Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess

Chapter 36 - Chapter 36: Martial Alliance Master!

Chapter 36: Martial Alliance Master!

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“The eighth needle!”

Yang Luo picked up the eighth silver needle and flicked his wrist, shooting it out again!


The eighth needle shot out and pierced the eighth acupuncture point with a sharp sound!

“The ninth needle!”

After the eighth needle landed, Yang Luo picked up the ninth silver needle and shot it out like the wind!


The moment the ninth silver needle was shot out, it began to tremble!

After stabbing the acupuncture point, the silver needle vibrated even more violently!

Furthermore, after the nine needles landed, a Nine Halls Diagram seemed to have appeared on the Acupuncture Bronze Figurine!

The nine counters corresponded to the nine halls!

They were the Qian, Kan, Gen, Zhen, Zhong, Xun, Li, Kun, and Dui Halls!}

(TL Note: These are the terms for the eight trigrams. The ninth is probably the center.)

Huang Tai’an was so excited that his face turned red, and his voice trembled, “Nine Needles of Revolving Yang… It’s really the Nine Needles of Revolving Yang!

1 didn’t expect that I, Huang Tai’an, would be able to learn the complete Nine Needles of Revolving Yang one day!”

Cao Jisheng also felt his emotions surging!

Yang Luo was proficient in Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. He was simply omnipotent!

He suspected that there was nothing that Yang Luo did not know in the field of Chinese medicine!

“Elder Huang, how much have you learned?”

Yang Luo asked Huang Tai’an.

Huang Tai’an said, “Master, my comprehension is not good. I only learned 30%.”

“It’s already very good.”

Yang Luo nodded and continued, “I’ll demonstrate it again. Watch carefully.”

“Yes, Master!”

Huang Tai’an responded and kept himself absolutely focused.

Without any pause, Yang Luo demonstrated the techniques once more.

“How much have you learned?”

Yang Luo asked again.


Huang Tai’an immediately replied.

“Alright, continue!”

Yang Luo nodded and demonstrated again.

“And now?”

Yang Luo asked again.


Huang Tai’an responded.

“Very good!”

Yang Luo smiled in satisfaction and said, “Elder Huang, you can try now!”


Huang Tai’an took a deep breath and began to practice the last three needles of the Nine Needles of Revolving Yang.

Meanwhile, Yang Luo gave pointers from the side.

When Huang Tai’an was completely familiar with it, Yang Luo called Cao Jisheng over.

“Elder Cao, what do you want me to teach you?”

Yang Luo asked.

Cao Jisheng said, “Master, I’ve studied medicine all my life. Although I’m very proficient in this area, I still don’t know much. 1 hope you can give me some pointers!”

“No problem.”

Yang Luo nodded and said, “I’ll write down my insights and comprehension on Chinese medicine for you now.

“Comprehend it well. It should be helpful to you.”

“Alright, alright, alright. I’ll have to trouble Master then!”

Cao Jisheng was extremely excited and quickly prepared a pen and paper for Yang Luo.

Yang Luo sat in front of the desk, picked up the pen, and began to write.

He simplified his experiences and sought to be as concise as possible.

Therefore, it only took him half an hour to finish writing.

After he checked it, Yang Luo handed the paper to Cao Jisheng.

Cao Jisheng took the paper and sat at the side to study it.

At first, he could not wrap his head around what was being written, but gradually, he understood what Yang Luo was and had a new understanding of his specialization.

He was certain that if he could completely comprehend this insight, his understanding of Chinese medicine would definitely advance to a higher level.

Seeing that Huang Tai’an and Cao Jisheng were completely immersed in their own world, Yang Luo did not disturb them anymore and prepared to leave quietly.

But at this moment…

Knock, knock, knock.

There came a series of urgent knocks on the door.

The knock on the door disturbed Huang Tai’an and Cao Jisheng.

“Didn’t I tell you not to disturb us if there’s nothing urgent!”

Huang Tai’an looked unhappy. He strode to the door and opened it.

The moment the door opened, he saw a doctor standing at the door.

“Little Wu, what’s the matter?”

Huang Tai’an frowned and asked.

Seeing Huang Tai’an flare up, Doctor Wu was so frightened that he wiped his sweat and said, “Mr. Huang, Mr. Hong has something urgent to tell you!”

“Mr. Hong?”

Huang Tai’an was stunned, “Which Mr. Hong?”

“Divine Doctor Huang, please save my father!”

At this moment, a tall young man with a stern face rushed up from downstairs.

“Mr. Hong, what’s the matter?”

Huang Tai’an asked in confusion.

The young man said anxiously, “Divine Doctor Huang, my father was practicing martial arts last night and forcefully broke through, causing serious damage to his body. He’s in danger now!

“Please save my father, Divine Doctor Huang!”

“Alliance Master Hong is injured?”

Cao Jisheng walked over and asked in shock.

“Divine Doctor Cao, you’re here too?”

The young man was immediately overjoyed, “That’s great!

“Divine Doctor Huang and Divine Doctor Cao, please save my father!”

“Injuries due to cultivation?

Could he be suffering from cultivation deviation?”

Yang Luo curled his lips and said.

“And this is?”

The young man looked at Yang Luo in confusion.

“Mr. Huang, let me introduce you. This is my and Old Cao’s master, Divine Doctor Yang, Yang Luo.”

Huang Tai’an introduced Yang Luo and then said to Yang Luo, “Master, this is the eldest son of the Martial Alliance Master of Jiang City, Hong Yunzhi. He is Hong Zekai.”

“What?! This gentleman is your master?!”

“Divine Doctor Huang, are you joking?”

Hearing Huang Tai’an’s introduction, Hong Zekai was stunned, staring at Yang Luo in disbelief.

In his opinion, Yang Luo was about the same age as him. How could he be the master of Divine Doctor Huang and Divine Doctor Cao?

This was too unbelievable.

“Mr. Hong, I’m not joking.

Divine Doctor Yang is my and Old Cao’s master.”

Huang Tai’an said seriously, “Don’t worry. With my master around, your father will definitely be fine.”

“If even my master can’t save your father, then no one can.”

Cao Jisheng added.

“Then… alright.”

Hong Zekai nodded, still a little skeptical.

Huang Tai’an continued, “Mr. Hong, there’s no time to lose. Let’s set off now!”

Then, Yang Luo and the others got into a Range Rover driven by Hong Zekai and left the clinic.

On the way.

Yang Luo asked Huang Tai’an, “Elder Huang, what’s the Martial Alliance?”

“Master, have you never heard of the Martial Alliance?”

Huang Tai’an was puzzled.


Yang Luo shook his head.

Huang Tai’an explained, “Master, there are many Martial Warriors in our country. These Martial Warriors gathered and established an alliance of martial warriors, or Martial Alliance for short.

“There are Martial Alliance branches in every city that manage the various martial arts schools.”

“I see.”

Yang Luo nodded.

He did not expect China to have such an alliance. It was interesting.

Hong Zekai said proudly, “Mr. Yang, my father’s cultivation is at the perfected Connate Realm, so he took the position of the alliance master of Jiang City’s Martial Alliance.”

“A perfected Connate Realm cultivator can take the position of the Martial Alliance’s Alliance Master?”

Yang Luo asked curiously.

Although Yang Luo was just asking casually, Hong Zekai felt a little uncomfortable hearing this.

“Mr. Yang, what do you mean?”

Hong Zekai frowned and asked.

If not for Huang Tai’an and Cao Jisheng, he would have lost his temper.

Huang Tai’an quickly tried to smooth things over, “Mr. Hong, don’t be angry. My master probably doesn’t know much about martial arts. Please forgive him..”

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