Supremacy Games

Chapter 17 - The Supremacy Games Alliance

Chapter 17: The Supremacy Games Alliance

The idea was to create a platform where all of those wars will be held, and be viewed by an audience who will gladly pay for tickets to see the bloodshed in front of them.

The race leaders saw no reason not to approve. Since if they were going to fight no matter what, then why not obtain some tips while doing so?

Too bad, they underestimated the commoners' craziness over anything that may make their boring and routine lives a little bit more entertaining. And so, the platform exploded with popularity.

The race leaders who were planning to earn only some tips from the spectators started to get slammed with money they never thought was possible to be earned this fast and easily.

The mere sight of such easy windfall from just some viewership over their daily skirmishes brightened their eyes with greed for more.

They tried every method they know of, to make their content more entertaining and unique to grab the attention of a larger base of fans.

Because of that, they managed to evolve as time passes from using random wars and skirmishes between their soldiers, to making the platform open for everyone to register and participate in a entertaining deadly games, using multiple formats, such as sports, puzzles, battles, tournaments and more.

The creation of this variety pushed the Supremacy Games into the peak of popularity within the UVR, surmounting movies, animations, and games.

Gone, were the days of wars without a set of rules. Gone were the days of fights between races due to resources or for territory.

Now with the existence of Supremacy Games, everything could be solved there without harming their foundation in real life.

The moment the Supremacy Games Platform began to be used this way. Every race believed that more money and resources could be earned if they just made an Alliance that accepts only races that were using the platform.

This way they could solve their political problems that arise between each other fair and square, without the losing party complainant.

Plus training their juniors constantly using the games, and at the same time earning a massive amount of money from the happy spectators all over the universe, thus hitting four birds with one stone.

The Alliance emergence marked the true beginning of the Supremacy Games Dominance over everyone.

That was one million years ago.

The platform has kept evolving ever since, making new rules and laws, to help the weak races and new planets, such as planet earth to have a place inside this ruthless universe.

There were currently more than 550 rules and laws within Supremacy Games Alliance and The UVR. Any abuser of those rules would face a merciless punishment, no matter his race, or his social status.

"This marks the ending of the introduction to the Universe. Do you want to listen to Intermediate public Information now, Sir Jacob?" Queen AI ended her introduction and asked.

Jacob who went through a journey in the UVR, seeing the races fighting in wars using superpowers he thought were only in fantasies and hearing the information about the creation of the UVR as well as SGA, made him realize that earthlings had truly come across the greatest opportunity of their existence.

And if they missed it, it would be the biggest joke in the universe.

In his head, he already knew that earthlings were lucky to be found during the Era of SGA. Otherwise, they would have been invaded the moment they got discovered. No questions asked.

He soon woke up from his momentary daze and replied. "No, not, for now, I kept Killa waiting for more than enough. It's time to give him my planet final decision."

"As you command, you will be ejected from the UVR Network in three seconds."


Three seconds exactly, Jacob closed eyes unsealed moderately.

"So how did you find the information you obtained? Any questions you have about them, I can do you a favor and answer them now." Killa asked warmly after seeing that Jacob had logged out.

"Fascinating and mind-blowing. You were right, my eyes were truly enlightened, and I hope to enlighten my planet as well."

Jacob replied with a polite tone. However, it did not last long, before he informed Killa of his planet's decision firmly. "That's why I will go straight to the point and say that our final choice and decision is to join the Alliance."

Jacob stared at Killa composedly as he said his planet choice. Meanwhile, his mind was in utter mess.

'So how is he going to respond, is he going to attack me out of anger, or just ignore the earthlings' decision and invade anyway?'

"I see, we figured so as well from the information we obtained from your classified files on your countries. You would either go to war or choose the lesser evil, which in this case the SGA."

Killa did not show a single ounce of disappointment, as he already expected much from this planet. He shrugged his shoulders and added, "Well, it does not matter much for us anyway, whether you choose us or the alliance, since we will obtain benefits both ways."

"If you chose the Alexander Kingdom, you would have obtained our protection from other races invasions. But you will need to provide yearly tributes in return. However, if you chose the Alliance we will get the recommendation rewards since we are the ones who found you as well as gave you the choice of joining the SGA."

He chuckled lightly after seeing the stiff expression on Jacob. "So relax your nervousness, your heartbeats are echoing in the ship."

Jacob stiffly asked. "So that's it? No invasion or looting from being humiliated in our planet? Was I thinking too badly of you guys or what?"

Killa and the other two laughed out loud and jokingly reprimand him. "You moron, why would we bully small planet like yours? First, we are not savages who kill anyone who offends us. We are humans for god sake, we operate only based on benefits, and your planet has zero benefits to provide us."

He patted Jacob's shoulders while wiping tears from his eyes after not laughing this hard for a while and continued, "You guys are weak as hell. Plus your planet does not have any elemental materials. The only good thing about your planet is the gentle atmosphere that will make it a good tourist destination. So we have no reason to bully you."

"Just relax and ask away any question you have. My crew is about to finish the signal tower plantation. We will leave as soon as they finish."

Jacob got quite embarrassed after hearing their explanation. It turned out, that they overestimated themselves too much. But still, he sighed in relief, as this was much better than he assumed.

"Thank you for giving us this opportunity, we earthlings will always be grateful for Alexander's kingdom." He paused for a second and said, "As for my questions, I do have quite a few."

"Firstly you said the crew has almost finished planting the signal tower for the UVR. But the Queen told me that it is quite an outdated way of connecting to the UVR, as the general technique can allow anyone to connect, as well as provide a signal for others. I wonder why are you even doing so?" He asked curiously.

"Oh yes, this question is quite popular among the planets we discovered. Well, the answer is simply due to you guys not having the ability to connect to your consciousness first, since to be able to learn a general technique, you must first awaken successfully to get access to your consciousness."

"Only then will you be able to learn it and connect to the network without the use of the signal towers. But for your planet who had not a single awakened, the Tower single is a must at the start."

He smiled and added, "That's why the moment we found you, we started to build it on your moon. As to whether you joined Alexander's kingdom or the SGA you will need it to access the UVR."

Jacob thanked them passionately for the signal tower and decided to take advantage of this precious opportunity to gain as much information as possible.

"Thank you for clearing my doubts. But I still have more to ask. I hope I am not being nonsense to you guys."

"Go ahead, it is the job of every human to enlighten his brother in race, since we only have each other to rely on in this dog eat dog Universe." Killa smiled warmly and suggested, "So just feel free to ask all your questions together, I will answer them one by one."

Without further ado, Jacob fired everything at once. Starting off by asking about how were they supposed to connect to the UVR, when the only bracelet they had was not even theirs in the first place.

Without stopping, he moved on to the next one, as he wondered about how were they going to purchase and sell items in the UVR while using their earthly currency.

He paused for a bit and took a deep breath with brightened eyes, and asked the most important question he always had in his mind since the moment he spotted those races using superpowers in the UVR.

"I really want to know how can humans obtain superpowers, like the other races."

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