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Chapter 470 - You Are Sick and Need a Treatment!

Chapter 470 You Are Sick and Need a Treatment!

The Farlo Islands, the most famous overseas island of Denmai, was located between Narway, Scotland, Shetland and Iceland in the North Atlantic Ocean. It was the midway station of the route from the European inland to Iceland, and also the overseas autonomous region of Denmark, and had sufficient autonomy.

The total area of The Farlo Islands was 1,399 square kilometers. The population was about 50,000, excluding a large number of foreign tourists attracted to this place every year.

The Farlo Islands composed of 17 inhabited islands, one uninhabited island and reefs. Its capital was Stelon Island.

One of the strongholds of Dragon Gate was the uninhabited island in the Farlo Islands. It was a small island called Thumb Island. This island was the only uninhabited island in the Farlo Islands, and was also the smallest one. Dragon Gate rented Thumb Island. The rentals were paid in August and March every year. No matter whether the members of Dragon Gate would arrive at Thumb Island or not, the rental would not be refunded. Xiao Bing paid up for five years of rental . It was the third year now.

Now, it was just August. It was natural for Dragon Gate to hold a meeting here. But besides Thumb Island, Dragon Gate had many other strongholds around the world.

To get to Thumb Island, people needed to fly to Copenhasy, the capital of Denmai, which took about fifteen to sixteen hours. Then they needed to transfer from Copenhasy to Stelon Island and then charter a boat to get to Thumb Island.

Xiao Bing and the others were in the economy class. Miyamoto Shinji spoke very little and closed his eyes, as he rested. Xiao Bing and Lil Bei talked for a while. Then they all rested. After all, they had to stay on the plane for more than ten hours, so they needed to catch up on their sleep on the plane.

The car with the people who had kidnapped Liu Kexin had already left City Sanjiang, and stopped in an open suburb in the evening. It belonged to Hei Province, but not City Sanjiang.

After the car stopped, the man wearing a hat in the passenger seat, asked in a fierce tone, “What’s the matter? Why has the plane not arrived yet?”

The man took out his mobile phone and dialed a number. After the phone rang for a while, the call was connected. The man said in a vicious tone, “I am now at the designated place. Where are your people?”

The voice at the other end was shrill and high pitched, like a eunuch’s voice. “Excellency Ape, we had a little trouble here. I’m afraid your Excellency Ape needs to wait for some time. We are sorry to have to inform Excellency Ape that you need to find a place to stay for tonight.”

The man roared. “Tell Blood Wolf that the eight Buddhist generals will not follow his orders so easily. If Blood Wolf is not sincere, I will go back. That’s my warning!”

The person with the strange voice chuckled, a sound which gave one goosebumps. “Don’t be angry, Excellency Ape. Our leader said that we must not neglect Mr. Ape, one of the Buddhist generals… You are an important hand who can help Blood Wolf to control Dragon Gate. There’s something wrong with the plane. We will repair it as soon as possible. You have to make do tonight.”

Excellency Ape snorted and hung up.

He opened the door and got out of the car. The other two people also alighted. Liu Kexin opened her eyes. Seeing that she was tied up, with rags stuffed in her mouth and tape on her mouth, she started to struggle and whine.

When Ape heard this, he opened the door directly. He pulled Liu Kexin out of the car, untied the ropes on Liu Kexin’s body, and took off the tape and rags in her mouth. Liu Kexin retched a little and her tears flowed instantly. Excellency Ape looked at her and said fiercely, “Be obedient. Don’t try to escape, or you will be tied up again.”

Liu Kexin wiped away her tears, looked up at the man, and asked angrily, “Why are you tying me up?”

“I want to do that. There’s no reason…” Excellency Ape sneered and took off his hat at the same time.

Liu Kexin was angry and afraid, as it was so late and she did not know where she was now. Later, her parents would be worried if she did not go home. The first thing she thought about when she was in trouble was not whether she would be in danger, but whether her family would worry about her.

This was Liu Kexin. The first thing she cared about were the people closest to her. That was why Xiao Bing did not want to hurt her. She was a girl who was so pure and kind. Even the most terrible villain would be reluctant to hurt her.

Liu Kexin was angry and was about to speak, when suddenly, Ape took off his hat. Then Liu Kexin was stunned. Her eyes and mouth opened wide. Her eyes showed compassion for him.

Excellency Ape took off his hat. When he saw Liu Kexin’s surprise, he was still very disdainful. But then he noticed that Liu Kexin showed only compassion for him. His anger rose and he said angrily, “Stinky girl, Excellency Ape does not need your compassion. If it was not for the fact that you will be of use to us, I’ll eat you now!”

