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Chapter 1217 Meeting With Time Primogenitor.

Chapter 1217 Meeting With Time Primogenitor.

'Siaseme as in Foremother Siaseme?' Candace sucked in a deep breath in agitation.

Even Felix and Asna felt distressed as Foremother Siaseme's spiritual pressure was simply on another level as it made them feel like she could literally extinguish their souls with a single word!

The only consolation they have was that even the primogenitors were under the same execution sword!

'It's gone.'

Just as sudden as it appeared, the pressure went away in the blink of an eye.

"Prepare yourselves for the meeting." Lady Sphinx stated coldly before walking away.

Felix didn't even need to ask about his master's situation as he already knew that she had bad blood with Foremother Siaseme.

Foremother Siaseme might be in the right for rejecting Lady Sphinx's entry to her galaxy even when she was offered so much, but this didn't mean that Lady Sphinx wouldn't feel irked.

Ever since then, Lady Sphinx didn't come eye to eye with Foremother Siaseme.

'It's finally happening...' Felix's heartbeats accelerated as nervousness began to take over him at the thought of meeting Lord Zurvan.

If it was any other primogenitor, he wouldn't have acted like this...But Lord Zurvan wasn't any primogenitor. He was the last hope he had to remedy his mistake and save everyone.

This meeting was one of the most important moments in his life and he didn't want to mess it up...Noah had the same reaction.

Unlike Felix, he couldn't care less about any other earthling as long as his sister was revived...He planned on doing whatever it took to make it happen.


Half an hour later...

Felix, Noah, Fenrir, and Lady Sphinx were teleported into a beautiful rainforest that seemed to resemble the amazon jungle greatly.

Felix didn't bring the others with him since Olivia had no idea that they planned on requesting Lord Zurvan to revive their people.

After thousands of years, Olivia had already processed the pain and was living her life normally again. It would be cruel to give her hope and strip it away.

"That must be it." Felix said as he eyed a humble hut that was covered from top to bottom with vines and moss.

Raindrops pelting the thatched roof got louder as they get closer to the house.

The building was compact, totally constructed of wood and bamboo, and had a rustic, natural aspect.

The supporting beams were encircled by vines and other tropical vegetation, giving the impression that the hut had spontaneously sprung from the forest.

When they reached the door, they found out that it was open and welcoming to an aroma of moist dirt flora that filled the interior.

The only light in the room was provided by a small, crackling fire in the middle, which created flickering shadows on the unfinished walls.

There were only a couple of wooden stools and a table in the functionally minimal room.

In one of the corners, a hammock swung and softly swayed in the air. Shelves constructed of woven reeds covered the walls and were filled with diverse items such as carved wooden bowls, a few baskets made of palm fronds, and other hand-made equipment.

Felix and the others didn't bother to appreciate the calming simplicity of the house as their eyes had been lured to focus on a man who was sitting near the fireplace.

He was moving the burning wood with a long golden rod that was covered with intricate inscriptions.

"Lord Zurvan, it's a pleasure to finally meet you." Fenrir and Lady Sphinx bowed their heads without an ounce of disrespect.

Felix and Noah copied them hastily as they knew that when even their masters bow, then they had to offer double the respect.

"The pleasure is all mine." Lord Zurvan smiled kindly as he turned his chair to face them.


When Felix peeked at his appearance, he was taken by surprise as Lord Zurvan didn't seem to originate from any species.

He had the body of a man with skin as white as marble and eyes that seem to glow with an otherworldly light.

He was wearing a long, flowing robe adorned with intricate symbols and patterns that seemed to represent the cycles of time.

What threw Felix off was his lion head, hidden golden wings, and most mysteriously, a green glowing snake that seemed to be rolling around his entire body and having its head resting on his shoulder.

He seemed more like a chimera, resembling his master Sphinx...But, his guts were telling him that he was far from being a chimera.

"Welcome back, little one." Lord Zurvan smiled gently as he eyed Felix, causing him to be thrown off completely.

'Welcome back? What is he talking about?' Felix was left baffled.

'Maybe he meant to welcome you to his house and made a mistake?' Asna tilted her head in confusion.

'Don't think too much about it.' Lady Sphinx's eyelids twitched, 'Lord Zurvan is known to love messing with people by using such peculiar statements to confuse them.'

'For real?' Felix asked speechlessly.

He believed her since he knew that anyone would be tripped off if someone that could control time were to tell them anything related to their future or past, whether it was a lie or truth.

"Haha, looks like she warned you about me." Lord Zurvan chortled after seeing Felix's expression turning back to normal.

Felix smiled wryly, not knowing how to behave before his eccentricities.

"Boy, you can behave like normal. I am not going to revive your people. So, stop fretting about disrespecting me." Lord Zurvan said with his usual kind smile as he kept moving the burning logs.

His statement had caused the atmosphere to grow stale instantly as even Lady Sphinx and Fenrir was left a bit stunned.

They already were pretty certain that Lord Zurvan was going to reject Felix's request, but they didn't think that he was going to shut him down in the first thirty seconds of their meeting.

He literally shattered their hope before they could build some confidence to voice their request!

"Lord Zurvan, can you at least hear them out?" Lady Sphinx sighed as she looked at Noah and Felix's soulless expressions.

They were hit pretty hard with Lord Zurvan's rejection as they had been dreaming about this day for more than a millennium now.

They prepared everything to convince Lord Zurvan even if it meant begging him.


"What's the point? I already know what they are going to say." Lord Zurvan said calmly, "So, I might as well skip ahead and reject them."


"I will do anything you ask. Please bring back my sister, please! I beg you!"

Without an ounce of hesitation, Noah knelt down with his head on the floor and begged him to reconsider his decision. His eyes were reddened like he was trying his best to hold his tears while his voice was cracking mid-sentence.

Dignity? Respect? Noah had no use for such things when the only thing that mattered in his life didn't exist anymore.

"Boy, you are disrespecting your master by kneeling before another." Lord Zurvan advised after seeing Fenrir's frigid expression, "You better stand up if you don't want to get punished."

Noah tightened his fists but still refused to stand up, making it clear that he was willing to go through any punishment as long as he reached his goal.

Lord Zurvan lifted Noah up with his mental energy and disclosed with a bitter smile, "As much as I want to help both of you, it's really not that simple."

"What do you mean?" Felix asked with a faint glimmer of hope...In his eyes, as long as it wasn't impossible, then it was doable!

Alas, he was going to drop this thought faster than Noah dropping to the ground.

"You assume that I can rewind the time on your destroyed planet until the point where everyone was still alive."

"That's the premise."

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Well, I can do that." Before Noah and Felix could feel giddy, Lord Zurvan shook his head, "Unfortunately, everyone revived will be merely empty husks without souls to them."

This news caused Felix's heart to drop to his stomach as he already could guess where Lord Zurvan was going with his explanation.

"The moment someone dies, his soul becomes a clean slate with everything he has experienced in his life has been erased. So, even if I revived your sister, she won't really be your sister as her soul will be completely new." Lord Zurvan shook his head, "If you just want her body, there are much easier methods like cloning or such."

"It can't be..." Noah mumbled with an absentminded look.

Even when he was desperate and borderline crazy about his sister's death, Noah was still sensible enough to understand that his sister's soul was what mattered, not her body.

If it was already erased as Lord Zurvan said, then, there was really nothing to be done...

"You guys want me to do this to tens of billions of dead people? Not a chance." Lord Zurvan said with a stern tone, "Everyone who experienced death in their lives learns to process their grief and move on. I am certain that everyone has already done this in merely a decade while you boys had more than a millennia."

"If you can't move on already, that's on you and no one but you."

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