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Chapter 47 - Successfully Buying The Bloodline

Chapter 47: Successfully Buying The Bloodline

//Bloodline Name: Heavy Giant AnoMamba.

Tier: 4

Rank: Epic

Passive abilities pool: *Superhuman Strength*, *Mild Poison Resistance*, *Infrared Vision*, *Skin shed*, *Infection Immunity*...etc

Active abilities pool: *Venom spit*, *strangle*, *Instant Devour*, *Tail lash*, *Toxic Miasma*, *Dizziness Swamp*, *Absolute Defense*....etc

History: The AnoMamba is a serpent type beast that uses poison Element. Its current habitat is the death valleys on the planet Venusous. No more information has been obtained.//

This was it, the best current bloodline to awaken with since every better option was either too expensive for Felix, or not his type.

As for the passive and active abilities pools, there were few low tier abilities, such as *skin shed* and *Venom spit*. But the majority was tier 4. So, it just depends on his luck to unlock them.

Wholly Satisfied, Felix put the bottle within the stock and picked a random epic rank bottle. Then with an elated voice, he called out loud, "Looby comes here, I have made my choice."


Looby smashed the door with his leg and bolted down the stairs with his little legs, not afraid of tripping. Meanwhile, the cute dear elves hugged the staircase metal bar and slid down rapidly.

'Thump' 'Thump'...

Their plump bodies were hurled into a cushion right before the stairs. They truly prepared everything to rush downstairs.

"I am glad you fancied one of my bloodlines. Tell me which one is it so I can deliver it to you." Looby rubbed his hands with a wide grin, exposing his toothless mouth.

"This one, The Red Mother Centipede, an epic rank beast. Tell me its price first. I know that you add at least 30% extra on the market price of the bloodline."

Felix's hand tightened on the bottle with of desperation on his eyes. Yet, in the blink of an eye, those low key hints were gone just like magic.

"Out with it how much?" He coughed.

Looby with his experience did not miss such hints. But he said nothing about them; he just blinked at Felix with honest expression.

"Well, even though I add 30% extra, you do know that it is fully justifiable since my bottles always contain 75% or more bloodline essence of the beast." He gave a half shrug, "But if you bought from other shops with the market price, don't blame me when you find the bottle you bought only had 10% essence. At that moment you won't have tears to cry over."

His eyes turned stern real quick, as he advised him. "Trust me on this one; it is never a good option to gamble with your bloodline path. Just pay extra and secure a safe path."

Felix couldn't help but nod in affirmation. He knew that everything Looby just said was completely true, as not everyone was able to extract 75%+ bloodline essence from a beast.

The only ones, who were able to handle such a remarkable feat, were top-notch professional extractors.

An occupation worthy of respect and admiration, as only the brightest and most intelligent humans could have a chance to work in that field.

After all, the job relies on having a vast amount of knowledge about beasts' genes, habitat, family tree, and more of such deep detailed information.

Because to extract bloodline essence that had the beast inherited power and abilities from its parents, one must first be able to locate and study them. Then seize those genes and put them in a bottle. The more experience and talent an extractor had, the more percentage he would be able to extract.

If it wasn't for those talented people, the beast blood would simply appear as liquid-like in every species. It was only due to them, that the term bloodline emerged in the first place.

However, just like in every career, job, and occupation, there were always amateurs and stupid sheep, who had absolutely zero clues on what the fuck they were doing.

Those amateurs were dominating this occupation with their massive numbers. They read a couple of studies here and there, do a little research and experiments for a couple of years, and then graduated with a degree in bloodline extraction.

It would be all fine and dandy if it was just so. The real issue was their trash extraction percentage, not reaching even 20%. This meant that the bloodline would end up having 80% of its essence all wasted.

The sad thing was that most hunters still hired them to do the deed on the beast they killed since they couldn't afford to hire a professional extractor.

What's even more fucked up was that even if they hired them and managed to obtain 80% essence of the beast. Who would trust their words and buy it from them, when it was easy to fool the AP bracelet scanning feature?

One just had to mix multiple essences in one bottle and voila, a fresh 80%+ essence was ready to be served, as a scam.

Those bottles were as useless as a fart in a wind tunnel.

No one could integrate with a mixed bloodline. That was just impossible; it was debated and tested before.

After quite a lot of scams using this strategy, no one bothered to buy bottles, which claimed to have 75%+ essence without validating the seller's reputation first.

That was the reason why Looby added 30% on the price. Because he guaranteed the bloodline that the shopper received was the real deal.

He built this reputation over 50 years of hard work, and in this kind of business, reputation was everything.

"Alright, stop beating around the bush, just state your price. Hopefully, it is within my budget." Felix gripped his fist tightly and put it in his pocket.

Innocent and sincere, Looby enlarged pupil stared at Felix right in the eyes, and just like a puppy said, "100 million SC an.."

Without even waiting for Looby to finish his sentence, Felix clutched his heart in anguish, as he stumbled a step back.

His glass heart was shattered at the exorbitant price.

Looby unbothered by Felix's act scratched his cheek and added, "This is even with a 5% discount since you are shopping here for the first time. I'm really doing you a favor here kid."

"I should have expected this, but still your prices are really heart wrenching." Felix inhaled a deep breath and put the bottle back on the table, and said with a reluctant expression. "I apologize, but it seems that I am leaving empty-handed from your shop today." He shook his head, "My budget is really not enough to close the gap."

"I guess I am not fated for Mother Centipede."

Helpless and dejected, he sighed and turned around, walking towards the brick wall. However, before he took two steps, Looby lunged at his knee and clung on it with a forced smile.

