Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 13

Chapter 13-The Twelve Meridians

“Qi, Qi is an incredible thing. The strength given off by the limitations of the physical body is an invisible force. It can crack steles of stones, move mountains and seas. It can defy the heavens and change fates; it can prolong life and make things appear out of nothingness… This incredible Qi, it attacks the 12 main meridians of the human body in order, and refine the acupoints. In that way, supreme power is produced and this is the foundation of a martial artist…”

Ding Hao quickly became immersed in the contents of the book.

So the humans on the Land of Infinity all had 12 meridians in their body. And within each meridian, there were nine main acupoints. Once martial artists activated the seed of Qi and grasped Qi, they could then use it to refine their physical body. The Qi would rush through their meridians and refined their acupoints.

This was the most basic way of cultivation.

The Martial Arts system had been perfected according to the evolution and research of countless powerhouses of the human race over the past tens of thousands of years.

Generally speaking, the twelve meridians ranged from easy to difficult. Of which, the “Hand’s Minor Yin First Meridian” was the first meridian of the human body. It was called the “First Meridian of Martial Arts”.

All martial artists had to start with this meridian when they first started to cultivate meridians.

They had to cultivate the first meridian and the nine acupoints within before they could continue to cultivate the second meridian.

And every meridian and its nine acupoints were a Martial Arts realm.

As such, the cultivation system for human martial artists of this world was not complicated.

According to the different degrees of cultivation every person had on their 12 meridians and their acupoints, they were split into the following 12 realms. They were Martial Student, Martial Artist, Master, Great Master, Grandmaster, Great Grandmaster, Martial King, Martial Emperor, Martial Grand Emperor, Martial Sage, Martial Demigod and Martial God.

For example, an ordinary person who activated the seed of Qi and grasped the supernatural power of it, and then, used it to open the “Hand’s Minor Yin First Meridian” would be in the Martial Student Realm. When they opened the “Hand’s Minor Yang Second Meridian”, they would enter the Martial Artist Realm.

So on and so forth. Every meridian corresponded to a realm in martial arts.

When one opened all 12 meridians and achieved the perfection of 12 realms, they would then become a Martial God. They would be able to travel heaven and earth, achieve eternal life and glory, just like the deities in legends. The possibilities were endless.

There were also different levels in each Martial Art Realm according to how many acupoints in each meridian were opened.

Let’s use the Martial Student Realm as an example.

In the “Hand’s Minor Yin First Meridian”, also known as the “First Meridian of Martial Arts”, there were nine acupoints. By opening the first acupoint, the person would be known as a “One Acupoint Martial Student”. By opening two acupoints, they would be known as a “Two Acupoint Martial Student”. The opening of every new acupoint would lead to one gaining new powers and their strength would multiply.

One could only enter the Martial Artist Realm when all nine acupoints were opened, presenting the completion of nine acupoints.

Only then, would they have the ability to open the Second Meridian of Martial Arts, the “Hand’s Minor Yang Meridian”.

Flipping to this page, Ding Hao shut his eyes and began to think for it a while

Following that, he did not continue reading the book, instead, he started following the methods in the “Drawing Qi Formula” and massaged himself. He tried to call forth the power of Qi in his body and activate the seed of Qi.

Theoretically, there was a prerequisite to activating the seed of Qi.

That was that the physical strength had to be at its peak state. It also had to fulfill five major requirements, which were “An abundance of blood, strong bones, refined organs, crystal-like blood, and fine control”.

In the past, Ding Hao had not gone through systematic training, and would definitely not meet such requirements.

However, after the weird change he experienced in the cave on the cliff, Ding Hao’s body seemed to be in a mysterious state. His strength and quality had increased many folds. Not even Ding Hao himself knew what kind of state his body was in right now.

As such, he was prepared to give it a try.

The seed of Qi was a metaphor.

Ding Hao followed the methods on “Drawing Qi Formula”. He calmed his breath and tried to find the invisible Qi in his body.

He sensed a slow flow of Qi in his dantian almost immediately.

It was too simple.

This was the first step to activating the seed of Qi, and it was called, “Drawing Qi”.

According to the description in “Drawing Qi Formula”, a regular person had to try for at least tens of thousands of times before they could successfully “Draw Qi”


Ding Hao called the weak Qi in his body and gathered them into the center of his dantian without stopping.

Then, he started to stimulate his navel at with a strange pattern.

As before, almost at the moment when Ding Hao thought of it, a silvery white sacred Qi that was like a silk thread, grew beneath his navel. It then quickly condensed the spun rapidly. In less than a breath of time, a thumb-sized seed formed. It was oval, crystal clear, and shone brilliantly. It rotated slowly, firmly and naturally in Ding Hao’s dantian.

The seed of Qi!

“I succeeded so quickly?” Ding Hao was very shocked.

According to “Drawing Qi Formula”, even Martial Arts geniuses with special physiques and rare talent would expend a lot of time and energy on activating their seed of Qi. Ten days was considered a normal period of time. To complete it in one day would shock the world.

Meanwhile, Ding Hao had done it in less than five minutes and succeeded. This…was too fast, wasn’t it?

“Haha, could it be that I am a one-in-ten-million-genius?”

Ding Hao could hardly express the shock he felt.

As a former geek, his vanity had been greatly satisfied.

After he basked in happiness for a while, Ding Hao forced himself to calm down and re-enter the calm state of mind. He continued to use the method in the “Drawing Qi Formula” and began to warm the seed of Qi, refining and boosting his Qi.

The seed of Qi had to be warmed and watered so that it would continue to grow.

And only after it was satisfied, would it sprout and germinate, feeding back into the human body. It would produce Qi and change one’s physical body, giving rise to a subtle inner transformation. Then, it would open up the treasures hidden in the human body.

This was essentially why Martial Artists stood aloof from regular people.

Ding Hao’s amazing talent reared its head again.

In less than two hours, Ding Hao satisfied his seed of Qi.

In the core of his dantian, the seed of Qi shone brilliantly like white snow and hard ice. It emanated an indescribable charm as wisps of silver Qi surrounded and swirled around the seed of Qi.

According to “Drawing Qi Formula”, this meant that the seed of Qi was perfected and he had officially grasped Qi. Judging by realms, he was at the level of a mid-range Martial Student.”

Ding Hao opened his eyes and slowly rose. He felt the changes in his body after activating the seed of Qi.

Ding Hao turned to leave the hut and entered the yard.

He held the rusted sword in his hand and practiced incessantly a set of basic sword pattern. Then, he practiced the “Rapid-Cross Sword”.

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