Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 31

Chapter 31 The Top Ten Seeds

“Little brats, since you’re almost all here, then I shall introduce myself. From today on, I will be your teacher-in-charge. I’m in charge of all matters regarding cultivation and examination of all disciples on the waiting list in the Eastern Academy of green shirts over the next year. My name is Wang Juefeng, and I am a third generation disciple of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect.”

At that, a smile appeared on the bearded burly man’s face.

To the teenagers, the smile seemed rather ferocious. This was especially because the white teeth of the teacher-in-charge were like sharp and dense knives. He smiled and said, “Little brats, trust me, you’ll quickly remember this name well!”

Everyone could not help but shudder at this point.

Having encountered such a teacher-in-charge, it was likely that they would have hard times in the next year.

“Very well, it seems that you all already know that you’ll be enduring hardships. Then, let’s talk about the competition between the five academies that will happen in two days.”

Wang Zhuofeng reached out and touched his dense beard while he spoke. He continued, “To tell the truth, I don’t have any high hopes for the first competition between the five academies. This is because Eastern Academy of green shirts has always been the weakest of all five academies in average ability or in having the strongest combat ability. As such, the only thing I require of all of you is that you get two points in one of the ten matches in the first round. You’d pass if you do that.”


Before the statement ended, there was an insuppressible cacophony of debates in the martial arts dormitory.

To get two points would mean that they had to win two of the ten martial arts matches.

Indignant expressions appeared on the teenagers’ faces.

They had all overcame many difficulties to enter the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect and thought of themselves as geniuses. Yet, they were looked down upon. It was obvious that they resented the teacher’s thinking poorly of their abilities.

A sly smile appeared on Wang Juefeng’s bearded face. It seemed as if he had expected that.

Ding Hao touched his nose.

He suddenly felt that this man who showed contempt for the others had achieved his goals if he was not trying to get the others to hate him.

With just one statement, he had completely stirred up the teens’ ambitions and will to fight. It was as if he had sprinkled a handful of salt into a slightly hot pot of oil, the entire scene heated up.


Wang Juefeng harrumphed again.

The sound covered the yells and noises. The teenagers’ ears rang and they immediately stopped their discussions.

The hall of the martial arts dormitory silenced once more.

“You…you…and you…you…”The teacher-in-charge reached out his hand casually and pointed at ten teens in the crowd in one breath. He waved his hand and said, “You ten, come up to the fighting arena.”

Ding Hao was one of the ten teens he had pointed at.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Their figures flickered and the teens jumped up onto the elevated fighting arena.

Those who had been pointed out were the strongest people in the Eastern Academy of green shirts. They seemed to have a vague understanding of the teacher-in-charge’s intentions. If nothing went wrong, they would be the ones to represent the Eastern Academy of green shirts in the competition amongst the five academies in two days.

There were all teenagers with immature temperaments. Some of them intentionally showed off by jumping up quickly and elegantly, showing their powerful abilities.

Only Ding Hao walked out from the crowd fuss-free. He walked up the stairs step-by-step to the elevated fighting arena.

This was not because Ding Hao was intentionally keeping a low profile.

Actually, he wanted to fly through the air and show off as well. It was a pity that the “Stunning Steps” were just footwork but not qinggong. And other than that, Ding Hao had not mastered any other qinggong skills. Rather than showing off, he might as well walk up the stairs steadily and not embarrass himself.

Soft jeers could be heard in the crowd.

Wang Xiaoqi, especially, pointed at Ding Hao with an expression of derision and whispered to his companions.

They surrounded a teenage boy called Zhuo Yifeng who looked unfriendly. He felt that his abilities were exceptional and he could definitely be ranked top five of their academy. However, he had not been chosen. As such, he stared at the ten people on the stage, eyes shining with jealousy and indignation.

The teacher-in-charge, Wang Juefeng, smiled vaguely. He touched his beard by habit.

After casually glancing at the ten people, the cynical teacher-in-charge continued saying nonchalantly, “Even though your abilities are just average, but I can only pick the slightly better ones amongst the bad. The ten of you will represent Eastern Academy of green shirts in the competition amongst the five academies in two days. I am not counting on you to win many matches anyway.”

You… You bastard!

This time, even Ding Hao could not help but want to slap the annoying teacher-in-charge viciously.

His words were simply too provocative.

The teenagers standing on the arena had all looked excited, but their faces darkened when they heard these words.

“I don’t think this is fair.”

There was a loud shout from below.

Everyone looked to where the voice came from and they saw the teenager named Zhuo Yifeng. He stood up with a flounce, his expression dark, and he yelled indignantly, “Teacher-in-charge, I think that this method of choosing isn’t fair. It’s done too carelessly.”

“Oh?” The cynical bearded teacher-in-charge narrowed his eyes, “So does this mean you have a good idea?”

“Of course.” Zhuo Yifeng said with a self-satisfied look. He said loudly and eagerly, “I think that we should have a martial arts competition to choose the representatives of the Eastern Academy of green shirts. This way, we can distinguish who the truly powerful ones are. The final ten victors will be qualified to represent the Eastern Academy of green shirts in the competition. This will prevent those without abilities from getting into the pool of competitors and embarrassing the Eastern Academy of green shirts.”

“Yes, this is a good idea!”

“I support the idea of a martial arts competition!”

“Hehe, if we really have a competition, I think my abilities won’t be any weaker than anyone on the arena.”

Shouts of agreement could be heard from the crowd.

This suggestion was met with resounding agreement by everyone under the arena.

The teenagers were all prideful and were used to being the cream of the crop. Before entering the sect, they were all treasured children of various noble families. As such, they all found it rather difficult to accept the teacher-in-charge’s choosing of the representatives. Who knew if he was biased?

They would only be convinced after a match on the arena.

The cynical teacher-in-charge nodded, keeping the same vague smile and the provocative expression on his face.

“That’s right, what you’ve said sounds rather reasonable. However, we have to choose 10 people out of 400 from a martial arts competition. When will it end? How about this, whoever thinks it’s unfair can come up to the arena for a challenge. Whoever can defeat one of them will gain the right to represent the Eastern Academy of green shirts in the competition amongst the five academies.”

The statement ended.

The teenagers below the arena cheered.

However, Ding Hao shook his head slightly.

The teenagers were too naive.

They had not considered the capabilities of the cynical man that was Wang Juefeng. His eyes were sharp, and before the cynical man, the teenagers were like babies who just started to walk. The ten people that he had seemingly chosen casually were the strongest ten disciples of the 400 in the Eastern Academy of green shirts.

Zhuo Yifeng and the others thought that they had scored equal rights. But actually, the cynical teacher-in-charge had just gone with the flow and used the opportunity to give the ten he had picked to establish their foothold.

“I was here first. I want to challenge him.”

Zhuo Yifeng jumped up eagerly, looking extremely arrogant. He stared straight at Ding Hao.

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