"Now, Now, we can always figure something out that benefits both of us. You just have to tell me your budget and I will see what I can do about it."

"I slaved myself for a couple of years, to collect 60 million SC to buy a bloodline worthy enough to integrate with. Now that I found it, my budget failed me." Felix lowered his head with slumped shoulders and said, "So tell me what can you do to fix this? And just know 60 million is everything I have. I can't add a single coin."

Looby's heart instantly sank, as he knew that this deal was a lost cause no matter what he said or did. It was impossible for him to reduce 40 million in one go.

Even, if he removed the extra 20 million that was meant to rip Felix off and leave only the original 80 million, it wouldn't be much to buy his bloodline.

"Well, you are right. The gap is too large to close down; I can't do much about it." He pointed his finger at the bloodlines on the table and said with temptation, "But there are still other bloodlines you can buy with 60 million. Just pick another one, and I will give you a great deal."

"But I don't want another one. I felt a connection to only mother centipede and nothing else moved me."

Felix mercilessly hurled Looby towards the desk, like he was getting rid of his slipper, and continued walking forward. "Just forget it, it's better if I went to Sililin Shop. I might find my fateful bloodline there."


Looby's head collided with the corner of the desk harshly. Yet, he felt nothing but rage and humiliation after hearing Felix mention that Sililin had better stock than him.

"Close the store!! This little bastard is not leaving until he buys a bloodline." He roared with blue blood running down his temple.

Befuddled and amused, Felix watched three little dear elves blocking his way with two hooves extended forward, while the rest were closing down the gate.

"What's the meaning of this Looby? Are you trying to force me to buy from your stock or what?" He crossed his arms with displeased expression and added, "If streets got word of this, your reputation will be tarnished, and we all know business is doomed without it." He turned around and smiled warmly towards the little elves. "So let me leave in peace and I will act as nothing happened."

"I don't care; I won't let you leave until you see the prices of those bloodlines." Stubborn, Looby stood up and dusted himself, unbothered about his bloody face. He merely gave Felix a defiant look. "Trust me you will definitely be pleased by how cheap they are."

Felix eyed the bloodlines on the table, then Looby's stubborn expression. He sighed and approached him again. "Alright, if your prices are cheap enough not to put a dent on my budget, I will consider getting a bloodline here." He tapped his finger on the table and rushed him. "Hurry up and show me."

Without delaying for even a second, Looby brought a rare rank bottle to his face and said, "This one cost merely 35 million SC. Quite cheap considering that I usually sell it for 40 million."


"This is for 50 million."


"This one is 59 million."


After getting 8 bottles disregarded by Felix, Looby started to lose hope of catching his attention. "This one is 57 million epic rank bloodline; its original price is actually 65 million. This is as cheap as it can get." He rubbed his eyebrows and presented the AnoMamba Bloodline that Felix desired.

Curious, Felix raised an eyebrow and took the bottle from Looby's hands. "Give me a moment. I want to see its details." He coughed and explained, "Previously, I ignored the rest of the bloodlines after I found the Mother Centipede."

"Believe me; this is one of the good bloodlines within the epic ranks. It was extremely hard to catch due to its defense and overwhelming strength." He sighed, "A lot of my hunters have been devoured by it."

"Yea, yea, whatever." Felix waved his hand, and shooed him away, "Go to the corner and let me read in peace. Your overselling won't move me."

Looby immediately shut his mouth and gazed at Felix's expression turn from intrigue to boredom, as he read the details of the bloodline.

Just as his mind was started to get filled with despairing thoughts, he heard Felix's disinterested voice, "Whatever, I might take this if you lower the price to 55 million." He shook his head, "I will not waste my entire budget on a bloodline that doesn't fit my fighting style that much."

"So sell it with 55 million, or I am heading to Sililin shop. This time you can't stop me." He laid his last offer with a firm expression.

Looby unbothered by his tone nodded his head like a chicken and extended his hand for a handshake. "It's a deal."

"We can sign a contract right now. Just never buy from Sililin shop, and I will give you a lifetime 5% discount in my shop."

"Alright I see no issue in that, prepare the contract please, I have other places to be." Felix shook his hand and waited patiently for Looby to prepare the contract.

He didn't break out of his indifferent character for not even a moment.

A few minutes later, Looby displayed a one-page holographic contract before Felix. There were not too many conditions on it.

"Hmm, I see no issues with the terms and conditions. But change one little thing." Felix pointed his finger at the third clause and said, "I will take care of delivery to my planet. Just give me the serial code of the bottle. I will decide when to receive it."

"No problem." Looby lightly touched Felix's bracelet and informed, "I have sent it to you. You just need to call Delivery Company and it will reach your doorstep undamaged."

After seeing that everything was perfect, Felix signed the contract with a pleasing smile. He then stood up and bid farewell to Looby, as he left through the brick wall.

There was no reason to remain anymore. 55 million SC was deducted from his bank account the moment he signed the contract, as for the bottle? He left it inside.

What's important was the unique serial code of the product.

Immediately after Felix left the shop, Looby did a little dance with excitement written all over his face."Go prepare a small party. Today we celebrate this victory over that cheating bitch." He ordered while biting his lips. If he had teeth he would have gritted them.

'You stole my heart, and then stomped on it mercilessly. You stole my job network, and then ruined my reputation, making me hide here like a rat. Now you want to steal my clients as well?!'

He opened a bottle of wine that was handed to him by the elves and chugged it down fully within few seconds. He wiped his mouth clean with his sleeves and sneered, 'In your fucking dream Sililin. As long as I live, I will climb back to where I was, and I will destroy you. I swear on it. Just wait you bitch.'

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