Super Soldier

Chapter 428 - Free Su Xiaoxiao, Okay?

Chapter 428 Free Su Xiaoxiao, Okay?

Everyone was having dinner in the dining room when they suddenly saw Xiao Bing coming in with a little girl in his arms, Little Huarui. They put down their chopsticks.

In fact, everyone here could see that Xiao Bing doted on his sister whom he adopted. Perhaps in this world, besides Yezi, Liu Xiaorui was the most important person to Xiao Bing.

Although the two had different surnames, they were very close, just like siblings.

At this time, seeing Xiao Bing coming in with Liu Xiaorui in his arms, they were not surprised. Yezi pretended to be jealous and said with a smile, “Brother Bing has never carried me.”

Xiao Bing laughed and said, “I’ll carry you in a moment, does that sound good?”

Yezi was not afraid of his threat at all. She smiled provocatively and said, “Okay, come on.”

Liu Xiaorui was still young, but the minds of children today are more mature than the previous generation of children. After all, in this era, love was everywhere, when the TV was turned on. And the very first time Liu Xiaorui and Xiao Bing met, Liu Xiaorui had a debate with Xiao Bing. She wanted to prove that a woman could stand up to half of the sky and in that she was very eloquent. So although she was young, she knew a lot.

At this time, when she heard that they were all laughing kindly at her, Liu Xiaorui kicked her legs and said with some embarrassment, “Brother, put me down quickly. They are all laughing at Little Huarui.”

Xiao Bing laughed and said, “No, they are all jealous of you. They are jealous that someone is holding you and no one is holding them. Little Huarui is so cute, who will laugh at you?”

Liu Xiaorui asked innocently, “Really?”

“Of course it’s true.”

When she heard what Xiao Bing said, Liu Xiaorui stuck out her tongue cheekily. Then Xiao Bing put her down on the chair.

Liu Xiaorui sat between Yezi and Xiao Bing. She looked at them and asked, “Am I the third wheel between brother and sister-in-law?”

Xiao Bing laughed, and so did the others. Yezi gently pinched Liu Xiaorui’s little face and said with a smile, “Little girl, you’re really a small problem. Don’t worry. Your sister-in-law is willing to sit next to you, as she doesn’t like to be with your sweaty brother.”

Liu Xiaorui shook her head and said, “My brother just said that he has a masculine smell.”

Everyone laughed again. Maggie looked at Xiao Bing and said, “Brother Bing, it’s not good for you to lie to your little sister.”

“Who said I’m lying?” Xiao Bing said seriously, “I’m telling the truth. Your Brother Bing is indeed a man.”

“Oh, you’re a stinky man.”

Everyone burst out laughing again. Liu Xiaorui’s eyes widened and she pouted, “Don’t talk about my brother like that.”

Everyone was stunned.

Xiao Bing touched Liu Xiaorui’s head and said gently, “Little Huarui, your sister Maggie is joking with me.”

“Oh.” the anger in Liu Xiaorui’s eyes eased, and her eyes became much softer. She was a little embarrassed and said, “Sister Maggie, I’m sorry.”

Maggie said indifferently, “It doesn’t matter. How could I argue with such a little girl like you?”

Liu Xiaorui said, “In fact, I’m not young.”

“Oh?” Maggie asked, “Then tell me, how old are you?”

“My mom always said that I’m a child who is up to great mischief.”

After hearing that, everyone laughed again. Maggie was a little unhappy before, but her mood was immediately dispelled by Little Huarui’s innocence.

At this time, everyone noticed that Liu Xiaorui’s eyes were red and she lowered her head and did not speak. Everyone was silent. They knew that Liu Xiaorui must have thought of her dead mother again. After all, Liu Xiaorui was still a little girl, who was less than seven years old. It was not so easy to heal. Whenever she recalled her past, blood would flow out of the painful cracks. She could only lick the blood again and swallow it silently, waiting for the moment when the wound would not bleed again. From then on, she would be a strong and independent big girl.

Everyone looked at each other. Yezi picked up some food for Liu Xiaorui and said with a smile, “Let’s have dinner together. Little Huarui, your brother is always thinking about you. Since he is now back, he will spend more time with you. Although he is a bad guy, every time he calls me, he is always asking about you.”

Maggie deliberately pouted and said, “Brother Bing did not even think about me. As expected, she is different. He treats us differently!”

Liu Xiaorui had a warm feeling in her heart. She raised her head slightly and looked at Xiao Bing. Xiao Bing smiled and said, “Xiao Huarui is my real sister.”

Liu Xiaorui asked, “Brother, will you accompany me and my sister-in-law to the amusement park tomorrow?”

