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Chapter 1219 The Earring's Content.

Chapter 1219 The Earring's Content.


"You will know in the future."


Felix didn't know what to do anymore as he knew that Lord Zurvan could not be forced to confess or even persuaded.

'glance inside, there might be some clues.' Thor suggested with a serious tone.


Felix took a deep breath and infused a wisp of his consciousness inside the golden earning.

The moment he opened his eyes, he felt chills course on his spine at sight before him...His reaction wasn't even close to Asna's as her eyes reflected a never seen level of terror before.

Her reaction was understandable as the dimensional pocket turned out to be exactly the same as the ruins she was sealed inside!!!

A colossal hall that was floored with tiles embedded with colorful gems and walls dyed with amber color.

Their bright light illuminated everything with vivid details, showcasing the same soldiers' statues that were standing uprightly at the corners of the hall, each holding a different type of weapon with one arm.

Meanwhile, their other arm had a purplish chain rolled up their forearms, clasping on them tightly.

Those four purplish chains were connected to a small platform at the very center of the hall.

Unlike the hall in the ruins, the purplish chains seemed loose. Still, the platform was hovering in mid-air without any support.

This time, there was no fist-sized flame on top of the platform...

"How can this be possible!" Felix uttered with a heart burning in agitation.

In his previous life, he might not have taken a much closer look at the hall, but he was still able to recognize it immediately with a single glance.

This new hall seemed to be the clean and undestroyed version of the sealing hall.

"Calm down, this might be just a copy." Lady Sphinx said with a composed tone.

She might have been surprised by the sealing hall, but she always kept her cool in any situation regardless of the abnormalities.

"It's not a copy..." Asna murmured with a dazed look.

"How can you be so sure?" Thor frowned, knowing that couldn't be possible.

"I spent almost my entire life in the sealing hall...I know every nook and cranny of it." Asna anwsered him with a hint of fear in her voice, "Unless it was copied straight out of my memories, it can't be a copy."




Every tenant was left silenced by her response as they had no idea what to say next.

Doubt her? They couldn't do that when she had no reason to lie to them in this freaky situation.

Believe her? That also didn't seem much of an option since it pointed to a much scarier implication than the earring's owner.


"I don't know...I just don't know anymore." Felix sat on the ground with his temples throbbing painfully like his brain wasn't able to process this situation at all.

He shouldn't beat himself for it as even the tenants were left utterly confused as well.

"Let's all take a step back and propose theories to facilitate solving this mystery." Lady Sphinx suggested, easing up the tense mood.

"I will start." Elder Kraken rubbed his tentacle beard as he shared his opinion, "I believe it's their doing. I don't know if they did this to let us know that they are watching us or for the sake of toying with us. Whatever it is, it had to be them."

Felix felt his heart skip a beat after those beings were brought up again.

"My thoughts exactly." Lady Sphinx nodded, "This also explains how the earning was made with Felix's mental imprint without him being there...Only those beings are capable of such a thing."

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement but Felix, Asna, and Candace.

In the case of Candace, she literally had no clue what was going on right now as she wasn't informed about Asna's situation in too much details.

As for Felix and Asna? The notion of being watched by those beings honestly was scaring the living sh*t out of them.

Asna was already traumatized by them while Felix considered them as his final enemies...To know that your future enemies were spying and even toying with you wasn't a good feeling in the slightest.

"Did they really do this to toy with us?" Felix murmured, "Like they are telling us that her destiny is to be sealed again and nothing we do can change it?"

This was enough to send goosebumps down anyone's skin.

"Obviously, everything is mere speculation and we might be way off the truth." Lady Sphinx stressed as she eyed both of them, "So, don't lose yourselves to a mere theory."

"We know."


Felix and Ansa understood that nothing positive would come out if they accepted this theory as the iron truth.

Since not much evidence supported it, they decided to assume that it was wrong. At least, this way it wouldn't affect their lives negatively too much.

Though, this method would leave them with more questions than answers.

"If this theory isn't the answer, then what else can explain this?" Jörmungandr knitted his eyebrows.

Many theories floated in everyone's minds like Lord Zurvan messing with them after seeing Felix's past and future or something like this.

But they kept shooting them down as they were just too preposterous...Lord Zurvan might be somewhat of a jokester, but they knew that he would never go this far in his jokes.

"Let's leave this matter for later discussion." Lady Sphinx said, "We don't have enough information to work with, which means not a single theory can be proven true."

"You're right." Felix sighed heavily as he tried his best to shelve this matter for later.

This entire development had really come out of nowhere and caught them off guard...It was best to think about it in their free time as they were still in the presence of Lord Zurvan.

"So?" Lord Zurvan asked with a curious look after seeing Felix opening his eyes.

"You really don't know about the earring's content?" Lady Sphinx raised an eyebrow at his genuine curiosity.

"I know a lot of things, but the content of that earring still eludes me." He anwsered, catching them by surprise.

"Then, how about a trade?" Lady Sphinx proposed, "Tell us the identity of the person who left you the earing or at least the period of when it happened."

"You do know that I can see the future of myself accepting the trade and receiving the information from you without needing to do anything in the present." Lord Zurvan chuckled.

"I know that. I also know that you won't do it." Lady Sphinx smiled, knowing that Lord Zurvan almost never abuse his powers on others' backs.

"I could have changed from the last time we spoke."

"Everything can change but you." Lady Sphinx anwsered calmly, "You are consistent in everything you do just like time."

"I can't deny that."

Lord Zurvan laughed at her response, knowing that she had him figured out completely even though they had merely spoken once telepathically.


"Keep your information." Lord Zurvan chuckled, "Since I never knew about the earning's content, it only means it's for the best...Some things are better left unlearned."

"You sure?"


Felix had no clue how Lord Zurvan's life could be changed by knowing about the sealing hall since he didn't really have much connection to it...But, if he didn't want to know about it anymore, they couldn't shove it down his throat forcefully.

"How about the..."

"As I said, you will know in the future." Lord Zurvan denied them again of the answers, making Felix sigh in frustration.

He knew that the only good clue they had was the identity of the first owner of the earring.

"What about my companions, then? Why did you allow me to bring them too?"

Felix changed his question as he knew that if Lord Zurvan's real reason for allowing them entry was to hand him this earing, then what's the point of allowing Felix to bring companions?

"You are thinking too much about this." Lord Zurvan chuckled, "I just didn't want you to be the only outsider in my galaxy."


Felix didn't know if he was telling the truth or gaslighting him again. But, he understood that Lord Zurvan wasn't going to give him any useful information.

So, he might as well drop it before he annoyed him too much.

"My job can be considered to be done now." Lord Zurvan smiled at them, "You can head back if you want."

This made it clear to them that Lord Zurvan wasn't too interested in their company as much as in doing what he was tasked with.

'This isn't looking too good...' Felix thought with a distressed look.

When he first heard about the meeting invitation, Felix planned on seeing if it was possible to request one chance to exit and enter the galaxy.

This would help him get the destruction bloodline and return to cultivate it to its best potential...But now, it didn't seem like it was going to work.

"You should take this issue with Siamese. She already did me a favor by accepting you guys once. I won't ask her again." Lord Zurvan anwsered before Felix could even ask him, which freaked him out as always.

"I...I see..." Felix smiled wryly after recalling Foremother Siamese's interaction with Lady Sphinx.

He knew that it was a long shot if she would even entertain talking to them, don't even mention agreeing to his request!

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