Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 1004

Chapter 1004 The Reunion

“Tianyi, is it really you?” Tianyin stared blankly at the crying handsome man in front of her. Her mind suddenly went blank.

The scene that she had dreamed about countless times suddenly occurred right in front of her while she was unprepared for it. She even felt short of breath. What was happening in front of her was so similar to the scene that occurred frequently in her dreams. In her dreams, however, every time she happily rushed forward to hug the man on her mind, that man would pop like a bubble.

Tianyin was a little scared. She didn’t dare to step forward.

Fang Tianyi was completely dumbfounded.

He was already a top master who was as calm as still water and powerful enough to affect the fate and fortune of some part of the world. However, when he saw the face that he has seen so many times in his dreams, his heart trembled violently. He could not tell how he was feeling exactly, but tears flowed out of his eyes and streamed down his face.

Having gone through countless ups and downs on the verge of death, he thought he would never cry again. However, his psychological defense and pride collapsed instantly when he saw the girl he had been missing so much.

“She has lost weight.

“She looks languished.”

The image of the young girl full of energy popped up in his mind from time to time. The girl in front of him was much thinner than before. Her bright, beautiful eyes flashed with some kind of tiredness that could not be concealed.

“Tian... Tianyin...” Fang Tianyi lowered his head. When he raised his head, his tears were gone. He smiled, slowly walked to the girl, and took her into his arms without saying a word.

“Tianyi...” Tianyin’s voice sounded as if she were talking in a dream. “Is it really you?”

Fang Tianyi nodded repeatedly, feeling the warm, soft body in his arms. It felt so real that he was sure he was not dreaming this time.

Li Yiruo and other disciples of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect present at the scene all felt happy for Tianyin.

They didn’t expect that after they returned to the base of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect, their Senior Brother Fang Tianyi, who had been missing for several years, would suddenly show up in this empty base and reunite with them. It felt as if they had been looking for him for a very long time and accidentally saw him appearing out of thin air when they turned around.

Before Fang Tianyi came back, Ding Hao mobilized all kinds of forces and many human, material and financial resources to find Fang Tianyi, but the attempt failed. Everyone thought that Fang Tianyi was probably dead already, but they didn’t tell Tianyin the bad news for fear that it might upset her.

To their great surprise, Fang Tianyi suddenly showed up at the most unexpected time. He and Ding Hao were once known as the best swordsmen in the Eastern Academy of green shirts.

“Those who are destined to be together will eventually be together.”

“Junior Sister Tianyin’s tears and worries over the years finally paid off.”

“Ha-ha, what are you doing here?” Wang Juefeng, the cynical man, laughed wildly. When Fang Tianyi came over to salute him, he suddenly grabbed Fang Tianyi by the arm and patted Fang Tianyi hard on the shoulder, saying, “As I’ve said, a good person doesn’t live long, but a scourge can live a thousand years. You’re a tough man. How could you die that easily...”

Fang Tianyi’s darkened.

The others covered their faces.

“Martial Uncle Wang is still the same. His compliment is always so unique.”

“Senior Brother Fang.”

“Senior Brother Tianyi.”

“Ha-ha, that’s great! Senior Brother Tianyi, you’re finally back...”

Many former disciples of the Eastern Academy of green shirts gathered around Fang Tianyi to greet him. They became close friends when they learned and practiced together back then. They were exceptionally united because of Ding Hao. At that time, Fang Tianyi was one of the key members of the Eastern Academy of green shirts and established very good relations with many people.

Many people rushed to Fang Tianyi to hug him as soon as they saw him. He felt so excited that tears ran down his face. The Swordsmanship-seeking Sect has gone through many troubles. The common experience made the disciples treasure their friendship and brotherhood even more.

The scene was very touching.

Suddenly, all the people stood aside to make way for someone.

Fang Tianyi turned his head and saw a smiling man in a green robe.

“Senior Brother Ding!” Fang Tianyi excitedly stepped forward and hugged Ding Hao hard. The friendship between the two men was solid and long-lasting. Ding Hao was both a mentor and a friend of Fang Tianyi. He was the man that had the greatest influence on Fang Tianyi’s martial arts career, and he was also the most trustworthy and reliable person in Fang Tianyi’s life.

“It’s so good to see you again,” Ding Hao said with a smile on his face and tears in his eyes, “I knew you would come back sooner or later. Where have you been these years? We’ve been worried about you the whole time, and our beautiful Junior Sister Tianyin has shed almost all her tears for you. Brat, if you came back a little later, she would probably have been taken away by others.”

Fang Tianyi chuckled and scratched the back of his head.

“This is my move. You’ve learned it.” A gentle voice rang out.

Fang Tianyi hurriedly looked back and saw two people standing behind him, smiling. He burst out laughing, rushed to them, hugged them, and shook them hard by the shoulders. Then, he said, still laughing, “Hey, why did you guys show up so late...”

The two people felt a little dizzy because of the shaking. They were Zhang Fan and Wang Xiaoqi.

Back then, Ding Hao, Fang Tianyi, Zhang Fan, and Wang Xiaoqi were the “Four Heroes” of the Eastern Academy of green shirts. They had so many shared experiences. At the very beginning, they were just four nominal disciples. When they first met, they fought each other, but in the end, they became best friends.

