Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 33

Chapter 33 True Swordsmanship

Wang Xaioqi lowered his head in the crowd, not daring to look at Ding Hao.

His eyes shone, no one knew what he was thinking about.

Then, someone in the crowd below the arena jumped up, challenging the top ten.

The challenger was a young man who had sword-like eyebrows and star-like eyes. He had a dignified manner.

He wore green robes and held a long sword in his hand. He looked handsome and imposing.

However, his expression was rather cold. Even though he did not reveal anything, but he made one feel as if a piece of ancient ice block had suddenly appeared on the arena. There was a coldness that radiated from the depth of his soul, keeping others several thousand miles away.

“Fang Tianyi!” The cold youth announced his name and pulled out his long sword from its scabbard and pointed it at Ding Hao.

The person he chose to challenge was still Ding Hao.

“Damn it, why did they all choose me? Could it be that I was born with a mocking face?”

Ding Hao felt a little upset but did not say anything else. He made the starting gesture of the Rapid-Cross Sword with his rusted sword. Then, he waited calmly.


A blinding cold light suddenly erupted on the arena.

Fang Tianyi’s figure was like an apparition. He moved really quickly and his speed was not any weaker than Ding Hao’s “Stunning Steps”. He walked up to Ding Hao in the blink of an eye. The tip of his sword trembled slightly and turned into three cold sword glints, attacking separately.

This Fang Tianyi cultivated in the Rapid Flow Sword.

Three blossoms of light from a single sword!

Such swordsmanship was impressive.

“Good sword skills!” Ding Hao’s eyes brightened as he stood still on the spot. His wrist shook, and similarly, the rusted sword turned into three glints of light. The three rays of light blossomed from a single sword stroke, meeting with Fang Tianyi’s attack.

“Clash! Clash! Clash!”

There were three light clangs.

Silver and red sword rays collided in the air.

The brilliant spark flashed and disappeared. It was moving as far as a flying meteor. One would feel disoriented at the sight of the spark.

What a fast sword!

What an accurate sword!

There were plenty of knowledgeable people in the crowd of youths, and they naturally saw the complexity of the move in that second.

Ding Hao had used the tip of his sword to hit Fang Tianyi’s sword tip in that split-second timing. Finally, he blocked Fang Tianyi’s fast sword.

How daring and confident must he be to have made such a decision in such a fast-paced battle?

Missing by a millimeter would mean being pierced by the sharp sword. However, Ding Hao had managed to accurately catch the sword p that shook at an extremely high speed in a split-second timing. Such calm, daring and accurate swordsmanship made all of them feel ashamed of their own skills.

“Good!” Zhang Fan was the first to cheer below the arena.

“Beautiful, good sword skills!” The other youths could not help but cheer.

Even Zhuo Yifeng and Wang Xiaoqi could not help but stand up and cheer.

“Clash! Clash! Clash!”

There was a stream of crashing from the meeting of the two swords. The crash was as loud as an explosion.

On the arena, silver light shone and then dissipated. Figures flickered as if they were ghosts.

While everyone watched in confusion, Ding Hao and Fang Tianyi had already exchanged numerous blows.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sounds of their swords meeting continued nonstop!

At first, the others could still count how many blows have been exchanged by the number of collisions between the long swords.

But in the end, the two people’s sword technique grew faster and faster, faster and faster. The sounds of the swords meeting seemed to become one as if it had become a single sound and they could not count how many blows have been exchanged.

The youths only felt that the arena above them was flashing with red and silver rays of light. It was so hurried that it was as if a silver flask had broken, and the water within it started to flow out, or it was like someone tearing up the skies. Everyone received a visual shock.

“What terrifying strength!”

“Such sword technique… how did they practice it?”

“So there are indeed such things as geniuses in this world!”

The youths who held their breaths to watch the fight on the arena were shocked, and also could not help but feel waves of defeat.

Even the prideful Zhuo Yifeng was no exception.

Everyone had been stunned Ding Hao and Fang Tianyi’s swordsmanship. They all thought to themselves, that if they were on the arena facing Ding Hao’s terrifying sword technique, they would not be able to parry with him, much less counterattack.

The difference between them was too wide.

It was evident from this that Zhuo Yifeng’s lightning fast defeat was not something that he should feel embarrassed about.

All of a sudden, even the expressions of the nine youths picked by the cynical Teacher-in-Charge, Wang Juefeng, changed.

It was on the arena.

“Haha, it’s good sword skill! Good opponent! That was great!” Ding Hao yelled to show his respect.

The rusted sword in his hand turned into a flow of light and whistled, breaking through space. It was like a dragon shaking its tail and was so amazing, words cannot describe it.

Fang Tianyi was definitely a good opponent.

Moreover, he was the first opponent who could match Ding Hao’s sword technique since he mastered the “Rapid-Cross Sword”.

Moreover, unlike Song Jiannan, Fang Tianyi’s swordsmanship was fast and unruly, hegemonic but not evil, violent yet not toxic. It was icy cold but not sinister. All this showed that while Fang Tianyi gave one a sense of coldness and discomfort, he was an honorable youth.

One’s sword technique showed his heart.

A person would master a sword technique that reflected himself.

“You’re not bad too.” A trace of rare excitement appeared between Fang Tianyi’s brows.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

The two swords collided incessantly, shocking everyone’s eardrums.

Ding Hao was very excited, and he was completely immersed in the world of sword technique. The cheers by his ears gradually faded, and he had eyes only for his opponent. His eyes focused on his opponent’s sword path and momentum. He finally understood Fang Tianyi’s sword technique.

Some things that were originally fuzzy to him gradually grew clearer in Ding Hao’s mind.

His understanding of the sword was growing rapidly.

It was beside him.

The Teacher-in-Charge Wang Juefeng was a cynical man who wore a beard. His eyes held a faint sign of laughter and flashed a trace of surprise which was difficult to hide.

“He is indeed a candidate the monster Qi Qingshan thought highly of. He really has an unworldly talent for comprehension. It’s only been about 10 minutes, but his sword skill and technique has climbed to another state. What terrifying progress! Who knows, this kid might have some insights about sword comprehension in the future… Damn it, I really can’t figure it out. He possesses such perverted and god-like property, why is he only ranked 100th? Did those bastards in charge of the rankings make a mistake?”

Wang Juefeng ranted for a while out of habit.

When he looked up again, he was even more shocked.

He swept his eyes over the scene and knew that the battle, which was a shocking one to the disciples on the waiting list, would end in less than three moves.

But he guessed wrong this time.


The final sound of two swords meeting rang.

Fang Tianyi’s figure flashed. He retreated seven or eight meters, kept his sword and stood up. He admitted somewhat breathlessly. “I’ve lost.”

He had taken the initiative to admit defeat?

The cynical Teacher-in-Charge startled for a moment before nodding his head slightly. He glanced at Fang Tianyi and muttered to himself. “This kid called Fang Tianyi has a little foresight and knows himself. Yes, this is a little interesting.”

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