Super Soldier

Chapter 269 - I Survived

Chapter 269: I Survived

The two men were very strong. If they had tried their best, Luo Hao would be very dead with just two kicks. So they handled it appropriately so that Luo Hao would, on one hand, feel frightened and painful, while on the other hand, stay alive. Even so, they had succeeded to kick Luo Hao to be half-dead, with blood spewing from his mouth. Luo Hao finally gave in. Struggling, he said weakly, “I won’t curse at you anymore, I won’t…”

Brother Wan, a man who was wearing leather clothes, waved his hand and said, “All right, leave him as long as he keeps silent.”

The two men stopped to look at Brother Wan, and said, “Brother Wan, when will those men come here to take their goods? Besides, do you know what the hell they these two guys need to do?”

Brother Wan said with a serious face, “We just need to exchange these two guys for money, as to what our employer wants them to do, it’s none of our business. People who do the things we do shouldn’t pry into their employers’ secrets.”

The two men said quickly, “Got it”

Luo Xiaomi had cried terribly. Seeing these people finally stop kicking, she looked at her younger brother worriedly and asked, “Luo Hao, how are you feeling! Are you okay?”

Luo Hao grinned bitterly. “I am gonna die.”

“Don’t scare me.” Luo Xiaomi began to shed tears once again. Then she looked at those men and asked, “What the hell do you want? Money, or something else? You just need to call my father. My family is so rich. They will definitely give you lots of money. I’m just begging you to let us go.”

Brother Wan glanced at Luo Xiaomi and said, “You are truly pretty. To tell you the truth, it is not us who want you, but our employer. So you can save these words for him in a while.”

Actually, while the two men were kicking Luo Hao just now, Xiao Bing had gotten the chance to move close to them on the sly, kill them in no time, then save the boy and the girl. But he had heard that these men did this for the employer. So he planned to wait and see who the hell the employer was. Besides, Xiao Bing had put up with Luo Hao for a long time. Knowing these men wouldn’t really kill him, and meanwhile letting them give make Luo Hao, who had been pampered and spoiled since childhood, suffer a bit, Xiao Bing didn’t appear to save them.

At this moment, Xiao Bing took a look at the time on his phone. It was half past 11 a.m. If the employer didn’t show up within an hour, he would take action. After all, he had to hurry home after this, then he would go back to Jiang City in the evening to date his beauty after such a separation…

Xiao Bing hid himself in the shade of a tree without moving a muscle. Previously, he had performed many terrible missions that required him to risk his life, such as disguising himself beside big arms dealers, or carrying out decapitation strikes on terrorist organizations. Such a petty thing as kidnapping wouldn’t make him nervous. But this time, the kidnapping greatly mattered. On one hand, the boy and girl who were kidnapped were from the Luo family, and once something happened to them, there was the fear that the whole Hei Province and even the whole country would be shocked.

On the other hand, these men were just employed by others. Judging by their strength, they were not ordinary kidnappers. As there were masters of the Concealing Strength Stage hiding among these men. More than that, they had four masters of Ming Jin. People who could afford to employ such masters must have paid a high price.

Xiao Bing watched the scene with amusement. Unexpectedly, Luo Hao was so tough. Though his character was unlikable, he was one with integrity. Luo Xiaomi was just a girl, after all. She was like a frightened bunny without any arrogance anymore. Especially when she saw her brother was kicked to spit up blood, she couldn’t stop crying.

Maybe after the accident they could learn something from this impressive lesson, in case they were so arrogant in their daily life that they would get into trouble one day.

After a while, some rustlings came from the forests. Then two people moved closer to the front of Brother Wan and his men.

One of the two men was over 40 years old. Although still in the prime of his life, his hair had been grizzled. Another one beside him was a sophisticated black bodyguard, who was at the Concealing Strength Stage, which was inferior to Brother Wan, but superior to the other four men.

Originally, Brother Wan was sitting on a big stone. Seeing the two men appear, he jumped off the stone immediately. With his hands in his pockets, he gave Luo Hao a kick, and said to the middle-aged man, “Mr. Yue, the men you want have been taken here by us, so why not pay us the other half of the commission?”

Mr. Yue, the middle-aged man, threw a look at the miserable Luo Hao, and said with a somewhat unhappy face, “How could you kick him so serious? Both of them are quite important. If any one of them was killed, you’d only get half of the commission.”

Brother Wan chuckled and said, “Don’t worry about it. My men know how far to go and when to stop. This guy just said something that offended us, so my men taught him a lesson. Mr. Yue, where is the money?”

Mr. Yue thought that he couldn’t afford to offend these men for now, and even if Luo Hao had died along the way, maybe that girl would be worth enough. So he winked at the black bodyguard beside him. The bodyguard passed a leather case to him. Then he began to input the code. Brother Wan saw what he was doing, smiled and said, “As expected, Mr. Yue is prudent. Most probably a mini-bomb is installed in the case. Once someone inputs the wrong code, it will explode, am I right?”

Mr. Yue said simply, “Brother Wan is really well-informed.”

