Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Holy Double Manifestation of Saber and Sword

Ding Hao was very surprised.

He thought his eyes were deceiving him and continued sending his Ice Qi into the Fate Sea aperture.

However, the result was the same as before.

When the Ice Qi reached the second Fate Sea aperture, it disappeared completely, not matter how much he sent or how hard he tried.

How strange!

How could this happen?

Ding Hao forced himself to calm down and tried to think though this problem.

The only explanation he could think of was the strange incident in the cave under the Great Abyss, especially with the strange saber and sword shadows and the constant sound of arguing. Was that where the problem lay?

At this thought, something shocking suddenly happened that almost scared the wits out of Ding Hao.

“Oh wow, this boy is pretty smart!” chirped a clear male voice in his head, without any warning.

Ding Hao was so terrified that he almost jumped out of bed like a startled cat and bit his own tongue.

“He’s a little timid, but we made the right choice to pick him,” replied another voice in his head.

This time, the male voice was replaced by a soft and seductive female voice.

Ding Hao flashed onto the ground, holding his sword in his hand. His Ice Magic Qi rumbled rapidly in his aperture and immediately reached the peak status.

“Who are you? Come out!” Ding Hao looked around and stood alert.

His surroundings were silent and without a single sign of life. Was this voice coming from some Pearless Ace lurking next to him?

“Stop yelling, idiot!” said the male voice again.

“If we could come out, we would have,” added the female voice.

“Don’t panic, just use your telepathic connection!” said the man.

“You’ll discover where we really are,” said the woman.

These two voices echoed each other rhythmically like cross talk, meshing their words perfectly together, and they spoke gently without any ill will.

Ding Hao finally calmed down.

He realized that the voices were actually coming from his mind rather than from around him. Were they the saber and sword illusions that entered his body?

Ding Hao suddenly remembered that after the illusions entered his body, the sound of arguing arose in his mind. Those voices were the exact same as the man and woman who had just spoken!

The voices appeared again as if they knew what Ding Hao was thinking.

“Haha, do you finally remember?” The male voice chuckled.

“That’s right; we’re the saber and sword illusions.” The female voice was still very coy and sweetly seductive.

“Saber and Sword Illusions? What are you? Gods? Monsters?” Ding Hao had completely calmed down. He slowly sat cross-legged on his bed, placed his sword on his knees, and asked curiously, “Where did you come from? Can you tell me?”

“You don’t have to know,” the female voice snapped.

“If you want to know where we come from…” the male voice said.

“…there will be hell to pay,” said the female voice.

“But you should know this to be true…” said the man.

“…you’re lucky to have us with you. Your life will be exceptional. You are so lucky that your ancestral grave has more than the smoke of green,” said the female voice.

“It is bursting into flames!” said the man.

“Mwahahahaha!” They both began laughing maniacally, like the ones who were having affairs.

This reminded Ding Hao of the crazed laughter of comedians, Zhou Xingxing.

These two voices really had a knack for cross talk as they echoed and bantered with each other with great wit and humor.

Ding Hao could only silently wait for a couple minutes until their crazed laughter subsided.

“Haha, we went too far. However, young man, you should understand how lonely we must be after being locked up like old people for billions of years,” said the man with a laugh.

Before Ding Hao could respond, the woman replied angrily, “Damn you! I’m still young and full of spirit. Who says I’m old?”

“Ha! I’ve known you 100,000 years. Young and full of spirit—please! You’re making me nauseous! Pah! Pah! Pah!”

“Shut up. If you keep exposing me, I’ll beat you up!”

“Haha, you can try! I’m not scared of you…”

Ding Hao was getting a headache. What kind of ancient beings were they?

“Hey, you two, can you please stop arguing? How about you come out of my body so we can talk?” he suggested.

Having two foreign beings in his body was truly an uncomfortable experience for anyone.

“We can’t!” shouted the two voices at once.

Ding Hao was speechless.

“If we leave your body, we’ll disappear into the wind,” said the man.

“I spent all the resources I accumulated for hundreds of thousands of years to fix your body, meridians, and constitution. You ungrateful little thing. Now you want me to leave?” the woman roared angrily as if she had been abandoned.

“We didn’t just fix your meridians. Boy, we basically gave you an inner transformation!” said the man.

“An entire ton of Heaven… uh, all of the essences of heaven and earth was absorbed by your mortal body. I’m so jealous of you.” The woman was about to say something when she heard this but suddenly stopped herself.

“Therefore, your current powers are truly one of a kind.”

“You’re a natural sword body.” The man sounded very proud.

“Ha! You’re stupid. He is actually a Holy Double Manifestation of Saber and Sword,” corrected the woman.

“Old woman, are you trying to start a fight?” asked the man angrily.

“I am, so what?” she scoffed.

Ding Hao got another headache and immediately tried to divert the topic. “What is a Holy Double Manifestation of Saber and Sword?”

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