Yezi said, “Tomorrow, my company has a contract to sign… Well, but it’s okay now. I can be a day late. Brother Bing, can you go with us? Little Huarui has been waiting for you.”

“Okay, of course. I don’t have anything to do tomorrow, so I’ll go with you two.”

Maggie pouted and was about to say that she also wanted to go, when Su Xiaoxiao quietly gave her a hint. Maggie was also a smart and sensible girl. She immediately realized that it was really not suitable for her to be involved at this time, so she closed her mouth.

Liu Xiaorui was still a little girl. Very soon, everyone made her temporarily forget about the past. They were eating and chatting. Someone asked Xiao Bing what he did this time. Xiao Bing briefly talked about his mission. Speaking about the results of Su Xiaoxiao this time, Su Xiaoxiao was very happy to say that her scores of each subject had improved. Maggie proudly said that it was to her credit. Everyone laughed and the meal soon ended in a cheerful atmosphere.

After dinner, Maggie took Liu Xiaorui out to play. Maggie was thirteen years old, seven years older than Liu Xiaorui. Normally, they would not play together. Maggie’s maturity allowed her to play with Su Xiaoxiao, a college student. However, it could be seen that Maggie was sometimes straightforward and did not think about other people’s feelings. For example, she had been trying to make Xiao Bing and Su Xiaoxiao a couple, so she did not give too much thought to Yezi. However, girls have thoughtful minds.

Xiao Bing and Yezi walked out of Xiao’s house, hand in hand. Su Xiaoxiao was in the living room. Seeing the backs of Xiao Bing and Yezi walking hand in hand, her eyes showed a little envy and a little gloom. Li Chunlan put away all the bowls and chopsticks and came out of the kitchen. She sighed in her heart.

“Playboy, how many women have you seduced?” The two of them walked on the path. There were trees on both sides of the road. The wind at night was neither too strong nor too gentle. It blew softly, bringing with it a bit of rare coolness in summer. The leaves were falling constantly, and they looked very beautiful under the moonlight. Yezi lowered her head and said with emotion.

Xiao Bing was shocked. He thought that the relationship between Red Rose and himself had been discovered by Yezi. In the face of the complaint from his most beloved woman, he nervously asked, “Yezi, what are you talking about?”

“Why are you pretending to be confused? Don’t you know that Su Xiaoxiao likes you very much?”

Xiao Bing breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out to be Su Xiaoxiao. It had been a long time, but it was still a little awkward to have it brought up by his actual girlfriend.

Yezi looked at Xiao Bing and said, “Don’t you know that while you were away, Su Xiaoxiao had always been in low spirits. She often pretended to ask me about you in a discreet manner. That shows she was worried about you, right?”

Xiao Bing sighed. He really had a lot of love debts. The biggest problem in his life was that he had too many women. But was he responsible for this? Maybe it could not be said that he did not have any, but it was a long story.

Xiao Bing said seriously, “Yezi, I love you the most.”

“You don’t have to swear to me, I know…” Yezi faced Xiao Bing and gently touched his chest. Her soft hands were rising and falling with his chest, and she could clearly feel the heartbeat inside. “Your heartbeat has told me everything. You bad guy, from the first time we met, I knew what’s in your heart. Otherwise, would I be with you? I don’t have any complaints about you. Even if you really have other women outside, as long as you don’t bring them home or disturb us when you are with me, I have no complaints. When I lost my family, you were there for me…”

“Silly girl.” Xiao Bing bowed his head and gently kissed her pink lips. “I don’t want you to be grateful to me, and I don’t even want any of that. Because I don’t deserve it. What you gave me is thousands of times more than what I gave you. When I met you, I am the happiest person in the world. Is there anything that can be more important than this?”

“Well, okay.” Yezi’s tone became more gentle. “I am not blaming you. It’s really… I just feel a little sorry for Xiaoxiao, alas.”

Xiao Bing asked curiously, “There is a woman who wants to have sex with your man, and you feel sorry for her?”

“This is not what she wants. Any woman wants to fall in love with a single man who also loves her. Which woman in this world wants to fall in love with a man who has a girlfriend? What’s more, Su Xiaoxiao kept that feeling in her heart all the time, because of me. I treat her as a good friend and she did not let me down. You are so bad and I really don’t want Xiaoxiao to go on like this all the time. Sometimes, it’s the greatest torture for a person. Can you find a way to solve this issue? Let’s have a good talk with her.”

“I don’t want to eliminate a hidden danger, but I want to see her live happily as soon as possible.”

“Also, if you like her too, you must let me know directly, Brother Bing!” Yezi looked into Xiao Bing’s eyes and said this seriously.

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