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Chapter 1560: Permission to Clean The Dimension!

Chapter 1560: Permission to Clean The Dimension!

1560 Permission to Clean The Dimension!

"Elder, I wish I had some of your optimism." Felix chuckled.

It wasn't like Felix lacked confidence, but he had seen what those beings were capable of during the heavenly plane's war.

So, he wasn't that cocky to believe that he was going to take down them 100%. Still, this didn't mean that it would change anything.

'What do you think they are talking about?' Olivia asked with a curious tone.

'Who knows? But for Felix to seem lacking in confidence, this new enemy must be on another level.' Selphie replied while thinking of unigins, knowing that only those monsters were above primogenitors in strength.

The fact that Felix managed to enslave two primogenitors made her understand that he had already surpassed their level, which was already shocking on its own.

After a short moment, Felix and ancestral Imyr changed the subject, knowing that it wasn't time to be discussing it.

"I have brought some friends with me, I hope you don't mind." Felix requested with an apologetic tone.

"Don't mention it, the more, the merrier." Ancestral Imyr waved his hand causally.

When it came to Felix, he treated him even better than his descendants and would never refuse such small favors from him even if he minded it.

"Much appreciated." Felix nodded in gratitude before blurting out honestly, "I have come here to visit you and also to seek out rare high-grade natural treasures. I need them to concoct some potions that will help me with my dragon/devourer's cultivation systems."

"Sure, you guys can pick whatever you want and if you need assistance with finding some known ones, I am happy to offer a hand." Ancestral Imyr accepted it right away.

While he was considered a god in this dimension, many natural treasures here were nameless and he never bothered to check on them.

However, he could assist by telling them about the elemental capacity of each natural treasure, which would help a lot weeding the bad from the good.

Thus, Felix expressed gratitude for the offer and informed him that he and his squad would be camping in the forest below.n()In

Ancestral Imyr refused to let them do so and took them to a better place underground, a small area of the dragon city, which wasn't as damaged as the others.

Felix told his friends to claim a house or set up a camp in the area. Meanwhile, he created a decent house of crystal and filled it with furniture...Afterward, he entered his consciousness space with Ancestral Imyr.

"Hello, Hello, I see a lot of new faces." Ancestor Imyr greeted the tenants with a polite smile.

"It's good to see you again, old friend."

Thor and the others greeted back, some with vivid interest and some couldn't care less like Elder Shiva.

Lady Sphinx went ahead and introduced the new tenants even though Ancester Imyr already figured out their identity.

After some polite formalities traded back and forth between them, Ancester Imyr turned to Felix and asked with a curious tone, "So, how did you reach this stage?"

"Well, I got smitten by them and sent to the spirit realm." Felix narrated with a solemn tone, "I can't discuss the details of what happened there, but I can tell you that Asna was kidnapped by them and now, I am working on a way to save her."

"You actually made contact with them so early and they even took little Asna? No wonder I couldn't feel her presence at all in your soul." Ancestor Imyr responded with a deep unpleasant frown.

"We were also taken back." Lady Sphinx disclosed, "Felix has done nothing to provoke them and the smite just came out of nowhere."

"Unprovoked? It can't be?" Ancestor Imyr was more shocked by this statement.

He understood that the three rulers never interacted with the universe's citizens in any shape or form unless they were provoked, like what he did when he wanted to barge into the eternal kingdom's gate.

"You got smitten, sent to the spirit realm, and came back stronger than ever, and they still haven't made a move on you again?" Ancestor Imyr said, "Something fishy about this. If those beings wanted you dead, you would have been dead from the first strike. Also, how come they haven't smitten you again?"

"We also believe that there is some sort of a hidden agenda, but we still don't know what it is." Felix shared, "As for me why haven't they attacked me again, we think it must be either Asna's core protection or they have lost interest in me after taking Asna away."

"Wait, back up a little, you have her core?" Ancestor Imyr's wrinkly eyelids unfolded wide open in shock.

Even the darkins were left utterly stunned. They had spent a decent period with Felix after getting enslaved, and while they had learned many of his secrets, the mystery of Felix's spiritual pressure empowerment wasn't cleared yet...Until now.

'He possesses a unigin's core...How is that even possible?'

'Who knows, this freak seems to be a walking miracle...'

While Felix had heard their thoughts, he didn't bother to waste his time on disciplining them.

Before Ancestor Imyr could ask about it, Felix told him that he could not share details about how he received the core from Asna. Ancestor Imyr understood his stance and refrained from focusing on this subject.

After a couple of minutes of catching up with him, Felix told Ancestor Imyr about his plan to become the new paragon of sins and how it was the only method available to access the eternal kingdom.

His natural treasures and elemental minerals were going to be of great help in boosting his strength, which would in turn make Nimo's alter-ego battle somewhat manageable.

After figuring out the final picture, Ancestor Imyr didn't hesitate to offer with a welcoming tone, "You run wild and harvest all resources that you desire. If you get tired, just let me know and I will help you pack up everything of worth in the dimension and hand it to you."

"...Elder, what about your descendants?"

Felix was left a bit speechless by his generosity, knowing that if he cleared the dimension of even royal gemstones, his descendants would be screwed for a very long time.

"What's the point of giving it to them? The dragon race won't be saved by a few royal gemstones. The only way to truly save them is by lifting the curse imposed on us by those beings. If you managed to truly end their reigns, a better future for my race would finally be on the horizon." Ancestor Imyr smiled a little.

No one could fault his reasoning as they knew that the dragon race had already lost most of its glory and authority with the death of Elder Dragon, and two of its most powerful clan heads.

So, even if a genius like Domino appeared again, he would not be able to make much of a difference without their cultivation system returning to them.

If it was like this, he might as well bet everything on Felix.

"Much appreciated, elder, truly." Felix bowed his head in gratitude.

He understood that even if he concocted a new potion to help him absorb natural treasures more effectively, he would be needing an unfathomable amount to reach the 30th mark.

It would help him gain at least three marks without using the potion if he was truly allowed to harvest all-natural treasures in the heavenly garden.

That's an amazing value when considering his current high mark!

After he got his permission, Felix wasn't planning to waste time even though it ran slower here than in the outside universe.

He switched his focus back to his main consciousness and called calmly, "Wendigo, Saurous, come out."


Suddenly, from the shadows, two imposing figures emerged with an uncanny abruptness. Wendigo and Saurous, their eyes gleaming with unsettling intensity, stood before Felix, their presence commanding the attention of the entire dimension.

They have also entered the dimensional pocket but remained hidden in the shadows, awaiting Felix's orders.

Ancestor Imyr had noticed their presence but since they came with Felix, he refrained from saying anything.

"Your orders, master?"

"Split up and go search for natural treasures in the most dangerous and hidden areas in the dimension." Felix ordered, "If you need guidance, request it from Elder Imyr in my consciousness space."

Felix didn't want to work out Elder Imyr too much, knowing that his energy was limited and each action he made in his dimension consumed a significant amount.

He didn't want him to get forced into a slumber again like last time after he helped him with his training.

"We have it covered." The darkins nodded expressionlessly and then took off.

Felix left his crystal house and noticed that his squad was already gathered around a newly created bonfire.

Even Nimo had emerged from the void realm and was seen sitting on Candace's lap, sleeping peacefully.

"We have been permitted to take all natural treasures in the dimension." Felix informed with a faint smile, "So, don't be impolite and harvest anything regardless of its grade. However, don't touch plants in the budding stage."

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