Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess

Chapter 45 - Chapter 45: All Defeated!

Chapter 45: All Defeated!

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“Mr. Yang is indeed straightforward. In that case, I’ll be direct as well!”

Jiang Tianlong nodded and said in a trembling voice, “Mr. Yang, I admire your courage and skills, so I want to invite you to join our Eastern Alliance!

As long as you’re willing, not only can the grudge between you and our Eastern Alliance be written off!

Moreover, I’m also willing to let you be the sixth Heavenly King of our Eastern Alliance!”

As soon as these words were spoken…

Gao Zhenhu and the others’ expressions changed drastically!

“Master Long, this kid has not contributed anything to our Eastern Alliance.

I’m afraid it’s not appropriate to let him be a Heavenly King, right?”

“That’s right, Master Long. I’m afraid our brothers won’t be convinced if we let this kid be a Heavenly King!”

“Master Long, please reconsider!”

Gao Zhenhu and the others spoke up one after another.

Clearly, they looked down on Yang Luo and felt that he did not have the right to be at the same ranking as them.

Without waiting for Jiang Tianlong to speak, Yang Luo said, “Wait, you guys are making such a big fuss. Did you ask if I agreed in the first place?”

Gao Zhenhu sneered and said, “Kid, this is your only chance to reconcile with our Eastern Alliance. It’s also your chance to soar into the sky. Why would you not agree?”

Jiang Tianlong and the others also looked at Yang Luo, not knowing what he meant by his words.

Yang Luo shook his head and said, “I really have no intention of joining your Eastern Alliance.”

“Mr. Yang, are you sure you don’t want to reconsider?”

Jiang Tianlong stared intently at Yang Luo and said, “If you join our Eastern Alliance, you will obtain supreme power and status, and you will even enjoy endless wealth.”

Yang Luo smiled teasingly and said, “You want me to join the Eastern Alliance? Sure, but I have a condition.”

“What is it?”

Jiang Tianlong picked up his teacup and took a sip of tea, “As long as it’s not an overboard request, I can promise you that!”

Yang Luo said, “How about you abdicate and let me be the leader of the Eastern Alliance?”

Upon hearing this, Gao Zhenhu and the others were instantly infuriated!

“B*stard, who do you think you are? Do you want to be the leader of the Eastern Alliance?”

“Master Long, I think this kid is deliberately playing with you!”

“Master Long, don’t waste your breath on this kid. Kill him!”

Gao Zhenhu and the others stood up one by one and shouted angrily.

Jiang Tianlong’s expression also completely darkened.

He slammed the teacup in his hand on the table and said in a deep voice, “Kid, I’m sincerely inviting you to join the Eastern Alliance.

Since you don’t know how to appreciate favors, the grudge between you and our Eastern Alliance should be settled then.”


Yang Luo chuckled and said, “Then how do you want to settle it?”

“Leave your life behind.”

Jiang Tianlong spat out four words.

The smirk on Yang Luo’s face intensified, “You guys don’t have the right to kill me!”

“Do it!”

Jiang Tianlong waved his hand and gave the order.

“You have a death wish!”

“Kill him!”

Gao Zhenhu, Zheng Yunsheng, Wang Jingkun, and Li Dongqing moved at the same time and rushed towards Yang Luo!

Qiao Xudong sighed in his heart, but rushed towards Yang Luo as well!

Although he was unwilling to fight Yang Luo, Jiang Tianlong had already given the order, so he had no choice but to attack.

At the very front, Gao Zhenhu rushed forward and threw a punch at Yang Luo!

With a punch, the sound of a tiger’s roar seemed to ring in the air. It was incomparably terrifying!

But at the moment Gao Zhenhu’s punch arrived…

Yang Luo did not dodge or retreat. He also twisted his fist and faced the attack head on!


Only a loud sound was heard when their fists clashed.


Gao Zhenhu let out a painful cry. His right arm snapped with a sickening crack and he was sent flying more than ten meters away!

When Gao Zhenhu was sent flying, Zheng Yunsheng took the chance and punched out from the side!

Zheng Yunsheng’s punch was extremely violent, even creating sonic booms!

However, Yang Luo simply grabbed Zheng Yunsheng’s wrist with his right hand and threw him out like a sandbag!

Zheng Yunsheng’s 1.9-meter-tall strong body was sent flying and hit a wall with a loud bang.

The thick wall actually cracked under the impact!

Zheng Yunsheng fell heavily to the ground. Several bones in his body were broken, and his internal organs seemed to have shifted!

At the moment Zheng Yunsheng was sent flying…

Wang Jingkun, Li Dongqing, and Qiao Xudong formed an encirclement and threw out punches, claws, and palms at the fatal spots on Yang Luo’s body!

“Petty tricks.”

Yang Luo shook his head in response. Then, he clenched both his fists and punched out quickly three times!

As soon as he punched out, his aura became incomparably domineering. It was as though he was unstoppable!

Before Zheng Yunsheng, Li Dongqing, and Qiao Xudong’s attacks could approach Yang Luo, their chests were hit by Yang Luo’s fist!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of dull collision sounds resounded like muffled thunder!


Zheng Yunsheng, Li Dongqing, and Qiao Xudong screamed and flew out one after another, only stopping after they hit the wall!

Gao Zhenhu and the others were all defeated in one blow.

Witnessing this scene, Jiang Tianlong was shocked!

Unexpectedly, Gao Zhenhu and the others were no match for this kid even after they joined forces!

He was almost certain that this kid in front of him was definitely a Connate Realm Martial Warrior!

“Give me your life!”

Jiang Tianlong shouted and suddenly stomped on the ground. His strong body flew up and then he threw a punch at Yang Luo’s face!

With this punch, a dragon’s roar seemed to resound in the air!

There even seemed to be a white dragon shadow coiling around Jiang Tianlong’s arm!

“Dragon Form Fist?


Yang Luo smiled faintly, before raising his right arm and throwing out a punch as well!


The two fists collided heavily and exploded with a thunderous sound!

Jiang Tianlong confidently thought that this punch could kill Yang Luo!

However, reality is often not what we dream of it to be.

He suddenly felt a piercing pain spread from his fist to his arm!


He let out a painful cry as his body was sent flying instead!

Yang Luo’s figure flashed, leaving afterimages as he chased after him!

Jiang Tianlong flipped in the air and kicked the wall with his right foot. His body whistled through the air as he charged towards Yang Luo once again!

On the way to Yang Luo, Jiang Tianlong pulled out a golden dagger that was half the length of an arm from his waist and slashed at Yang Luo heavily!


The golden saber streaked across the sky, erupting with a dazzling golden light!

The golden dragon pattern on the saber flickered menacingly as the saber slashed down!

But precisely at this moment…

Yang Luo’s right hand turned into a palm and mobilized a trace of True Qi. It lingered in his palm as he brought his hand up to meet the saber!


The palm and the golden saber collided heavily, emitting a metallic sound. Sparks even shot out!

Under this collision, the golden saber in Jiang Tianlong’s hand broke inch by inch, turning into a pile of scrap metal!


Jiang Tianlong’s pupils constricted when he saw this. He wanted to retreat, but it was too late!

“I’ll let you see what a real Dragon Form Fist is!”

Yang Luo took a step forward before throwing a punch at Jiang Tianlong!


With this strike, a deafening dragon roar resounded in the hall!

The phantom of a golden dragon coiled around Yang Luo’s arm.. The dragon head had even wrapped around Yang Luo’s fist, shocking everyone!

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