Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess

Chapter 540 - Chapter 540: The Strong Are Respected!

Chapter 540: The Strong Are Respected!

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In an instant…

The entire event location fell silent.

Su Qingmei, Xu Ying, Bujie, and Prajna were dumbfounded.

They had been worried that Yang Luo would really be killed by the Dark Baron and the other two.

But now that they saw it, they realized that they were thinking too much.

Yang Luo’s strength had already exceeded their imagination.

Bujie curled his lips and said, “Looks like the so-called Divine Kings of the Holy Imperial Court is only so-so.”

Prajna heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Brother Bujie, it’s not that these three

Divine Kings are too weak, but Brother Yang is too strong.”


Xu Ying nodded.

He could also feel that Yang Luo had indeed gotten serious just now.

As for whether he had used his full strength, it was unknown.

Yang Luo glanced at the three of them and asked in a shocked voice, “Are you convinced now?”

The Dark Baron said with lingering fears, “Mr. Yang, your strength has indeed exceeded our imagination. We’re convinced.”

After knowing Yang Luo’s true strength, he was convinced by Yang Luo, so he used honorifics.

“Then am 1 qualified to be the next Divine Emperor?”

Yang Luo asked again.

The Purgatory Death God sighed and said, “Mr. Yang, your strength is indeed above the three of us and can crush us.

However, the three of us are ranked the last among the Ten Great Divine Kings.

“The seven Divine Kings in front are all much stronger than us.

If they don’t acknowledge you, you won’t be able to sit on the Divine Emperor position.”

Death Witch also nodded and said, “That’s right, Mr. Yang. Only when more than half of the Divine Kings acknowledge you, you can only sit on the throne of the next Divine Emperor.”


Yang Luo nodded and said, “Looks like everything depends on strength.”

The Dark Baron said, “Divine Doctor Yang, this is the Dark World. The strong prey on the weak. The strong are respected.

If one wishes to obtain the respect of others, they have to have absolute strength.

Back then, the old Divine Emperor established the Holy Imperial Court under the pressure of the various organizations. He relied on his strength!

Otherwise, the Holy Imperial Court would not have been established at all, and the other organizations would not have submitted.”

Yang Luo looked at the three of them and said, “I know that you still don’t trust me that much!

However, in the near future, 1 will prove it to you!

1 will prove to you that my master’s eyesight is not wrong!

1 am definitely qualified to be the next Divine Emperor. I can also lead the Holy Imperial Court to the top of the world again!”

Death Witch said, “1 look forward to that day.”

“Don’t worry, this day won’t be too far away.”

Yang Luo replied and continued, “Also, tell the other seven Divine Kings when you return.

If any of them are dissatisfied with me, let them come to me.”

“Mr. Yang, we will tell the other seven Divine Kings what happened tonight truthfully.”

The Dark Baron said and prepared to leave with the Purgatory Death God and the Death Witch.


Yang Luo stopped the three of them.

“Mr. Yang, is there anything else?”

The Dark Baron asked.

Yang Luo said, “Let me treat you. If you don’t treat your injuries as soon as possible, it’s impossible for you to recover completely without half a year.”

The Dark Baron said, “Thank you, Mr. Yang.”

They had investigated Yang Luo before and naturally knew that his medical skills were very good.

Yang Luo nodded and treated the Dark Baron and the other two.

Half an hour later.

Yang Luo retracted the silver needle and said, “Your injuries are almost healed. You’ll completely recover in a few days.”

The Dark Baron smiled and said, “Mr. Yang, thank you so much. I feel much better now.”

“Thank you, Mr. Yang!”

The Purgatory Death God also thanked him.

The Death Witch also smiled and said, “Mr. Yang, it seems that your medical skills are already comparable to the old Divine Emperor.

1 hope that your strength can catch up to the old Divine Emperor in the future.” “It definitely will!”

Yang Luo nodded heavily.

“Mr. Yang, it’s getting late. We won’t disturb you anymore. See you next time!”

After bidding farewell, the Dark Baron left with the Purgatory Death God and the Death Witch.

Only when the Dark Baron and the other two completely disappeared from sight did the rest come to their senses.

Prajna heaved a sigh of relief and patted her chest, “Brother Yang, you really scared me to death.

1 thought you wouldn’t be able to defeat these three Divine Kings.”

Yang Luo laughed and said, “I said that they’re not my match. Why didn’t you believe me?”

Prajna stuck out her tongue and said, “How would 1 know that you’re so strong?”

Xu Ying said, “Brother Yang, although you defeated the three divine kings and obtained their recognition…

There were still seven Divine Kings who did not acknowledge you.

Moreover, the Dark Baron and the others said that the other seven Divine Kings were stronger than them.

“If the seven Divine Kings ranked in front attack you, it will probably be very dangerous.”

Yang Luo looked at the night sky in the distance and said, “We’ll deal with whatever comes our way.

All we can do is to increase our cultivation and strength as soon as possible.

As for what challenges we will encounter in the future, we can only take it one step at a time.”

Bujie said in a firm voice, “Brother Yang is right. We have to increase our cultivation and strength as soon as possible!”


Xu Ying and Prajna nodded heavily.

Even Su Qingmei nodded.

She had to speed up her cultivation.

Prajna suddenly thought of something and asked, “Brother Yang, are you really prepared to become the next Divine Emperor and take over the Holy Imperial Court?”

“Of course!”

Yang Luo nodded and said, “The Holy Imperial Court was created by my master. Since my master handed it to me, 1 naturally have to carry this burden!”

Bujie smacked his lips and said, “Brother Yang, if you can really take over the Holy Imperial Court, then you will really be awesome!”

Prajna smiled and said, “Brother Yang, you have to protect me when the time comes!”

Yang Luo nodded and said, “Perhaps I’m still a little far from this goal now, but 1’11 definitely work hard to achieve this goal!

I’m definitely going to be the next Divine Emperor!

“I also have to control the Holy Imperial Court!”

It was around midnight.

Country Hua, Jinxi Province.

In the depths of Mount Heng, there was a place isolated from the world.

Here, the mountains rose and fell, and the forest was dense. The clouds were thin, and it was magnificent.

On these mountains were ancient halls and pavilions.

This was the location of one of the top ancient martial arts sects in China, the Myriad Swords Gate.

It was late at night.

There were many disciples in green robes patrolling everywhere.

At this moment…

In the Heavenly Imperial Hall of the Myriad Swords Sect, the lights were brightly lit.

“Everyone, we’ve already investigated clearly. The person who killed Yingying, Zixiang, and Chengying is a kid called Yang Luo!”

A furious roar sounded from the hall.

There were many people sitting in the hall.

Sitting at the head of the table was a middle-aged man in a navy blue robe. He had a dignified appearance and was the current sect master of the Myriad Swords Sect, Lu Jianfeng.

Sitting on his left and right were the Deputy Sect Master of the Myriad Swords Gate, Qiu Guanjie, a few elders, and more than ten Protectors.

Some time ago, ever since Lu Yingying, Qiu Zixiang, and Jiang Chengying left the mountain, they had not returned.

The Myriad Swords Gate sent people to search, but who knew that they only managed to discover that Lu Yingying and the other two were actually killed!

Therefore, they sent people to investigate again and finally found the murderer!

It was a kid called Yang Luo from Jiang City!

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