Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess

Chapter 330 - Chapter 330: Bloody Night!

Chapter 330: Bloody Night!

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However, before Li Xuankun and Chen Yunan could make a move, the Jiang family’s guards rushed forward. In less than a few minutes, they had killed more than ten Su family guards!

In an instant…

More than ten corpses appeared in the entire living room of the villa. Blood dyed the ground red!

Everyone from the Su family was trembling in fear. Their faces were pale and their eyes were filled with extreme fear!

Jiang Mingyu stubbed out his cigarette and said indifferently, “There are only five minutes left. After five minutes, all of you will die. It’s better to make a decision quickly.”

“What should we do… What should we do now?!”

“Who can help us… Who can help us!”

“Could it be that our Su family is really finished?!”

Everyone from the Su family sobbed, their eyes filled with despair.

Gao Huilan and Guo Fangyu, on the other hand, were already in tears and filled with grief.

Seeing the desperate expressions of the Su family, Jiang Mingyu felt it extremely enjoyable, obtaining a perverted sense of pleasure.

Soon, five minutes passed.

Jiang Mingyu looked at the time and said coldly, “Five minutes have passed. Have you made a decision?”

Gao Huilan and Guo Fangyu looked at each other and gritted their teeth, but it was difficult for them to make a decision.

If they signed it, it would be equivalent to giving away more than 30 billion yuan worth of assets. Then, they would be the sinners of the Su family.

Jiang Mingyu became even more impatient and said fiercely, “Since you don’t want to sign, all of you can die!”

As he spoke, he prepared to give the order to kill everyone in the Su family!


Gao Huilan shouted and gritted her teeth, “I’ll sign it, I’ll sign it!”

Jiang Mingyu smiled smugly, “Aunt Gao, why didn’t you do this earlier?”

Gao Huilan picked up the pen from the table with trembling hands. With tears in her eyes, she signed the contract and even pressed her fingerprint.

After signing and fingerprinting, Jiang Mingyu picked up the contract and looked at it. He nodded in satisfaction.

He handed the contract to a guard and asked Guo Fangyu, “Auntie Guo, where is Qingmei now? Why didn’t I see her in Jiang City?”

Guo Fangyu’s expression changed and she replied in a low voice, “I don’t know where she went.”

“Is that so?”

Jiang Mingyu smiled coldly and said, “Auntie Guo, I advise you to quickly contact Qingmei and ask her to return to Jiang City.

Tell her that she can’t escape from me.”

Then, he stood up and led everyone out of the villa.

When they reached the entrance of the villa, Jiang Mingyu said, “Oh, 1 almost forgot something.

The contract also states that this villa will belong to the Jiang family.

1’11 give you a day to move out quickly. Otherwise, you’ll have to bear the consequences.”

With that, he laughed loudly and led everyone out of the villa.

After Jiang Mingyu and the others left, Gao Huilan, Guo Fangyu, and the others slumped on the sofa and remained silent for a long time.

Guo Fangyu burst into tears, “Sister-in-law, what should we do next?”

Gao Huilan gritted her teeth and said, “Fangyu, quickly contact Qingmei and tell her not to return to Jiang City!

Once she returns to Jiang City, that bastard Jiang Mingyu would not let her off!

“Also, as long as Qingmei can escape, there’s still hope for our Su family!”

“Alright, I’ll contact Qingmei now!”

Guo Fangyu nodded and quickly took out her phone to call Su Qingmei.

But no one picked up.

She called a few more times, but the result was still the same.

Guo Fangyu frowned and said, “What’s going on? Why isn’t Qingmei answering her phone?

Could something have happened to Qingmei as well?”

“That won’t happen. If something happened to Qingmei, why would Jiang Mingyu ask about her whereabouts?”

Gao Huilan shook her head and said, “Qingmei must be busy now, so she didn’t answer the call.

Hurry up and send her a message. Ask her to contact you immediately after she sees the message.”


Guo Fangyu nodded and sent a message to Su Qingmei.

On the other side…

In the Qin family’s villa.

The corpses of the Qin family’s guards were everywhere in the villa. Blood dyed the grass and the living room of the villa red.

Clearly, there had been a fierce battle here just now.

At this moment, in the living room.

He Jiahao and Song Chengyou each had a cigarette in their mouths and sat on the sofa with their legs crossed.

Behind them were the Four Great Protectors of the Xuanyin Sect, Zhang Shoujian, Qian Zhishun, Wu Zhengde, Ma Haichan, and the guards of the He family and the Song family.

On the opposite sofa sat the women, children, and children of the Qin family. Qin Yimo was among them, her eyes red from crying.

He Jiahao pushed his gold-rimmed glasses up the bridge of his nose and said, “Don’t waste our time. Hurry up and sign it.”

Qin Yimo’s mother, Bai Qiuhe, picked up the pen with trembling hands.

“Mom… you can’t sign it!”

Qin Yimo shook her head vigorously at Bai Qiuhe.

She knew very well that once she signed it, the Qin family would really be finished.

He Jiahao said coldly, “If you don’t sign it, you’ll all die.”

Song Chengyou also said teasingly, “Is life more important or money more important? Think about it.”

“I’ll sign, I’ll sign!”

Bai Qiuhe replied in a hoarse voice. Then, she signed the contract and pressed her fingerprint.

He Jiahao picked up the contract and said with a smile, “Why didn’t you listen to us earlier? Why did you have to force us to this extent?”

With that, He Jiahao waved his hand, “Alright, let’s go!”

Then, He Jiahao led everyone out of the villa.

However, Song Chengyou did not leave immediately.

He looked at Qin Yimo and smiled evilly, “Qin Yimo, if you don’t want the Qin family to be finished, I can give you a chance.

Come to the Grand Monarch Hotel tomorrow morning to look for me.”

After saying that, Song Chengyou swaggered out of the villa.

After Song Chengyou left, Bai Qiuhe hurriedly said, “Momo, you can’t go tomorrow. If you go, I don’t know what this beast will do to you!”

Tears streamed down Qin Yimo’s face as she said bitterly, “1 don’t want to go either, but there’s no other way.

The Qin family can’t be finished just like that…”

Originally, when something happened to the Qin family, she had called Yang Luo and wanted him to help think of a solution.

But for some reason, Yang Luo’s phone could not be reached at all.

Therefore, she could only rely on herself.

Hearing Qin Yimo’s words, Bai Qiuhe cried bitterly.

The other members of the Qin family were also sobbing.

The entire Qin family was gloomy as they fell into endless sorrow.

At the same time…

Hua Mei Biomedical’s research and development building.

It was late at night.

The lights were still on in the laboratory on the eighth floor of the building.

There were more than twenty strong security officers patrolling downstairs.

But at this moment…

A few black business cars drove over from afar and stopped at the entrance of the building.

The car door opened.

Pei Enze led a group of people out of the car and walked towards the research and development building.

Behind him were the Five Elements Protectors: Golden Eagle, Wood Wolf, Water Star, Fire Qilin, and Earth Mountain, as well as some guards of the Jiang family, the He family, and the Song family.

Seeing a large group of people suddenly walk over, more than 20 security officers hurriedly walked up..

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