Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess

Chapter 332 - Chapter 332: He’s an Immortal Cultivator?

Chapter 332: He’s an Immortal Cultivator?

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Bujie muttered with a puzzled expression, “What realm is Mr. Yang trying to break through to? Why hasn’t he succeeded yet?”

Just as he was muttering, a shocking scene appeared.

Wisps of black impurities seeped out of Yang Luo’s pores.

As the black impurities seeped out, Yang Luo’s skin became more and more smooth and exquisite.

Moreover, he realized that the muscles on Yang Luo’s body were more well-proportioned than before.

What shocked Bujie even more was that he felt that the pressure and aura emitted from Yang Luo’s body was even stronger than before.

Tendon and marrow cleansing!

Bujie narrowed his eyes and fell into deep thought.

Only when one’s martial arts cultivation reached an extremely high realm could they cleanse their tendons and marrows and be reborn.

However, Brother Yang was so young. Even if he started cultivating martial arts in his mother’s womb, it was impossible for him to cultivate to an extremely high realm in just twenty years.

What was going on?

Could it be that Brother Yang was not cultivating martial arts?!

Thinking of this, Bujie’s pupils constricted as he stared intently at Yang Luo.

He had once heard from his master that there were a group of people in this world who transcended the mortal world and sought immortality and the Dao. They did not cultivate martial arts, but immortality. They were called “cultivators.”

His master also said that cultivators were much stronger than Martial Warriors. Every realm was comparable to several realms of martial arts.

If Brother Yang was really an immortal cultivator, everything would make sense.

It was no wonder Brother Yang’s cultivation appeared so high and his strength so great at such a young age.

He did not expect Brother Yang to be an immortal cultivator. This really broadened his horizons.

After all, immortal cultivators were extremely difficult to find. Even if you encountered them, you wouldn’t be able to sense them.

However, he did not expect to become friends with a cultivator in a foreign country.

This was a huge opportunity for him!

Thinking of this, Bujie admired Yang Luo even more!

Bujie took a few deep breaths and walked out of the spirit pool. After putting on his clothes, he sat cross-legged beside the spirit pool and guarded Yang Luo.

It was past midnight.

China, Xiang City.

At the Diamond Clubhouse.

At this moment, two beautiful young women with different styles walked out of the clubhouse. They were Su Qingmei and Prajna.

Su Qingmei stretched and said, “I ran to six places today and finally managed to get the six bosses of Xiang City to be my agents. I’m really exhausted.”

That’s right. Early this morning, Qingmei had brought Prajna to Xiang City to discuss the business opportunity of being agents for the company with the six bosses.

Meanwhile, Shen Yun, Cai Donglai, and Li Sihai went to the other cities around Jiang City to talk about representation.

Prajna suggested, “Sister Su, why don’t we find a hotel to rest in Xiang City tonight?”

Su Qingmei shook her head and said, “Forget it. There’s still a lot of things waiting for me to deal with in the company. We have to rush back tonight.

In any case, Xiang City is only two hours away from Jiang City.”

Prajna said helplessly, “Alright, I have to drive again.”

Su Qingmei smiled and said, “Then why don’t I drive this time?”

Prajna waved her hand in alarm, “No, no, no. If I tire you out, Brother Yang will definitely blame me.”

Su Qingmei chuckled and said, “You seem to be very afraid of Yang Luo?”

Prajna smacked her lips and said, “Of course. Brother Yang is a bad person. He likes to bully me!”

Su Qingmei waved her fist and said, “If Yang Luo dares to bully you again in the future, 1’11 help you teach him a lesson!”

Prajna teased, “Sister Su, why are your eyes so gentle every time you talk about Brother Yang? Could it be that you’ve already fallen in love with him?”

Su Qingmei reached out and knocked Prajna on the head. She said angrily, “Don’t spout nonsense. No way!”

Prajna giggled and said, “Sister Su, the more you deny it, the more it proves that you’re guilty!”

Hearing this, Qingmei waved her fist and said, “If you say that again, I’ll hit you!”

“That’s how it is!”

Prajna stuck out her tongue and said, “1’11 tell Brother Yang when he comes back!”

With that, Prajna slipped away.

“You little girl, I’ll beat you to death!”

Su Qingmei blushed and hurriedly chased after her.

They laughed and joked along the way, quickly arriving at the parking lot and got into the car to leave the clubhouse.

Su Qingmei sat in the back row and pinched the space between her eyebrows, “Prajna, 1’11 rest for a while. Call me when we reach Jiang City.”


Prajna nodded.

The car sped away from Xiang City and headed straight for Jiang City.

At around two in the morning…

The car arrived at a road in the suburbs of Jiang City.

Prajna looked at the rearview mirror and shouted, “Sister Su, we’re almost at Jiang City.”

“We’re reaching?”

Su Qingmei yawned and took out her phone from her bag, preparing to look at the time.

However, the moment she turned on her cell phone, Su Qingmei’s expression changed and she sat up straight.

She saw that there were many missed calls and messages on her phone, and they were all from her family!

For the entire day, in order not to be disturbed, she turned her phone on silent and did not receive any calls or messages.

“Sister Su, what’s wrong?”

Seeing that Su Qingmei’s expression was amiss, Prajna asked in confusion.

Su Qingmei did not reply. Instead, she quickly called her mother.

Soon, the call was picked up.

“Mom, why did you call me so many times? What’s the matter?”

Su Qingmei quickly asked.

“Qingmei, something big has happened at home. Our Su family is finished…”

Guo Fangyu replied with a choked voice.

Su Qingmei’s heart tightened as she hurriedly said, “Mom, what happened?”

“Qingmei, this morning, your grandfather suddenly fainted in the study. Something happened to your uncle, your father, and your Auntie and they were taken away…”

Guo Fangyu told Su Qingmei what had happened today in a pained voice.

After hearing Guo Fangyu’s words, Su Qingmei’s entire body trembled, “How could this be… How could this be?!

“Why did the Jiang, He, and Song families suddenly attack our Su family?!”

Guo Fangyu said, “The Jiang family, the He family, and the Song family probably planned this long ago!”

Su Qingmei’s eyes turned red as she said, “Mom, don’t be anxious. I’ll rush back now!”

Guo Fangyu said anxiously, “Don’t, don’t come back!

Jiang Mingyu is already guarding Jiang City. Once you return, you will definitely walk into a trap!

Leave Jiang City quickly and don’t come back!

As long as you’re around, our Su family still has hope!”

Tears flowed down Su Qingmei’s face, “Mom, such a big thing happened at home. How can I not come back?”

“I told you not to come back, so don’t come back. Hurry up and escape!”

With that, Guo Fangyu hung up.

Su Qingmei looked at her cell phone in a daze and cried.

Seeing this, Prajna hurriedly parked the car by the roadside and asked in a panic, “Sister Su, don’t cry. What happened?”

Tears streamed down Su Qingmei’s face as she choked, “Something happened to our Su family and the Qin family!

“The Jiang family, the He family, and the Song family joined forces to snatch the assets of our Su family and the Qin family and captured my uncle and the others!”


Prajna’s expression changed drastically as she clenched her fists, “Damn it, how did this happen? It’s only been a day, but such a huge thing happened!”

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