Supreme Crazy Wife

Chapter 461 - Repaying the Debt With My Body (4)

Chapter 461: Repaying the Debt With My Body (4)

“You can’t compare to it! Go back and ask your Patriarch if you don’t believe me.” Leng Ruoxue said with a naughty smile.

“Uh!” What did this mean? The two old men were a little confused.

“You’ll know when you go back and ask him. Today is your first day on duty. Go back now! Come early tomorrow to wait for orders,” Leng Ruoxue said very kindly.

“Oh, we’ll be leaving first then.” First Elder and Third Elder left the inn gloomily.

The two of them were still pondering how on earth did things become like this on the way back? What were they here for? Now, they were completely confused, and they couldn’t think of the main reason for going to see Leng Ruoxue. The only thing they knew was that they had implicated themselves!

At the residence of Leng Ruoxue and the others.

“Little Snowy, do you really intend to let the First Elder and the Third Elder work for you!” Lan Ming, who had been silent since the two old men left, couldn’t help asking. He really admired Leng Ruoxue. The patriarch and elders of the Lan family couldn’t do anything to her.

“Of course not. What can those two old men do? However, since they can’t bear to part with the money, they have to repay the debt with their bodies,” Leng Ruoxue said without any sympathy. In fact, she was already laughing in her heart.

“Hehe, Little Snowy, you’re really too amazing. You can actually make them suffer. Teach me!” Lan Lie ran to Leng Ruoxue and looked at her with admiration, his bright black eyes blinking non-stop.

“Do you want your grandfather to suffer so much?” Leng Ruoxue asked speechlessly. She really didn’t know what they were thinking.

“Yes! That old man has liked to cause trouble for me since young and drag me down. He always wreaks havoc on things I like, so our relationship isn’t good at all,” Lan Lie said angrily. He really hated that old man to death!

“But that’s not what I saw!” Leng Ruoxue said in realization. In her opinion, the patriarch of the Lan family loved this grandson very much. She just didn’t know what irreconcilable conflicts existed between them, so it created the way they interacted with each other now. Moreover, the patriarch and the two elders of the Lan family didn’t fly into a rage out of humiliation when she robbed them of so much money. There was probably some reason for Lan Lie’s behavior, and this was enough to show how important he was in their hearts.

“You’re mistaken. You don’t understand that old man at all. You’ve never seen him!” Lan Lie said indignantly. He had known that old man for more than twenty years. How could he not understand what kind of person that old man was?

“Who said I haven’t seen him? I’ve seen him previously,” Leng Ruoxue said helplessly. She couldn’t be bothered to argue with Lan Lie’s stubbornness!

“When did you see him? Why don’t I know about it!” Lan Lie said with some displeasure. What did that old man want? Did he want to interfere with his friendship again?

“I saw him a few days before you came,” Leng Ruoxue said.

“Uh! Did he say anything nasty?” Lan Lie said worriedly. That stinky old man had always been blunt with his friends.

“No, he’s just here to see Little Icy.” Leng Ruoxue sighed and explained.

“Oh, that’s good.” Lan Lie was relieved.

“By the way, I have something on. I’ll take my leave first,” Lan Lie continued. Then he hurriedly left the inn.

Leng Wudi, Sun Teng, Leng Ruoxue, and the others greeted each other before leaving with Lan Lie.

“Xue’er, why is this kid so energetic?” Leng Qingtian asked in puzzlement.

“I think he went back to the Lan family to settle scores with my father,” Lan Ming said understandingly.

“Hehe, that’s their unique way of getting along. Outsiders can’t understand it,” Leng Ruoxue said with a light smile.

Everyone was chatting when suddenly there was a knock on the door.

“Is Miss Leng here? Someone’s looking for her outside.” The waiter’s words sounded from outside…

“Who’s looking for me?” Leng Ruoxue was a little surprised. She hadn’t been in the Boundless Heaven Continent for long and didn’t know many people. Why would someone name her?

“Erm… they didn’t say,” the waiter replied.

“Oh, freak, let’s go take a look!” Leng Ruoxue turned to the freak.

“Okay.” The freak nodded. In fact, he was quite curious.

The two of them left the room and came to the hall of the inn. At this moment, two young men stood in the middle of the hall. One of them was someone they were familiar with, Xu Heng, who had once gambled with them. They did not know the other person.

“Xu Heng, why are you here? Are you here to make a bet with me?” Leng Ruoxue teased with a light smile.

“No, no. I don’t want to make a bet with you anymore,” Xu Heng said fearfully. How would he dare to make a bet with her when all his years of savings were gone?

“Oh? Then why are you here?” Leng Ruoxue was a little puzzled because she didn’t expect the person to see her to be Xu Heng.

“Are you Leng Ruoxue?” The handsome man beside Xu Heng asked before Xu Heng could answer.

“I’m Leng Ruoxue. Why? What’s the problem?” Leng Ruoxue looked at the man cautiously and asked calmly.

“Are you from the Ling Feng Continent?” the handsome man couldn’t help asking.

“No, why?” Leng Ruoxue denied.

“Oh, I don’t think you will be the Leng Ruoxue I know,” the handsome man said with a sigh of relief.

“Do you know someone named Leng Ruoxue?” Leng Ruoxue pretended to be curious, but she was guessing the man’s identity in her heart.

This man was handsome and had an extraordinary temperament, but his eyes carried a trace of ruthlessness and gloominess. His strength was only that of a Mystic, but his identity and status should be higher than Xu Heng’s respect for him.

“Yes, but she should still be on the Ling Feng Continent!” the handsome man said with certainty.

“Oh, how should I address you?” Leng Ruoxue asked curiously.

“Xu Qian!” the handsome man said softly.

“He is the young master of our Xu family,” Xu Heng added.

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