Super Soldier

Chapter 383 - I'm Willing to Take You Leave.

Chapter 383 I’m Willing to Take You Leave.

Next, Red Rose brought out a bottle of brewed wine and cups from the room. Xiao Bing poured the wine into two cups, and looked at the dishes on the table. He could not help, but give a bitter smile.

Red Rose and he sat face to face. Looking at Xiao Bing’s face, she could not help asking, “What’s wrong? Don’t you like it?”

“Yes, I like it”. Pointing to the plates, Xiao Bing said, “Braised meat, cold dishes, fried meat with garlic, and two glasses of white wine. I can’t believe you have such good food here.”

Red Rose said with a smile, “Are you thinking that we, as goblins, only eat raw meat and drink human blood, just like those in your fairy tales?”

Xiao Bing laughed and said, “It seems that you have read a lot of mythology novels about my country.”

Red Rose stood up with a smile. She went to a nearby cabinet. There were several big drawers at the bottom. After pulling them open, he saw that they were filled with books. Then she took out two of them casually. Xiao Bing looked at them and said with a smile, “It’s true that you have read a lot. The Legend of Deification and Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio.”

“Well, your imagination is really fantastic.”

Red Rose put the books down, and sat opposite Xiao Bing again.

Xiao Bing asked curiously, “Why haven’t you asked my name all this time?”

“Is that important? It’s just a code. For example, my name is Red Rose. It’s because I saw a painting of a rose in the book. It’s so beautiful. I feel that I’ve never seen such beautiful and moving things. Later, I entrusted our King Mamba to bring some seeds for me from outside. He brought seeds and flowers for me. But seeds are not suitable for planting in our homeland. The flowers he brought back have withered. Originally, I was called Snake Beauty. Later, because I was longing particularly for roses, I was called Red Rose.”

Xiao Bing said in surprise, “Were you really called Snake Beauty?”

Snake Beauty was a name Xiao Bing called Red Rose, in his heart.

Red Rose looked at Xiao Bing and asked with a smile, “But your name is still meaningful, because you are my man. Tell me, what’s your name?”

Xiao Bing said with a wry smile, “It should be said that you are my woman, not I am your man. Women who have same type of character like you, are known as domineering ladies, outside.”

Red Rose chuckled. “Tell me more.”

“My name is Xiao Jun.” Xiao Bing decisively changed his name. His surname was a homonym, and his personal name was synonymous with his original one. Xiao Bing was mainly worried that when Feng XIII heard his name, he would know his identity. There was a traitor in Buddhism. Maybe Buddhism knew more about him. Now, he did not know whether his name was a secret or not.

“Xiao Jun? Wow, that sounds good.” Red Rose looked at Xiao Bing and asked, “Xiao Jun, do your fellow countrymen hate the people from Country R all the time? Because we invaded you in history.”

Xiao Bing sighed and said, “The past is the past, but people in your country still owe us a sincere apology. Rose, can I call you that?”

Red Rose smiled shyly and said, “Of course.”

Xiao Bing took up the glass and said, “A toast to you.”


Two people drank a toast.

After taking a sip, Xiao Bing put down his glass and exclaimed. “This is the best red wine. Even in the outside world of humans, it’s a well-known wine.”

Red Rose said with a smile, “It seems that King Mamba really did not deceive me. As expected, he brought back good stuff for me.”

Xiao Bing said with a smile, “Can King Mamba leave this island at will?”

“Yes.” Red Rose no longer treated Xiao Bing as an outsider at this time. Although some core secrets still needed to be kept, there were some things that could be told to him. There was no need to hide these things. Seeing that Xiao Bing was genuinely curious, she explained to him. “There are 480 people in our homeland. The leader is the strongest one in the home, and there are five Patriarchs, who are ranked according to their abilities.”

Xiao Bing asked, “What’s your rank?”

“I am Second Patriarch,” said Red Rose.

“Oh.” Xiao Bing asked, “Is the King Mamba, the one you mentioned before, your current leader?”

“Yes, our King Mamba is a descendant with the purest lineage of Orochi. Even the five Great Patriarchs can’t leave our homeland during normal times, and at most, we can only go to the seaside, but we can’t leave this sea area. King Mamba can leave the sea. Besides, he can also choose ten of his family members called predators, to help him.”

Xiao Bing had already guessed that their King Mamba should be Feng XIII.

Xiao Bing asked again, “Then your King Mamba is the strongest in the whole home?”