All these people focused their attention on the leather case so that no one noticed that a man was getting close to them quickly.

Under the cover of their attention diversion, Xiao Bing sneaked up behind these men quickly. Luo Xiaomi and Luo Hao could certainly see Xiao Bing because of their good viewing angle. Obviously, both of them were in a daze at that moment. They stared at this guy and didn’t believe what they were seeing.

Luo Xiaomi felt so anxious. “How could he be here? What did he come here to do? Was it true that this playboy tried to save me? But he looks just like an ordinary playboy, a big lecher. How could he fight against these men? Maybe any one of them could beat him down easily.”

Luo Xiaomi blinked her eyes strongly in the hope that Xiao Bing could hide somewhere and call the police. She was sure that the police were more reliable than this playboy.

But Xiao Bing didn’t answer her at all. Instead, he patted Brother Wan slightly on his shoulder. Brother Wan was shocked and turned around immediately, and then he was knocked out with just one punch.

The other men just realized what had happened. Xiao Bing, like a wolf among the sheep, had knocked down four of Brother Wan’s men in succession. All of this happened almost at once, which shocked the boy and girl, as well as Mr. Yue.

Now the men who were still standing were Xiao Bing, Mr. Yue, and the black bodyguard. All of the others were down on the ground.

Xiao Bing looked at his fists, thinking that it was really different upon arriving at the medium-period of Dan Jin, and these masters were so weak to him now.

Mr. Yue was astonished. He stepped back and said in a trembling voice, “Who… who are you?”

“Well, I am nobody but a handsome guy who helps others. People often call me Fish in the Wave.”

Having seen Mr. Yue moving his hand into his pocket stealthily, Xiao Bing pretended not to notice it. He was still saying some funny words.

Suddenly, Mr. Yue moved his hand out of his pocket, with a gun aimed at Xiao Bing. He shouted, “Go to hell!”

With a “bang” sound, the gun fired. Mr. Yue’s face looked ferocious. He said quietly, “You, pretentious bastard, are doomed to die.”

The boy and girl were too frightened to watch the scene. Just now they were surprised that Xiao Bing could knock down those people so easily, while very soon they would see Xiao Bing’s death. They felt so terrible, like falling to hell from heaven.

The gun fired indeed, but Xiao Bing still stood there unharmed. At that point, all of the people were stupefied.

Xiao Bing himself seemed to be stupefied as well. He looked at Mr. Yue blankly and said, “I didn’t even move a muscle, how could you miss? You are so weak. Maybe you could have another try.”

“Bang, bang, bang!” Mr. Yue thought he really missed, so he aimed at Xiao Bing once more and got off a few shots soon after. But when he finally ran out of almost all the bullets, Xiao Bing still stood right there looking at him grinning, and he didn’t forget to tease him. “Missed again. Now come closer, you can try it closer.”

Mr. Yue swallowed and moved several steps closer until he was only two steps away from Xiao Bing. It was so close that even a little child could easily shoot the target with such a good gun.

He aimed at Xiao Bing with gritted teeth and fired twice once again. There was no way that he should still be alive.

However, Xiao Bing stood where he was without any holes in his body. More importantly, he was still grinning. Mr. Yue looked at him like a ghost, and others couldn’t believe what they had seen either. Mr. Yue was shocked and said, “Could you perform conjuring tricks?”

“Probably not.”

“But how could you…”

Xiao Bing grinned and said, “Because I dodged them successfully.”

“F*ck me…” Luo Hao was so excited about Xiao Bing’s performance, as he had never seen such an amazing person before. How could he escape the bullets without moving a muscle? Luo Hao thought of those masters guarding his grandfather. Maybe it was true that Luo Hao had the same talents as them. He would absolutely need to ask him to teach him kung fu.

Luo Xiaomi was also staring at Xiao Bing. She couldn’t believe that this ordinary playboy, the big lecher, would come to save her like an angel one day. Looking at his grand figure, suddenly Luo Xiaomi thought that Xiao Bing was not lascivious but unruly, like a real man. One has to admit that once a girl has a crush on a man, then his shortcomings would be changed to virtues in her eyes. This time Luo Xiaomi had totally changed her impressions of Xiao Bing.

Thinking that Xiao Bing would not be killed, Mr. Yue came up with an idea, which was relieving the besieged by besieging the base of the besiegers, from Master Sun’s Art of War. Immediately, he turned the target to Luo Xiaomi, and said with a grim smile, “I will see whether or not she can escape my bullets.”

“Oh, you have done what you should do, now it’s my turn.”

All he saw was a flash before his eyes, then Mr. Yue found that his gun was gone, and Xiao Bing was aiming at him with it in his hand. He was half dead with fright and couldn’t help crying, “Blacky, help me!”

The black man promptly packed a punch at Xiao Bing. But Xiao Bing just kicked him casually, and the black man at the Concealing Strength Stage was knocked back with a momentum that was faster than the punch he had just packed before. Then he died bloodily on the ground far away, as his internal organs were all torn up.

With a couple of “bang, bang” sounds, Xiao Bing shot at Mr. Yue’s two knees.

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