Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 36

Chapter 36 The Cultivation Progress of the Three Roommates

The Holy Spring aperture was the first roadblock every beginner cultivator encountered.

Ding Hao also felt that when the Qi was led to this place, it was like a rushing river that crashed into a dam. The river was stopped by the dam.

Ding Hao quickly recalled the technique on charging and clearing the Holy Spring aperture listed in “Taixuan Sword-seeking Scripture”. His expression quickly grew solemn. He had activated the Qi according to the technique, turning them into tendrils and directing them carefully around the “dam”.

Ding Hao felt that the blockage here was like a large round planet.

The Qi turned into thousands of wisps under his control, carefully surrounding the planet. Then, the planet started to disintegrate slowly, part by part, melting little by little.

This was a very slow process.

Time passed quickly.

In the blink of an eye, the silver moon set and the sun rose.

The light that shone through the window had already changed from the clear silver moonlight to golden sunlight. The sun shone warmly on Ding Hao’s face, making him look like an elegant and handsome sculpture.


Suddenly, Ding Hao felt a crash in his mind as if a large door opened for him.

In the next moment, the last piece of blockage of the Holy Spring aperture located at the 10th percent spot of the First Meridian of Hand’s Minor Yin was refined by Ding Hao. The entire aperture was finally unblocked.

The Qi cheered joyfully. Like a spiritual dragon entering the sea, it plunged into the aperture.

“Buzz! Buzz! Buzz…!”

Ding Hao even felt that he could hear the drone caused by the vibrating Holy Spring aperture.

The Qi automatically formed a systemic circulation pathway within the circular aperture and circulated quickly. It grew stronger every time a circle was completed. The Essential Qi that had originally been a faint silver color gradually turned into a crystal clear silvery-white, bright and smooth like ice and snow.

Ding Hao opened his eyes and opened his palms.

With a single thought, a ball of faint silver-white light appeared in his palms, flickering slightly.

At the same time, a blast of cold air spread from the center of Ding Hao’s ears and palms across his body.

As Ding Hao accelerated the driving of Qi in the Holy Spring aperture, a layer of silver frost appeared on his palm in the blink of an eye. His wrists and arm reflected a colorful halo under the sunlight.

“So my body’s odd Spiritual Class property is a mutation of the water nature. It is a natural Ice and Snow Icing air property.”

Ding Hao received an epiphany.

To rookie martial artists, “Taixuan Sword-seeking Scripture” was brilliant because its magic skills cultivation method was not separated into properties. People with different physical properties would receive Qi of different properties after cultivating in its methods.

This was the most perfect beginner cultivation method for magic skills.

It was ten and thousands of times stronger than the “Drawing Qi Formula”.

Moreover, only dominating human realm sects would possess such methods.

Which was why to become a true powerhouse in this world, one had to join a sect. There was no future for rogue cultivators.

“So it is an Ice and Snow Qi. Haha, this is the perfect property.”

Ding Hao was very satisfied with his Qi property.

With a thought, the silver light in his palm slowly dissipated. The layer of ice on his palm also slowly retreated under his skin.

He stood up and stretched comfortably, as a gesture to end the entire night’s session of cultivation.

Even though he had not slept for an entire night, Ding Hao felt refreshed. Not only did he not feel tired, he felt comfortable and energetic. His entire body was filled with strength.

After opening the Holy Spring aperture, it meant that Ding Hao’s strength had officially entered the Martial Disciple Realm.

He was finally a one-apertured Martial Disciple!

After entering the Martial Disciple Realm, the potential of one’s physical body would be released endlessly. Ding Hao’s strength had already grown to being close to 1500 grams. The strength of his muscles and bones soared to new heights. If he listened carefully, he could hear everything happening around him within a 10-meter radius.

This was considered truly stepping into the path of Martial Arts.

A wider path and further training were awaiting Ding Hao in the future.

There was a crash. Ding Hao pushed open the room’s stone doors, and a patch of brilliant and warm sunlight streamed in.

Ding Hao stood at the door, letting the warm sunlight shine on his body. He had never felt as relaxed as now.

Coincidentally at the same time, he heard another crash. Ding Hao saw Zhang Fan also pushing his door open on the other side of the courtyard. However, the hunting youth did not look very good.

“Senior Brother Ding.” Zhang Fan greeted him, but it was obvious that Zhang Fan was forcing himself to look energetic.

Ding Hao smiled slightly and nodded. He asked, “You don’t look good, are you too tired from cultivating?”

“No, I only cultivated the “Taixuan Sword-seeking Scripture” for a night, but the effects were not that good. I don’t even have a sense of Qi, much less the Seed of Qi. Sigh!” Zhang Fan said. He sighed again, looking displeased.

The hunting youth was evidently dissatisfied with his talent.

However, he did not give up. He knew that such a time would come after passing the sect entrance exam. He could only count on working hard and being diligent to make up for his lack of talent.

“Oh right, Senior Brother Ding, how is your cultivation progress?” Zhang Fan quickly perked up and asked, smiling.

Ding Hao had not yet had the time to answer when they heard another crashing sound. The door of the room on the other side of the court opened. Wang Xiaoqi walked out with a happy look on his face. He startled when he saw the two in the courtyard, but took the initiative to greet them. “Hi, Senior Brother Ding.”

Ding Hao’s stunning performance on the arena yesterday afternoon had completely smothered the arrogant youth’s temper.

Wang Xiaoqi did not dare to behave insolently before Ding Hao.

Ding Hao smiled and nodded.

They were all fellow apprentices in the Eastern Academy of green shirts, and were living in the same courtyard. As long as Wang Xiaoqi could change his proud and arrogant attitude, Ding Hao did not wish to have a complete falling out with him. Ding Hao looked at Wang Xiaoqi’s happy face and teased him. “It looks like Younger Brother Zhong had gained plenty during last night’s cultivation.”

“Haha, I can’t boast in front of Senior Brother Ding. I cultivated earnestly all night and finally refined the Seed of Qi. I can charge my meridian in a couple of days!”

After all, he was but just a youth of 13. When he talked about the incident that he was very pleased with, Wang Xiaoqi could not help but look arrogant. However, he seemed to be truly in awe of Ding Hao and showed plenty of restraining, speaking in respectful tones.

When he heard this, a gloomy look flashed across Zhang Fan’s face.

They were both new disciples of the sect and Wang Xiaoqi had managed to refine his Seed of Qi in a night. Yet, he had not even developed a sense of Qi. By comparison, the difference between them was like that of heaven and earth. He could not help but feel waves of depression he found hard to restrain.

Ding Hao smiled slightly.

Actually, there was a profound theory behind this.

Wang Xiaoqi had already cultivated in other magic skills before joining the sect. He already had Qi foundation. Furthermore, he was already close to refining the Seed of Qi before. On top of this foundation, after a night of cultivating in “Taixuan Sword-seeking Scripture”, which was a high-level cultivation method; he finally activated his Seed of Qi. This progress could only be considered average and was not anything shocking.

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