“No.” Red Rose’s eyes even showed a bit of awe. She said, “Our First Patriarch is the strongest in the whole homeland, but after King Mamba came back this time, his strength seems to have made a breakthrough again. Now, I can’t tell who is stronger. But in any case, our descendants of Orochi are all united as never before, not like those outside who engage in daily intrigue, so we are all loyal to our King Mamba.”

Xiao Bing thought over the abilities of both sides. In view of his observation through the window, it seemed that everyone here was not weak, and the lowest had reached Clear-strength Stage. It seemed that the descendants of Orochi were all born with advantages over ordinary people in ability, and there were five Great Patriarchs. Red Rose had reached the middle period of Vigorous-strength Stage first, and the person with the rectangular face should be at the early period of Vigorous-strength Stage. According to Xiao Bing’s judgment, the strength of First Patriarch was likely at the realm of Breaking The Void. Because when First Patriarch was mentioned, Red Rose’s eyes were full of awe. If he just reached the peak of Vigorous-strength Stage, Red Rose would be scared, but not so awed.

Two masters at Breaking The Void, plus a few masters of Vigorous-strength Stage, and the other four hundred masters who were far inferior to him, but they could be regarded as rare masters outside. If they invaded the outside world, even if they were in Dark World, they were absolutely top masters and may even be stronger than Buddhism or Dragon Gate, now.

However, this was not too unexpected for Xiao Bing. Orochi was the most famous and powerful monster in the myth history of Country R. Xiao Bing never believed in myths. But if this myth really appeared in front of him and their descendants were all in front of him, then Xiao Bing would believe that none of the descendants of this monster would be weak.

They captured people with God’s blood, those who were strong in martial arts, held a ceremony and taking supplements… In Xiao Bing’s mind, a crazy idea suddenly emerged. Could these people’s purpose be…

It was ridiculous and impossible. Xiao Bing hurriedly excluded that idea from his mind. It was ridiculous and funny how he thought of that.

Red Rose raised her glass and said with a smile, “Cheers.”

“Cheers.” Xiao Bing also raised his glass and drank a toast with Red Rose. Suddenly, he could not help saying, “In fact, people like you still have enviable things now. You have few people in your homeland. You are not involved in too many open and private fights, rights and desires. The outside world looks good, but is also a very dark place.”

Red Rose sighed, her eyes gloomy, and said, “But I’m longing for it. Come on, talk about what you have in the outside world, and tell me your story…”

“I am an orphan. I was abandoned by my parents since I was a child. I grew up in the orphanage…”

Looking at the desire in Red Rose’s eyes, Xiao Bing suddenly sympathized with this woman. This Snake Beauty, as she said, yearned for it very much, because she had never had it, although there were more fights and dark sides in the outside world. From the moment she was born, she could only stay here and face those whom she was tired of seeing. And there was no hope for the future, only to stay here forever.

The two talked a lot. Xiao Bing tried his best to tell Red Rose about some interesting things in the outside world, and his previous difficult tasks. Apart from the thrills and fun, there were also blood and tears, which moved Red Rose.

Listening to him, Red Rose’s eyes glistened with tears. When Xiao Bing looked at her carefully, they were gone.

“I suddenly thought of my girlfriend,” said Xiao Bing.

“Oh?” Red Rose’s eyes sparkled brightly. She said in a flirty manner, “From now on, I am your only girlfriend. Anyway, you will never go back.”

Xiao Bing smiled disapprovingly, instead of arguing with Red Rose, and said sincerely, “When I saw you, I suddenly thought of my girlfriend.”

“Because I look like her?”

“No, because she and you are all eager to be free. I remember that when I first met her, she was a rebellious little girl, who yearned for freedom. She did not like the constraints brought on by her family, and yearned for the world outside the cage.”

“The cage…” At last, Red Rose could not hide her real feelings. She looked out of the window. There was a look of nostalgia and hate in her eyes, for this place. At the same time, she yearned for the outside world. Her sexy lips opened a little. She sighed and said, “This is also a cage…”

Xiao Bing suddenly asked, “I’d like to take you out of this cage. As long as you tell me the way to open the cage. would you like to do that?”

In a flash, a strong wind blew directly on Xiao Bing’s face. The sexy, soft and seductive smooth hand turned into a lethal hand. She grabbed Xiao Bing’s throat. Red Rose turned to look at Xiao Bing and said coldly, “Don’t ever say that again. I can’t betray my homeland. I’m a member of God…”

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