Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess

Chapter 436 - Chapter 436: Tower Guardian!

Chapter 436: Tower Guardian!

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Yang Luo’s speed was extremely fast!

In the blink of an eye, Yang Luo approached the Ara-Mitama!

The Ara-Mitama waved the ten-meter-long sword in his hand and slashed at Yang Luo!


The sword slashed out, and a strong wind whistled as it slashed down with a force akin to a few tons!

Yang Luo’s figure flashed as he directly avoided this sword!


This sword smashed heavily on the ground, causing the ground to tremble violently!

A gully that was more than ten meters long and several meters deep was directly split open in the ground!

Rocks flew everywhere, smoke and dust rolling about. It was terrifying beyond compare!

After dodging this sword, Yang Luo continued to run towards the Ara-Mitama!

When he was less than a few meters away from the spirit!

Yang Luo suddenly stomped on the ground and soared into the sky like a wild dragon!

After jumping a few meters high, Yang Luo directly twisted his fist and punched Ara-Mitama!

The Ara-Mitama’s reaction was also very fast!

When Yang Luo’s punch came, it quickly retracted its huge sword to block!

At that very moment…


Yang Luo’s punch landed heavily on the sword’s body with a shocking bang!

This punch was incomparably violent and simply destroyed everything!

Crack! Crack!

Accompanied by a series of cracking sounds, the huge sword in the Ara-Mitama’s hand cracked one after another and turned into a pile of gravel!

After shattering the huge sword with a punch, its power did not decrease much. Instead, it continued to blast towards the Ara-Mitama’s chest!

There was a loud bang!

The Ara-Mitama was forced back by this punch, and cracks appeared on its chest!

However, Yang Luo did not stop there!

The moment he landed!

Yang Luo continued to run towards the Ara-Mitama who had retreated!

After approaching, Yang Luo charged up again and threw another punch in the air!


Accompanied by a thunderous roar!

The second punch shone with a dazzling golden light and landed heavily on the Ara-Mitama’s chest!


A terrifying explosion resounded!

This Ara-Mitama statue that was more than ten meters tall was completely blown up by Yang Luo’s punch, turning into rubble and dust that splattered everywhere!

Just as Yang Luo shattered the Ara-Mitama statue with a punch…

Not far away.

Tian Zhen, Feng Lengyue, and Lan Xiaomeng were also fighting fiercely against the three statues that were more than ten meters tall!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Deafening sounds of collision and explosions could be heard incessantly!

The surrounding mountains were blasted into huge pits!

Rocks rolled down and dust flew. It was an incomparably spectacular sight!

Facing the attacks of these three statues, Tian Zhen, Feng Lengyue, Lan Xiaomeng, and Lei Dong were still fine, but the others were more or less injured!

Yang Luo did not stop at all. With a flash, he charged towards the battlefield where Tian Zhen and the others were!

After approaching, Yang Luo shouted, “Leave the Nigi-Mitama to me. You guys deal with the other two statues!”


Tian Zhen and the others distanced themselves from Nigi-Mitama and attacked the others!

Seeing Yang Luo approaching!

Nigi-Mitama waved the huge saber in its hand and slashed at him!

Yang Luo’s figure flashed. After dodging the saber, his body exploded with aura once again!

This time, Yang Luo rushed more than ten meters into the sky. Then, he came down and punched Nigi-Mitama’s head!

The punch was as heavy as a mountain and incomparably domineering, as if it wanted to shatter everything!

Nigi-Mitama hurriedly raised the saber in its hand to block!


However, the saber in Nigi-Mitama’s hand could not withstand Yang Luo’s punch at all and was instantly blasted into pieces!

Right on the heels of that…


Yang Luo’s punch continued to land on Nigi-Mitama’s head!

As the punch landed, cracks began to spread down from the top of Nigi-Mitama’s head!

Neck, body, arms, legs…

The next second!


The statue of the Nigi-Mitama, which was more than ten meters tall, was shattered by Yang Luo’s punch and turned into rubble!

Boom boom boom!

Just as Yang Luo shattered the Nigi-Mitama, two loud explosions sounded from afar!

Yang Luo turned around and saw that Tian Zhen and the others had also destroyed the two statues!

Yang Luo laughed heartily and said, “Everyone, well done!”

Tian Zhen said helplessly, “Deputy Pavilion Master Yang, you’re really impressive. You destroyed two statues alone. We’re ashamed of our inferiority!”

Feng Lengyue and the others also nodded. They were clearly frightened by Yang Luo’s combat strength again.

They could only guess in their hearts how strong Yang Luo was.

At this moment…


A sinister laugh came from the Eighth Hong Tower.

“What’s that sound?!”

Tian Zhen’s expression changed as he looked at the Eighth Hong Tower.

“Why do 1 feel like I heard laughter? Is it really haunted?”

The corners of Lan Xiaomeng’s mouth twitched, and her cute little face turned pale with fear.

However, it did not match her strong and burly body.

Zuo Wei complained, “Isn’t it just a broken tower? Why are strange things happening one after another?”

“In the end, you still found it…”

“If we had more time, we would have been able to absorb all the dragon qi…”

“Since you’re here, don’t even think about leaving this place alive…”

As the laughter sounded, hoarse voices sounded from the tower.

Yang Luo stared intently at the Eighth Hong Tower and said in a loud voice, “Who’s playing tricks? Come out!”

Right as he finished his sentence…

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! The sound resounded through the mountains!

The four sealed stone doors on the top of the Eighth Hong Tower slowly opened!

Four figures walked out of the four doors!

Four gray-haired old men with different figures and appearances walked out of the door!

Moreover, these four old men emitted a powerful pressure and aura. Clearly, they were not ordinary people!

“F*ck! There’s actually someone in this tower?!”

Yu Dian could not help but exclaim.

Lan Xiaomeng was also surprised, “That’s not right. The pavilion master didn’t tell us that there was someone in the tower!”

Tian Zhen said with a solemn expression, “I’m afraid the Pavilion Master doesn’t know that there’s someone in this tower either.”

The others present were also stunned.

Clearly, no one had expected there to be someone else in the tower.

Even Yang Luo did not expect or even sense it.

However, it made sense. There were layers of array formations set up on the Eighth Hong Pagoda, so it could hide the auras of the four elders.

Yang Luo narrowed his eyes and asked loudly, “Who are you?”

One of the old men in black robes replied with a sinister smile in fluent Chinese, “I’m an elder of the Divine Dao faction in Country Sakura, Chizuru Takikawa!”

“I’m an elder of the Nine Chrysanthemums faction, Chrysanthemum Grandmaster Heiji!”

“I’m an elder of the Extreme Yuan faction, Makino Chiro!”

“I’m Hiroki Ito, an elder of the Seven Stars Faction!”

The other three old men also spoke.

Chizuru Takikawa continued, “The four of us are both elders of the four top Yin Yang Master sects in Country Sakura and the guardians of the Eighth Hong Tower!”

Juzong Heiji said loudly, “We’re guarding this place to prevent anyone from destroying the Eighth Hong Tower and absorbing the dragon qi of China to transfer it to our Sakura Nation’s main tower.. We’ll bless the citizens of Country Sakura for generations to come!”

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