Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess

Chapter 432 - Chapter 432: Hidden!

Chapter 432: Hidden!

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Feng Lengyue shook her head and said, “Our Hidden Dragon Pavilion has investigated for so long. We shouldn’t be wrong.”

Lan Xiaomeng pursed her lips and said, “But the key is that we only see the mountain now. We don’t see the tower.”

Tian Zhen turned to look at Yang Luo and asked, “Mr. Yang, where do you think the Eighth Hong Tower is?”

Feng Lengyue sneered, “Team Leader Tian, this kid has just arrived at the Hidden Dragon Pavilion. If you ask him, what can he know?”

Yang Luo did not reply. Instead, he spread out his divine sense and carefully sensed it.

Finally, his gaze landed on the hundred-meter-tall mountain not far away.

He could sense that the dragon qi that spread out from the twelve dragon pillars had gathered here.

Yang Luo pointed at the mountain and said in a deep voice, “I’m sure that the Eighth Hong Tower is inside this mountain!”

Lan Xiaomeng said in surprise, “The Eighth Hong Tower is in this mountain?! Are you kidding me?!”

Yu Dian said in amusement, “Brother, could you have made a mistake? How could the Eighth Hong Tower be in the mountain?”

Lei Dong said in a muffled voice, “We’ll know when we go over and take a look!”

As he spoke, Lei Dong strode towards the mountain.

Yang Luo followed.

Ding Yan curled his lips and said, “Since this brother said that the Eighth Hong Tower is in this mountain, let’s go take a look.”

Feng Lengyue unhappily said, “This brat doesn’t know anything. He only knows how to talk nonsense.”

Tian Zhen laughed dryly and said, “Team Leader Feng, there’s no harm in going over to take a look.”

Hence, Tian Zhen and the others followed.

At this moment.

The moment Lei Dong approached the mountain!


The entire mountain flickered with a dazzling four-colored light, illuminating the night!

Waves of energy that were like landslides and tsunamis surged out from the mountain!


Yang Luo’s expression changed drastically as he immediately reminded him.

Lei Dong also sensed that something was wrong. Although he wanted to retreat, he was a step slower!

With a muffled bang, Lei Dong was directly sent flying by this energy!

Yang Luo hurriedly went forward and supported Lei Dong.

“Thank you, Mr. Yang!”

Lei Dong thanked him and felt that the blood in his body was boiling. He almost spat out blood.

“Oh my god, could it be that the Eighth Hong Tower is really in the mountain?!”

Lan Xiaomeng couldn’t help but exclaim.

The others present also looked at Yang Luo.

The strange phenomenon just now confirmed Yang Luo’s words.

“Mr. Yang, how did you know that the Eighth Hong Tower was in the mountain?”

Tian Zhen asked in confusion.

Yang Luo said, “Not long ago, when we were in the square of Heaven Village, I sensed that the dragon qi of the 12 Dragon Pillars had been severely damaged.

Moreover, the dragon qi was surging towards and into the mountain.

Therefore, I’m certain that the Eighth Hong Tower is in that mountain.”

“You can still sense the existence of Dragon Qi?”

Feng Lengyue looked at Yang Luo in surprise.

Although there was a saying in the Dao of Feng Shui and metaphysics that was called “Qi Observation”,

However, those who could sense and even see qi were all top-notch Feng Shui masters.

Not even her father could do it.

Yang Luo shrugged and said, “This is not difficult for me.”

Feng Lengyue coldly snorted, “I think you’re just lucky.”

“Since the Eighth Hong Tower is in this mountain, 1’11 blast this mountain open and take a look!”

After Lan Xiaomeng said this, her entire body trembled!

At that very moment…

Accompanied by the sound of bones crackling, her body grew to three meters tall again. The muscles on her body bulged, filled with explosive strength!

“Everyone, step back!”

Lan Xiaomeng said loudly. Then, she swung her thick legs and ran wildly towards the mountain!

Clang, clang, clang!

Every step she took shook the ground within a radius of hundreds of meters!

The surrounding mountains could be seen to be shaking gently!

The corners of Yang Luo’s mouth twitched as he thought to himself, “This little loli’s strength is really terrifying. She’s simply like a human-shaped ferocious beast. No wonder she can be the leader of the Esper Team.”

The moment Lan Xiaomeng approached!

The mountain erupted with a blazing four-colored light again!

Waves of fierce and violent energy surged out again, surging towards Lan Xiaomeng!


Lan Xiaomeng roared, twisted her clay pot-sized fist, and punched out wildly!

And in the next instant…


With a punch, a loud clanging sound similar to a bell immediately sounded in the forest!

The earth and the surrounding mountains shook even more violently, as if it had caused a huge earthquake!

However, no matter how powerful Lan Xiaomeng’s punch was, she couldn’t blast away the surging energy, let alone collapse this mountain!

The violent energy pressed down on Lan Xiaomeng and she kept retreating!

The rocks under her feet cracked inch by inch and shattered!

At the same moment…

Lan Xiaomeng’s entire body was red. Her muscles were bulging and her veins were bulging. Clearly, she had exerted her strength to the limit!

“Hurry up and help!”

Tian Zhen shouted in shock and hurriedly rushed forward!

Feng Lengyue, Lei Dong, Ding Yan, Shi Miao, Yu Dian, Zuo Wei, and Dai Sheng also rushed forward!

The moment they got close!

Beams of light flashed on Tian Zhen and the other eight people’s bodies. Then, they either threw punches or palms and attacked at the same time!

Seeing this scene, Yang Luo had a deeper understanding of the strength of Tian Zhen and the others.

As the leader of the martial arts group, Tian Zhen’s cultivation level was the highest. He was at the late-stage Martial Highness Realm.

Feng Lengyue was slightly weaker. Her cultivation was at the mid-stage Martial Highness Realm.

Lei Dong and Lan Xiaomeng’s cultivation levels were at the early-stage Martial Highness Realm.

Ding Yan and Shi Miao’s cultivation levels were at the perfected Grandmaster Realm.

Yu Dian, Zuo Wei, and Dai Sheng were all support classes and not good at fighting. Their cultivation levels had just reached the early-stage Grandmaster Realm.

Of course, to ordinary people, Yu Dian and the other two were already very strong.

However, in a gathering place of monsters like the Hidden Dragon Pavilion, their cultivation levels were not enough.

At this moment, Tian Zhen and the others attacked together!

The energy surging out of the mountain became even more ferocious and violent!


Yu Dian, Zuo Wei, and Dai Sheng were the first to be unable to withstand it. They were sent flying more than ten meters away and spat out blood.



As Yu Dian and the other two were sent flying, Ding Yan and Shi Miao could not withstand it anymore and were sent flying!

Even Tian Zhen, Feng Lengyue, Lei Dong, and Lan Xiaomeng couldn’t hold on much longer!

Yang Luo shook his head helplessly. It seemed like he had to do it himself.

With this thought in mind…

Yang Luo’s body trembled, and his aura began to rise steadily. His pressure and aura also erupted!

Rumble rumble rumble!

Dozens of mountains within a radius of thousands of meters started to shake violently in protest!

A dazzling golden light flickered in Yang Luo’s body and eyes. He was like a golden war god, majestic and domineering!

“F*ck, this guy is actually so terrifying?!”

“He’s simply hiding his strength!”

“This pressure and aura seems to have surpassed Team Leader Tian and the others?!”

Yu Dian and the others in the distance cried out in surprise, dumbfounded.

Feng Lengyue, Lan Xiaomeng, and Lei Dong were also shocked!

“Oh my god, this kid is actually so powerful?!”

Lan Xiaomeng’s eyes widened..

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