The two subordinates of Excellency Ape were shivering in fright. They were thinking, “The little girl acted recklessly and blindly. Excellency Ape does not need your compassion. It’s a shame for Excellency Ape. No matter who catches a glimpse of Excellency Ape at any time, they will show fear. Excellency Ape has been used to it for a long time. He gets very excited when he sees that those people are afraid of him. But for a little girl who is weak, to show such compassion for him. It’s a shame for him. No wonder Excellency Ape is angry.”

“It’s okay if you annoy Excellency Ape. If he just eats you, it does not matter. But if you get us involved, it will be very unjust.” These two people were wary of Excellency Ape’s bad temper. This time, they felt unlucky to be sent out to carry out the task, together with Excellency Ape. In fact, when they first came out, there were two other people waiting for orders, beside Excellency Ape, but those two had been killed by Excellency Ape. There was not even a drop of blood left.

Liu Kexin pointed at Excellency Ape and said, “You… Why do you…”

After thinking about it, she suddenly felt that there was no way to talk about it, mainly because she could not say it out loud, for fear of hurting his self-esteem, so she changed to a very sympathetic tone and asked, “Do you want to go to the hospital? I know a good doctor in the Hospital of City Sanjiang.”

She forgot that she was now a hostage.

It turned out that Excellency Ape resembled an uncivilized gorilla. He had a big, square hairy face. Except for his facial features, all the other areas were covered with brown and black hair.

If people observed him carefully, they would find that his arms were also hairy, but not so thick and not so obvious.

After listening to Liu Kexin’s words, Excellency Ape’s eyes changed immediately. Suddenly, he grabbed Liu Kexin and threw her to the ground. Then she sat directly under the shade of the tree. His voice was like a roaring beast. “Listen to me clearly. If you still talk to me randomly, I will eat you directly. If you don’t believe me, you can have a try.”

Although Liu Kexin fell to the ground, she found that Excellency Ape had not given her such a hard shove. She was not hurt. However, when she saw his ferocity, she stopped talking and sat down quietly, in the shade of another tree, beside Excellency Ape.

Excellency Ape looked at his two subordinates and said impatiently, “Why are you still here? Hurry and get the food from the car. It’s already evening. Do you want me to starve?”

The two men hurriedly went to do his bidding. They opened the boot of the car and searched for food and water. They took them and put them in front of Excellency Ape.

Excellency Ape first took up a piece of bread, a sausage, and a bag of milk and looked at Liu Kexin. After making a sound as if to remind her, he threw these food into Liu Kexin’s arms. Then he took out the same food for himself, pointed to the rest of the food and said, “You can share the rest.”

The food was originally divided into three portions. Liu Kexin and Excellency Ape had one each, and the two people had only one portion. They looked at each other, but they did not dare to protest, so they had to pick up the last portion and eat in silence.

Liu Kexin hesitated for a moment, then suddenly took out her bread and said, “Here, you can have this bread. I’m not very hungry. I’ll drink some milk.”

Excellency Ape glared at her and said loudly, “Since I gave you food, you must eat, or I will eat you.”

Liu Kexin trembled, snorted, and murmured that he was so cruel. Then she obediently ate the food. Since neither of them dared to take it, she naturally did not want to waste it.

While Liu Kexin was eating her bread, she peeked discreetly at these three people. The two persons who kidnapped her looked very normal. Obviously, only this guy called Excellency Ape was a little strange. His name was Ape, and his appearance was really like that of an ape.

Liu Kexin ate and asked, “Why did you kidnap me? Are you hoping to get a ransom for me? Then you are mistaken. My family is just an ordinary family. My parents are ordinary office workers. They do not have much money, because they paid a lot for my studies.”

Excellency Ape was silent.

When Liu Kexin saw that they were silent, she summoned up the courage to ask, “Where are we now? Are we still in City Sanjiang? How about letting me go? You are so pitiful. I will treat you to a delicious meal and ask for an advance of my salary this month, so I can give it to you. Do you agree?”

Everyone was still silent.

Liu Kexin continued to ask, “Please say something. You can earn money by working at any job now. Why do you have to kidnap people to make money? I promise not to tell the police. Well… What’s your name? I don’t remember. I’ll take you to the hospital to have a health check. You may have some hormone problems in your body. Maybe it can be healed. After that, how about finding a job so you will have money?”

Excellency Ape raised his head to look at Liu Kexin. He intended to be angry, but when he saw that Liu Kexin was looking at him sincerely, his anger immediately dissipated a lot. He snorted and said impatiently, “You have so much superfluous words!”

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