Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess

Chapter 334 - Chapter 334: In Danger!

Chapter 334: In Danger!

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“Eh? Isn’t this Sakura Ninjutsu?”

Chen Yunan smiled teasingly, “1 didn’t expect this little girl to be a ninja from Country Sakura!”

Li Xuankun said, “Sixth Sister, Sakura Ninjutsu is a little difficult to deal with. Be careful.”

Chen Yunan smiled confidently and said, “Don’t worry, Fifth Brother. This young lady can’t do anything to me!”

But just as Chen Yunan spoke!

Prajna’s figure suddenly appeared behind Chen Yunan. She waved the kunai in her hand and stabbed Chen Yunan’s neck!

Chen Yunan quickly reacted and swung the black iron whip in her hand, whipping Prajna’s abdomen!


Prajna let out a tragic cry and was sent flying again, landing heavily on the ground.

She saw that her abdomen had been lacerated and blood was flowing, dyeing her white shirt red.

However, even though Prajna was trembling in pain, she didn’t even grunt.


Seeing this, Su Qingmei, who was in the car, screamed. Her heart ached and tears flowed uncontrollably.

Prajna was suffering from grave injuries just to protect her. She had never felt so useless.

When in danger, she could only let others protect her.

Meanwhile, Prajna got up again and continued attacking Chen Yunan.

Chen Yunan’s figure flashed and she went up to welcome her attacks.

In the following period of time…

Prajna and Chen Yunan engaged in an intense battle.

However, Chen Yunan was an elder of the Xuanyin Sect after all. She was a mid-stage Martial Highness Realm expert, several realms higher than Prajna!

Therefore, even if Prajna tried her best, she could not hurt Chen Yunan at all. Instead, she was one-sidedly beaten up by Chen Yunan.

After exchanging dozens of moves, Chen Yunan raised her left hand and mobilized his True Qi. She slapped Prajna’s chest!


A muffled sound was heard!

Prajna was sent flying like a kite with a broken string and fell heavily to the ground, blood gushing out of her mouth.

At this moment, Prajna’s face and body were covered in lacerations. Blood dyed her body red. It was a tragic sight.

However, Prajna stubbornly didn’t let out a scream. Instead, she struggled to get up and continue fighting.

Su Qingmei couldn’t stand it anymore. She pushed open the door and got out of the car. She rushed over and hugged Prajna tightly, sobbing, “Prajna, stop fighting. I’ll leave with them!”

Prajna’s face was pale as she said weakly, “Sister Su, don’t leave with them. I can still continue fighting!”

A cold smile flashed across Jiang Mingyu’s lips, “Su Qingmei, I pursued you bitterly back then, but you didn’t agree.

“What about now? Can’t you only submit to me?”

Su Qingmei roared at Jiang Mingyu, “Jiang Mingyu, you won’t be smug for long. Yang Luo will definitely kill you!”

“Yang Luo?”

Jiang Mingyu laughed out loud, “As long as that kid dares to appear, 1’11 definitely tear him into pieces!

1’11 let you see with your own eyes how 1’11 torture and killed this kid!


Right at this moment!


Accompanied by the ear-piercing sound of brakes, a car stopped not far away!

Jiang Mingyu and the others turned to look.

He saw a handsome young man in a black Tang suit walking over with a Tang saber in his hand. He was thin and tall, with sharp eyebrows and starry eyes.

“Xu Ying!”

“Brother Xu!”

Su Qingmei and Prajna shouted.

This young man was precisely Xu Ying!

Jiang Mingyu sneered. “Another one here to tempt fate?”

Xu Ying walked over and said to Prajna, “Prajna, bring Sister-in-law away from here!”

“Brother Xu, what about you?”

Prajna asked.

Xu Ying turned around and said, “I’ll stop them!”

“That won’t do!”

Prajna shook her head, “Those two old fellows are very strong. It will be dangerous for you to stay alone!”

Su Qingmei said, “Xu Ying, if you want to leave, let’s leave together!”

Xu Ying said, “Sister-in-law, 1 promised Brother Yang to protect you well, so I naturally have to keep my word!

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect myself!”

“Hurry up and attack. Don’t let them escape!”

Jiang Mingyu waved his hand and gave the order.

The eight guards immediately rushed towards Su Qingmei!

“Hurry and go!”

Xu Ying shouted as he flipped his wrist and slashed horizontally!


Saber light flickered, saber qi crisscrossed, and the sound of saber ringing resounded!

The next second!

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Eight blood pillars soared into the sky. The heads of the eight guards separated from their bodies and fell to the ground!

Jiang Mingyu, Li Xuankun, and Chen Yunan’s pupils constricted when they saw this. Shock appeared in their eyes!

“What a powerful saber technique!”

A cold glint flashed in Li Xuankun’s eyes, “Kid, let me cross swords with you!”

With that, Li Xuankun’s figure flashed. With a black iron sword in hand, he charged at Xu Ying!

Xu Ying, on the other hand, charged forward with his Tang sword in hand!

And the moment they got close…

Xu Ying and Li Xuankun brandished their swords at the same time!


The saber and sword collided heavily, emitting the sound of metal clashing!

True Qi surged and light rays shot out in all directions, captivating one’s soul!

The sharp sword aura that erupted from Li Xuankun’s sword swept up continuously, cutting open Xu Ying’s clothes and flesh. Blood spewed out!

After all, Xu Ying was only at the perfected Grandmaster Realm. It was already not easy for him to block Li Xuankun’s sword. It was naturally very difficult for him to remain unscathed!

Li Xuankun said with a sinister smile, “Kid, your saber technique is indeed not bad. You can actually block my sword with just a perfected Grandmaster Realm cultivation!

“However, 1 want to see how you block this next!”

As he spoke, Li Xuankun kept swinging the sword in his hand at Xu Ying!

Meanwhile, Xu Ying kept waving the saber in his hand to block!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Saber light and sword shadows surged into the sky along with waves of sword qi. It was incomparably intense!

As Xu Ying fought Li Xuankun, he shouted, “Prajna, hurry up and take Sister-in-law away!”

Prajna gritted her teeth, “Sister Su, let’s go!”

As she spoke, Prajna pulled Su Qingmei towards the car!

“Stop them!”

Jiang Mingyu quickly gave the order.

The remaining twenty-odd guards immediately rushed towards Su Qingmei and Prajna.

“All of you, die!”

Xu Ying roared angrily. After shaking Li Xuankun off, he turned around and slashed at the twenty-odd guards!

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Immediately, more than ten guards had their heads cut off!

The other ten or so guards were stunned and did not dare to rush forward anymore.

But right at this moment…

Li Xuankun took the chance to slash at Xu Ying’s back!

Xu Ying immediately reacted and wanted to dodge, but it was too late!



Xu Ying let out a muffled groan. He had been slashed heavily on the back, so deep that his bones could be seen.

“Brother Xu!”

“Xu Ying!”

Prajna and Su Qingmei felt their hearts twist horribly as tears streamed down their faces.


Xu Ying roared and used all his strength to slash at Li Xuankun, forcing him to retreat.

Prajna wiped her tears and hurriedly got into the car with Su Qingmei.

“Don’t even think about escaping!”

Seeing this, Chen Yunan shouted and charged forward..

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