprecedented unique person with two kinds of seeds in two contradictory nature. He mastered the force of ice and fire at the same time.

That had broken the rules of martial arts in Land of Infinity. It was a miracle!

Nowadays, no matter in terms of middle dantian or lower dantian, the six extra-channels, or the twelve standard meridians, Ding Hao’s cultivation had reached the realm of one-apertured Martial Disciple.

The advantage of the dual realms was that although Ding Hao was one-apertured Martial Disciple, his real combat power was as strong as the power of a two-apertured Martial Disciple. If he fought with someone, he would definitely be a blockbuster.

“I don’t have a good knife, or I can practice the saber techniques now.”

Ding Hao nodded with satisfaction.

His six-seven-level middle dantian had reached the realm of one-apertured Martial Disciple, which had met the cultivation requirements of Saber and Sword Saintly Being. He could continue to cultivate the ice power of his lower dantian. After that, his sword skill would have been improved and then he would have the ability to dredge the Fate Sea aperture, the second aperture of the Shaoyin First Channel of Hand, one of the twelve standard meridians.

Ding Hao did not intend to divulge the secret that he was cultivating the six extra-channels around his middle dantian.

It would be a big bomb if that was exposed and he would be at serious risk of being tested as a little white mouse. After all, it was too amazing that he could cultivate a second Qi system inside his body.

At that time, Zhang Fan knocked on the door on time.

It was again time for breakfast.

Today, the hunter boy was in a good mood.

“I finally felt the existence of Qi.” Zhang Fan said excitedly on the way to the dining room.

After a few days’ cultivations on Taixuan Sword-seeking Scripture, in addition to Ding Hao’s detailed instructions, the hunter boy finally felt the airflow inside his dantian for the first time. Although it was very weak, for him, it was like he had finally seen the sun, the possibility of condensing the seed of dark force and controlling the dark force.

“I’ve told you that you could make it.” Ding Hao was also happy for him.

“Tomorrow is the competition between the five academies. It is said that in addition to the outer core elders, there are many inner core elders who will come to watch the game. It will be a grand event. Senior brother Ding, you’re the seeded fighter of our Eastern Academy of green shirts. Are you ready?” Zhang Fan asked excitedly.

Ding Hao smiled and said, “I don’t have much confidence. After all, there must be many excellent disciples among the two thousand disciples. I can only do my best!”

“Senior brother Ding, you are the best.” Zhang Fan was full of confidence in Ding Hao.

In a while, the two came to the dining room.

At the door, there were nearly 100 disciples of Eastern Academy of green shirts waiting with expectation.

In the past two days, Ding Hao had exchanged his cultivation experience with many of them, which had greatly benefited them, so more and more Eastern Academy disciples treated Ding Hao with respect.

Every morning, more and more disciples were waiting in the dining room to discuss the cultivation experience with Ding Hao and asked him various questions.

“How do you do! Senior brother Ding!”

“Hello! Senior brother Ding!”

“Go and fetch senior brother Ding the best dish. I’ll pay! Quick!”

The crowd was suddenly excited.

One day later, the long-awaited competition day between the five academies finally arrived.

On the early morning of this day, the disciples of the Eastern Academy of green shirts gathered in the martial square. After listening to Wang Juefeng’s encouraging speech, which sounded quite harsh, they went to the outer arms drill hall in formation.

The outer arms drill hall was a place for all the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect’s disciples to have friendly competitions and settle their arguments.

Its main gate, from low to high, was divided into six ladder areas.

The nominal disciples lived in the first step area, and the outer arms drill hall was located in the second step area. It was an open square with a large area. There were 50 arenas made of bluestone platforms. They had different sizes and were surrounded by centuries-old trees and a variety of martial soldier statues. That was really magnificent.

When Ding Hao and other young disciples of the Eastern Academy of green shirts arrived, many people had already gathered there.

There were some elders who came to preside over this competition, some third or fourth generation disciples who came to watch the game, some inner core disciples, staff who maintained order, doctors who were ready to treat those injured during the battles, the inscription-men, and the craftsmen for maintenance of the platforms.

There was a sea of people, and it was very lively.

Most of them were the nominal disciples of the five academies.

The two thousand disciples wearing the blue, red, purple, yellow, and white warrior robes were the protagonists of today’s event, especially the seed players selected by the five academies, who were eager to jump into the ring to make a good performance, winning the attention of the elders.

After about 15 minutes, a melodious ancient bell rang through the entire Swordsmanship-seeking Mountain.

A burst of fragrant smoke enveloped the entire arms drill ground.

On the far side of the mountain, there was a sudden streamer flickering, then there was an extremely powerful aura and a savage sword light pierced through the sky. Then, the streamer fell on the tallest and the most solemn No. 1 big platform in the center of the arms drill zone.

The master who presided the competition arrived.

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