Thanks to those shared experiences, they understood how difficult it was for them to be reunited and stand together safe and sound.

All others asked Fang Tianyi about what he had gone through, so he recited what he had experienced.

“So, you’re saying that after you fell into the Great Abyss of the Back Mountain, you were accidentally sent to the Land of Divine Grace by the surging Dragon Qi that ripped through the void, right?” Ding Hao nodded. “This is the only reasonable explanation, and it’s almost the same as my guess.”

Fang Tianyi had learned a lot about what had happened in the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect after he left. After some communication with others, he came to know that the so-called immortal land was actually the Land of Divine Grace.

“After I got to the Land of Divine Grace, I found that my strength improved very quickly, which was somewhat shocking. At first, I thought I was on the immortal land, but I was always trapped in a strange place. After the battle in the Hundred Thousand Mountains, I learned the Three Thousand Swords from my master and obtained the power contained therein. Only then did I get out of there...” Fang Tianyi said.

“Three Thousand Swords? That’s Shi Yihuang’s unique skill. It turns out that you got it!” Ding Hao was also greatly surprised. Back then, many people wanted to find the Three Thousand Swords, but unexpectedly, it fell into Fang Tianyi’s hands.

Back then, Shi Yihuang was known as the King of Swordsmanship and a peerless genius comparable to the two heroes of God’s Palace on the East Continent. He was very mysterious. No one knew about his master, but he was definitely a legend. Relying on his unique skill called the Three Thousand Swords, he made a name for himself and remained invincible for a while. No sect dared to mess with him.

Fang Tianyi had learned the Three Thousand Swords. That was a really rare occasion.

“Later, I went to Stone Mouth City and got involved in the Gold Divine Hall. I fought for the immortal medicine catalyst and immortal artifacts. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the opportunity because I didn’t know much about that world. I got some information about the Land of Infinity thanks to the appearance of the new space gate. Later, I blended in with the mercenaries and finally returned to the Swordsmanship-seeking Mountain, but I learned that you had all gone to the immortal land...” Fang Tianyi sighed. He thought that he would never see them again, but to his surprise, the day of a reunion came soon.

The others were also shocked by what they heard.

Ding Hao remembered that he saw Fang Tianyi’s incarnation on the big crystal screen in the center of the Gold Divine Hall. Unfortunately, he did not recognize Fang Tianyi at that time. After all, he didn’t expect that Fang Tianyi would be almost as powerful as a supreme master.

“After Fang Tianyi entered the Land of Divine Grace, he had been trapped in a secret realm. Because he couldn’t get out of there, he had no choice but to practice martial arts every day. Later, he got the magical power of Shi Yihuang’s Three Thousand Swords and managed to get out of the secret realm. No wonder he didn’t know much about the Land of Divine Grace and didn’t know that it was actually the immortal land that the people on the Land of Infinity talked about. Otherwise, he would have gone to the Land of Divine Grace through the new space gate to find me and the others.”

“That’s great. We have reunited with each other again. Let’s work together to revitalize our sect.” Zhang Fan smiled happily. He was simple-minded and had no desires. When he saw Fang Tianyi, he just couldn’t hide his joy.

“Okay.” Fang Tianyi nodded excitedly. Now that Senior Brother Ding and the others had come back, he could work to the best of his abilities together with them. He raised his head and saw the female Martial Demigod named Xie Jieyu standing not far behind Ding Hao. He cupped his hands together and said, “Hi, Senior Sister Xie.”

Xie Jieyu nodded with a smile.

“The Snow Province has been in a bad situation recently...” Fang Tianyi described the situations in the Snow Province and the Northern Region.

“It’s already so chaotic.” Ding Hao and others were shocked.

“After all, the transmission capacity of the new space gate is limited. There shouldn’t be too many mercenaries transmitted from the Land of Divine Grace. How could they throw the entire Land of Infinity into chaos and darkness in such a short time?”

“The most hateful people are those martial artists who colluded with foreign mercenaries and killed their compatriots. Moreover, some old sects have completely become the vassals of the mercenary troop. As the people protected by martial artists, they have lost their moral integrity and completely fallen...” Fang Tianyi said.

“Let’s first suppress the invaders in the Snow Province and then move to the Northern Region. We can’t let the chaos continue.” Ding Hao immediately made a decision.

Li Lan didn’t come back this time. She stayed in the Land of Divine Grace to manage the physical cultivators of the Mountain Gate of Fortune and the Ocean Forest. Therefore, Ding Hao was in charge of all matters at the base of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect.

All others agreed to his decision.

“Let’s arrange everything properly and then open the gate so that all the people will know that we’re back,” Ding Hao said with a smile. “Send a message to our former allies and then take action separately to eliminate those evil forces in the Snow Province.”

“Great! It’s time for some workout.” Wang Juefeng laughed excitedly.

Zhang Fan said, “I’m going to Baiman Mountain.”

Li Yunqi said, “I’m going to Qing River Town.”

When Ding Hao was just about to say something, a beam of light looking like a phoenix wing streaked across the sky. The look on Xie Jieyu’s face suddenly changed. She said, “That’s an urgent message from the Immortal Phoenix Palace. Brother Hao, I’m going there to check it out.”

Ding Hao nodded.

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