Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 1283 - Chapter 88 Xuan Tianzong Reappears

Chapter 88 Xuan Tianzong Reappears

“He’s Xuan Tianzong?!”

This man in black and white, who looked extremely strange, was Xuan Tianzong.

“Xuan Tianzong? Isn’t he the man Lord Ding Hao has been looking for?”

“One of the people Lord Ding Hao found is indeed Xuan Tianzong, but why is he here? Why was he helped out of the dark spring by Lord Ding Hao?”

The people of the Charm Tribe did not know who this person was. When they heard what Evil Moon said, they knew that this man was Xuan Tianzong whom Ding Hao had been looking for. Of course, what they were most concerned about was why Xuan Tianzong would be helped out by Ding Hao from the dark spring.

He helped Xuan Tianzong to the front of the crowd. Then, they found a place to sit down.

Xuan Tianzong looked very tired and listless as if he were a patient lying in bed with a serious illness.

It was obvious that he had suffered inhuman pain during this period.

Seeing that everyone was confused, Ding Hao slowly explained, “The first time I entered the dark spring, I entered a cave and saw that there was also a tactical deployment protecting it. I wanted to test first to see if I could break through the tactical deployment and get out of it. I didn’t expect that the tactical deployment inside was stronger than the one outside. However, at that time, I also noticed that there was something strange inside.

“It seems that Ding Tong is not completely in charge of the dark spring. After observing it with the Seven Star-shaped Eyes of Fate for several days, I vaguely felt that there was a restriction formation inside that trapped some creature.”

“That is to say, Xuan Tianzong has been in the dark spring?!” Evil Moon said in surprise.

The people of the Charm Tribe were also extremely shocked.

Since Ding Hao drank the drop of dark spring water, they, including Evil Moon, also learned the horrible power of the dark spring. How could they not be shocked that Xuan Tianzong could stay in it?

Ding Hao nodded and then said, “It was also at that time that I took a drop of dark spring water, in order to completely understand the dark spring. Through that drop of water, I mastered some information about dark power. Based on this premise, I finally broke the restriction formation and rescued him.”

After listening to Ding Hao, everyone knew what had happened. However, they wanted to know why Xuan Tianzong was trapped in the dark spring, and how he became like this.

However, they could only suppress their doubts and not disturb Xuan Tianzong while he looked so pale and miserable.

“Take a rest first. We’ll talk later…” Ding Hao said to Xuan Tianzong and then turned to the others and said, “Retreat now. Don’t get too close to here.”

Hearing this, the members of the Charm Tribe nodded and got up, retreating more than 30 meters away.

“Go over, Evil Moon.”

“Well, okay…” Evil Moon was curious, but after hearing what Ding Hao said, it could only flap its wings and fly away.

When everyone backed off and Ding Hao was about to say something, Xuan Tianzong in black and white suddenly raised his head and looked at him. He said with a hint of emotion in his tone, “The Divine Emperor of the Saber and Sword, Imperator Ding, I didn’t expect that we would meet again. I didn’t expect you to save me in the end…”

“You and I are people of the Heaven Path world, not to mention that we have been familiar with each other for so many years. Saving you is a matter of course…” Ding Hao shook his head and smiled. He then asked, “What I want to know is why you and Mu Tianyang came here…”

Before Ding Hao could finish his words, Xuan Tianzong interrupted him by saying, “You must have known about the Heart of Heaven and Earth since you came to the Primordial World…”

Seeing Ding Hao nod, Xuan Tianzong continued, “Before I tell you those things, you need to know that during this period, I learned a shocking great secret.”

“A shocking great secret?”

Ding Hao was stunned. Since Xuan Tianzong claimed that it was a great secret, it must surely be shocking.

Ding Hao was thoughtful, and then he thought of something and asked, “Is it related to the Primordial World and the Heart of Heaven and Earth?”

Xuan Tianzong nodded and said, “This secret is indeed related to the origin of the Primordial World, the six paths, and even the whole Planar Cosmos.”

“The origin of the whole Planar Cosmos!”

Ding Hao was shocked, and then he heard the shocking secret told by Xuan Tianzong. “In fact, everything in the Primordial World, the six paths, and even in this Planar Cosmos was actually transformed by a creation creature!”

“Everything was transformed from a creation creature!”

Ding Hao was shocked again.

Xuan Tianzong continued, “Countless years ago, the entire Planar Cosmos was actually a wasteland. Everything was in chaos. In other words, there was no galaxy or object in the universe.”

Ding Hao was knowledgeable and had gone to college on Earth, so he had a good understanding of the universe. Of course, he could understand what Xuan Tianzong meant.

According to what Ding Hao had understood in the past, the universe was originally a spot, which was a spot with super-high temperature and high concentration. However, in a certain year, it suddenly exploded, and the temperature dropped when neutrons and protons were created, and then atomic nuclei were formed. After many evolutions, it took 10 billion years to form the universe.

This was what Ding Hao had learned, but after hearing what Xuan Tianzong said, his worldview suddenly changed and he had a new understanding. “Although the universe was in chaos, at that time, there was a huge creature with an immeasurable body sleeping in the chaos, and that creature was the Creator of All Things.

“The Creator of All Things had been sleeping in the chaos for hundreds of millions of years, but he suddenly woke up one day. From that moment on, there was a living creature in this Planar Cosmos!

“The Creator of All Things wouldn’t be hungry or thirsty, and he didn’t need air, so he wouldn’t die. Therefore, he had lived for billions of years in the chaos. Until one day, this situation changed, and it was a great change!

“On that day, the Creator of All Things found the critical point of the chaos. Out of instinct, he wanted to break through this chaos, but he didn’t think much about it. He immediately released all his strength. It was a kind of power beyond any power, an unimaginable power. At that moment, the chaos shook, and there was finally a trace of separation between clear and turbid…”

“He was born from within the chaos!

“And he broke through it!

“Could it be that this Creator of All Things is equivalent to the legendary Pan Gu on Earth?”

When Ding Hao heard what Xuan Tianzong said, he couldn’t help thinking of one of the legendary stories on Earth – Pan Gu created the world.

Although the story told by Xuan Tianzong was somewhat different, it was obviously very similar to that of Pan Gu, who created the world.

Xuan Tianzong did not know what Ding Hao was thinking and continued to explain, “But it is not easy to break the chaos. The Creator of All Things tried his best, but he could not break it. In the end, unconsciously, he sacrificed his life in exchange for a more powerful force and broke it from the middle of the primordial chaos horizontally…

“After tens of thousands of years, at the moment when the Creator of All Things was about to fall, the primordial chaos was finally broken through. The clear and turbid were distinct. The top and bottom were separated. Finally, the vast universe was formed. But the price of breaking through the primordial chaos was also very huge. The Creator of All Things finally exhausted his vitality and died…

“However, it is also because of his death that this Planar Cosmos is what it is now!” After a sigh of relief, Xuan Tianzong continued, “After the death of the Creator of All Things, after hundreds of millions of years of refinement, his internal organs turned into the six paths, and his limbs and body turned into a vast and bright galaxy. As for his head, you’ve now known it as the Primordial World under our feet. As for his strength, it has become the current tide of the vital Qi between heaven and earth…”

Although Ding Hao knew the whole process of Pan Gu establishing the world, he was still very shocked to learn that such a thing had really happened in reality.

What was more, before he descended on the Primordial World, although he knew that the Huge Head Planet was likely to be an extremely terrifying being, and he had guessed that it might be the Creator of All Things, he couldn’t help but be shocked once more when he learned that this head indeed belonged to the Creator of All Things.

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