Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess

Chapter 347 - Chapter 347: Stomped Under His Feet!

Chapter 347: Stomped Under His Feet!

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Just as Fire Qilin and Earthen Mountain were sent flying!

Bujie moved his feet and used the Greater Teleportation Technique, instantly catching up to the two of them!

Then, he suddenly swung the Buddhist staff in his hand at the two of them!

Fire Lin and Earth Mountain’s expressions changed drastically as they hurriedly condensed their True Qi barriers to defend!

However, the defense that they had condensed was useless. It was directly shattered by Bujie’s staff and smashed heavily into their chests!

Puff! Puff!

Both of them spat out a mouthful of blood. Their chests collapsed from the impact and they were sent flying like two cannonballs. With a bang, they crashed into a wall of the villa!

The wall cracked as the two of them slid to the ground. Their bodies twitched a few times before they stopped breathing!

“Bujie, well done!”

Xu Ying said to Bujie.

“Brother Xu, you’re not bad either!”

Bujie grinned and replied.

At the time as Bujie killed Fire Qilin and Earthen Mountain!

Two delicate voices sounded from an empty space in the distance!

“Jade Wave Palm!”

“Falling Sakura Palm!”

Prajna and Water Star struck out at the same time, colliding heavily with a muffled thunder!

Under this palm, Prajna and Mercury were forced back at the same time!

But soon, the two of them stabilized themselves and continued to attack each other in a flash!

However, when Prajna charged forward, her figure flashed as she used the Shadow Escape Technique, instantly disappearing!

Water Star was immediately shocked, not knowing what had happened. Why had Prajna suddenly disappeared under her nose!

The next second!


The sound of air being torn apart resounded!

A black cold light flashed past her neck!

Her throat was instantly slit open and blood flowed out uncontrollably!


Holding her neck that had been cut open, Water Star fell heavily to the ground with horror and unwillingness in her eyes.

Just as she fell to the ground, Prajna appeared in front of her. Her eyes were cold, and she held a kunai dripping with blood in her left hand.

Seeing that Xu Ying, Bujie, and Prajna had killed the Five Elements Protectors in such a short period of time, Jiang Mingyu and the others in the distance were shocked. A dense fear surged in their hearts.

Pei Enze was so angry that his entire body was trembling. He said angrily, “Damn it, how can these three guys be so strong?!”

Jiang Mingyu turned to look at Li Xuankun, Chen Yunan, and the others. He said respectfully, “Elders, please kill these three fellows and that bastard Yang Luo!”

Li Xuankun nodded and immediately instructed, “Shoujian, Zhishun, Zhengde, and Haichan, kill those three fellows!”

“Yes, Fifth Elder!”

The Four Great Protectors, Zhang Shoujian, Qian Zhishun, Wu Zhengde, and Ma Haichan responded. Then, their bodies flashed as they charged towards Xu Ying, Bujie, and Prajna!

“Haha, you came at the right time. 1’11 kill all of you today!”

Bujie laughed loudly and charged forward with the Buddhist Staff in hand!


Xu Ying and Prajna shouted coldly and charged forward as well!

Yang Luo only stood quietly in the distance, guarding Su Qingmei.

As for the Five Elements Protectors and the Four Great Protectors, he was not interested at all. He might as well let Xu Ying and the others practice their skills.

Li Xuankun looked coldly at Yang Luo in the distance and said in a trembling voice, “Yunan, kill that kid and avenge Junior Brother Zhang!”


Chen Yunan responded and charged at Yang Luo with the black iron whip in her hand.

Yang Luo narrowed his eyes and smiled, “Do you really have such a strong urge to die?

Very well, I’ll fulfil your wish.”

As he spoke, Yang Luo instructed Jiang Xiaochuan and the other three who were fighting fiercely in the distance, “Xiaochuan, Xinghang, Baolin, Lingshan, protect your sister-in-law and Momo!”

“Yes, Brother Yang!”

Jiang Xiaochuan, Xu Xinghang, Feng Baolin, and Zhong Lingshan responded and rushed over, surrounding Su Qingmei and Qin Yimo.

Yang Luo moved his feet and turned into a bolt of lightning that shot towards Chen Yunan!

“Young brat, go to hell!”

Chen Yunan shouted and threw out the black iron whip in her hand. It whipped towards Yang Luo, tinged with a black and red True Qi!

The black iron whip was like a black Venomous Snake as it attacked. It was extremely terrifying!

Furthermore, the whip transformed into hundreds of whip shadows in an instant. They were illusory and unpredictable!

“Old witch, you’re the one who deserves to die!”

Yang Luo shouted and reached out with his right hand, breaking through the whip shadows. He grabbed in the air, directly latching onto the whip!


Chen Yunan’s pupils constricted. She did not expect his move to be so easily resolved by this kid in front of him.

Before she could react, Yang Luo exerted strength in his right arm and swung it violently, launching Chen Yunan into the sky before smashing her heavily onto the ground!


Only a loud sound was heard.

The ground shook, and a human shaped pit was smashed out!


Chen Yunan lay in the pit and screamed non-stop. All the bones in her body seemed to have been broken, and blood gushed out of her mouth.

At this moment, even if Chen Yunan had a mid-stage Martial Highness Realm cultivation, it was impossible for her to be Yang Luo’s match.

Before Yang Luo stepped into the Shedding Mortality Stage, he could already kill Martial Highness Realm experts or even early-stage Martial King Realm experts.

Now that his cultivation had already stepped into the Shedding Mortality Stage, it was even easier for him to crush a Martial Highness Realm expert.

However, in the distance, Jiang Maolin, Jiang Mingyu, He Jiahao, and the others were stunned!

“How could this be… The powerful Elder Chen was seriously injured in just one round?!”

“How strong is this kid… Could it be that even a Martial Highness Realm expert can’t kill him?!”

“If even the two elders can’t kill this kid… won’t we be finished today?!”

Jiang Maolin, He Yunshan, Song Zhaoen, and the others trembled as their hearts raced. This was the first time they felt death so close to them.

Yang Luo walked forward and stepped on Chen Yunan’s chest. Then, he looked up at Li Xuankun and said, “Old fellow, aren’t you going to attack?”

The reason why he didn’t kill Chen Yunan immediately was because he was prepared to beat Chen Yunan and Li Xuankun to the ground and let Xu Ying deal with them.

After all, Xu Ying almost died in the hands of these two old men last night.

Xu Ying had to take revenge personally.

“Little bastard, how dare you hurt my junior sister? I’ll definitely kill you!”

Li Xuankun roared and charged at Yang Luo with a black iron sword in his hand.

And the moment they got close…

Li Xuankun soared into the sky and slashed at Yang Luo!

“Xuankun Sword Technique!”


With a slash, a black-gray sword light exploded. True Qi surged in all directions, and sword qi soared into the sky!

The air was torn apart like a curtain, emitting an ear-piercing sonic boom!

The ground was cut open like tofu, sweeping up sand, rocks, and plants!

Jiang Maolin and the others, who were watching the battle from afar, were overjoyed!

“Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!”

They shouted in unison and were extremely excited, as if they could already see the scene of Yang Luo being killed with a single strike..

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