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Chapter 1080 L Will Show Them.

"This is really too troublesome." Felix knitted his eyebrows, "It will be too easy for a universal war to start if those high ranked unique void creatures controlled the narrative from the shadows."

Felix knew that a decade was a long period if it was utilized to build up enmity between races. We have void succubi, who controlled many high leveled sex slaves.

Djins were capable of enticing the greed of those individuals as well, making them seek things they never had the balls to go for.

Lastly, imitators could easily drive the built-up enmity and make sure that nothing would be settled peacefully.

When things get too chaotic and tensed within the alliance, they could strike with their void army and deal the most damage!

The worst part? Felix knew that warning everyone about the incoming war wouldn't achieve much!

'There is still a lot of time before it starts. If I warned everyone right now, I won't be taken too seriously.' Felix thought to himself.

'The only ones you can influence are those with connection to you.' Asna nodded.

For example, Queen Allura would take Felix's warning seriously so as the Fairy Matriarch.

But the others? They might believe him for a while due to his reputation, but when time passes, and they see nothing happening, they would lower their guards again.


Especially, when the void race could just as easily push away the date of the war when they realize that their plan was compromised.

It wasn't hard to figure it out when they had hundreds of spies planted in the alliance.

"The best move is to act solo and handle this as discreetly as possible." Felix narrowed his eyes coldly, "They might have a decade to start the war, but that's a decade for me as well to completely enslave all of them."

Aegnor felt chills course on his spine after hearing so...He knew that Felix was more than capable of doing that when he had Nimo supporting him!

'Sh*t, I need to stay on his good side at all times.' Aegnor immediately understood why Candace was always with Felix.

"Listen well, I want you to make a list of all exposed identities in the war room as well as every single thing discussed in it." Felix ordered, "Make sure to behave normal to not raise any suspicion."

Before Aegnor could comment, Felix threatened, "Your main consciousness will stay with me, so don't think for a second about betrayal."

"I know that you don't trust me, but you don't need to worry about me betraying you." Aegnor replied with a solemn tone, "As long as my lord with you, I am forever your servant, and you can use me any way you desired."

Felix already figured out that Aegnor would start to kiss up to him because of Nimo...Still, he had to make his stance clear on the matter.

To avoid any future confusion, Felix explained to him Nimo's real identity.

This made Aegnor even more eager to earn his spot next to Candace, knowing that being one of the first subordinate to the paragon of sins would pay off immensely in the future.

Candace was the only one irritated by this development.

However, her anger was soon cleared off after she heard Felix's request, "Candace, will you be responsible over him and any future unique void creature I take under me."

"Does it mean I can order them around?"

"You can do whatever you want with them." Felix shrugged his shoulders, not caring too much about this. Unlike other unique void creatures, he had a long history with Candace, making her earn his trust.

"Hehehe, I will gladly do it." Candace giggled happily after recognizing that her position would always be higher than any other void creature.


A couple of hours later...

Felix could be seen sitting in his room while deep in thought...He was processing the detailed Intel given to him by Aegnor.

"Currently, Arthur and the others are moving in a low-key manner to make sure that they hire only trustworthy unique void creatures." Felix mumured, "It will be difficult to figure out the locations of every one of them."

Felix already grilled Aegnor about their locations, but he had no clue...Felix only knew Arthur's location since he was simply too high profiled to hide like the others.

For example, Meriam had many sex slaves in the Dwarven Empire...But, no one truly knew her location since she could easily stay in the void realm and control her sex slaves from their dreams. Even her sex slaves' identities and numbers weren't known to the war room.

"If I want to go with this plan, I need them to expose their locations...It's doubtful they will do it this early."

Felix was informed that the war room would start preparing to take control over the Gelatinous Cubes and World Eaters after they gather enough numbers.

"That would be the best time to strike as I will have most of them gathered in one place in the real world." Felix reasoned.

Felix was confident that Nimo would be capable of enslaving all of them simultaneously...A god didn't have limitations on his creatures.

"So, what you will do now?" Asna wondered while sipping coke in her bed.

"Nothing." Felix narrowed his eyes, "The game is still in its infancy stage. If I got too agitated and made mistakes, I will end up making the situation even worse."

Felix already made up his mind to act like nothing had happened.

He would continue with his life as normal since he knew that the Darkin faction members and unique void creatures would have their eyes on him.

Fortunately, he had Aegnor, who would keep feeding them whatever narrative Felix gave him.

At the same time, he would be getting updated on the war room progress and further down his plan to strike them all.

As for telling anyone about this? He completely erased that thought from his mind. If he was the only one with such information, he could easily control the narrative.

"What will you do when you enslave the void army?" Candace inquired.

She knew that if Felix managed to pull it off, he would be a true force to be reckoned with.

After all, there was no one to rule the void race ever since the paragon of sins was put into deep slumber.

"What do you think?" Felix smiled coldly, "They wanted a war for entertainment, I will give them a war they will never forget."

Thor, J?rmungandr, and Fenrir all showed faint smiles after realizing Felix's end goal.

"Are you sure about this?" Lady Sphinx asked calmly, knowing that the consequences would be too dire.

"They always attacked me, and now they even targeted my entire race." Felix replied with a tone filled with conviction, "I will show them that the little guy can also strike back."

"I will show them."


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