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Chapter 324 - Chapter 324: Scarlet Eye Lightning Python!

Chapter 324: Scarlet Eye Lightning Python!

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Bujie nodded and said, “There are records in the Buddhist Sect that Earth used to have abundant spiritual energy. There were many ancient mighty figures who flew in the sky and burrowed into the ground.

It’s not wrong to say that this could be a cultivation place left behind by those ancient mighty figures.

“Moreover, the spiritual qi here is so abundant. If we cultivate here for a few days, our cultivation will definitely break through.”

Yang Luo nodded and looked around, “Didn’t Mr. Grondor say that there were monsters here? Why don’t 1 see them?”

Bujie waved his hand and said, “Sigh, there are no monsters. They must have made a mistake!”

As he spoke, he began to take off his clothes.

Yang Luo said speechlessly, “Why are you taking off your clothes?”

“Of course I’m going to take a bath in this pool. There’s a spiritual spring inside!

“Use the spiritual spring to wash your body and sit inside to cultivate. You can achieve twice the results with half the effort!”

Bujie laughed. After taking off only his underpants, he ran towards the spiritual pool eagerly.

However, just as Bujie approached the spirit pool!

Yang Luo’s heart suddenly skipped a beat as he sensed a terrifying aura sweeping out of the spirit pool!

Right on the heels of that, the waters in the spirit spring surged!

“Bujie, be careful. There’s danger!”

Yang Luo reminded in surprise.

At that very moment…


A huge figure suddenly soared into the sky from the spirit pool. It opened its bloody mouth and bit towards Bujie!

“F*ck! There really are monsters?!”

Bujie let out a strange cry as the True Qi in his body erupted. He immediately twisted his fist and punched towards the huge mouth!

The next instant…


A violent collision resounded!


Bujie cried out in pain as his entire body was sent flying. With a bang, he slammed heavily into the wall!

“Bujie, are you alright?”

Yang Luo asked loudly.

“Brother Yang, I’m fine!”

Bujie bared his teeth in pain and got up from the ground.

The two of them looked up and were instantly stunned by the huge creature in front of them.

A black python more than thirty meters long, covered in lightning patterns, and with red eyes appeared in front of them.

Perhaps it was because it had cultivated for a long time, but there was a bump on the python’s head, as if a horn was about to grow.

Bujie was dumbfounded. He said with a face full of fear, “Oh my god, what a huge python. The two of us are not even enough to fill the gaps between its teeth!”

Yang Luo sized up the python and thought of an ancient book that the old man had shown him previously.

The ancient books recorded all kinds of rare beasts, including this python.

Yang Luo’s eyes lit up as he stared intently at the python and said, “This is a type of demon beast called the Scarlet Eye Lightning Python!

“From the lightning patterns on its body, this Scarlet Eye Lightning Python has probably cultivated for nearly 500 years!”

This was a demon beast that had cultivated for nearly 500 years. If he could swallow its inner core, he would definitely be able to step into the Shedding Mortality Stage!

At that time, he could easily crush a Martial King Realm expert!

“Scarlet Eye Lightning Python?”

Bujie swallowed and said, “Brother Yang, this Scarlet Eye Lightning Python is so big and its aura is so terrifying. How are we going to fight it?”

“Stay at the side. I’ll deal with him!

Also, take this Dragon Mark Buddhist Staff to protect yourself!”

Yang Luo said and waved his left hand.


A black staff with dragon patterns immediately whistled out and flew towards Bujie.

Bujie raised his right hand and grabbed it tightly.

He weighed the Buddhist staff in his hand and said in satisfaction, “Not bad, not bad. This Buddhist staff looks like a treasure, and it’s quite suitable.”

As he spoke, he looked curiously at the ring on Yang Luo’s left hand and asked, “Brother Yang, could it be that you’re wearing a storage ring?”

“That’s right.”

Yang Luo nodded in reply.

Bujie chuckled and said, “Brother Yang, you have quite a lot of treasures on you.

Indeed, it’s good to follow you.”

At this moment!


The Scarlet Eye Lightning Python let out a roar and charged towards Yang Luo and Bujie!

Rumble rumble rumble!

As soon as the Scarlet Eye Lightning Python moved, this area began to tremble violently!

The rocks surrounding the area even started rolling down!

As Yang Luo was relatively close, the Scarlet Eye Lightning Python opened its huge mouth and bit at Yang Luo first!

“Get lost!”

Yang Luo roared and mobilized the True Qi in his body. He punched out ferociously!


This punch landed heavily on the Scarlet Eye Lightning Python’s forehead with a loud bang!

The Scarlet Eye Lightning Python let out a tragic cry and was sent flying. With a bang, it hit the wall!

A huge pit was smashed into the wall, rocks flew, and dust soared into the sky!

The scales on the Scarlet Eye Lightning Python’s forehead that were as tough as steel had been knocked off a lot, and blood flowed down!

“Heavens, Brother Yang, you’re too fierce. You sent this evil creature flying with a single punch?!”

Bujie was dumbfounded. He looked at Yang Luo with admiration.

Although he had long known that Yang Luo was very strong, he did not expect him to be so strong.

He was certain that if he was alone, he would definitely not be a match for the Scarlet Eye Lightning Python.

But now that Yang Luo was around, he felt much more confident.


The Scarlet Eye Lightning Python went completely berserk after getting hurt. Its eyes were filled with a furious red light as it charged at Yang Luo again!

The moment it rushed over!

The Scarlet Eye Lightning Python opened its mouth, and a black-purple lightning bolt as thick as a tree trunk swept out and smashed at Yang Luo!

Yang Luo said in a trembling voice, “Bastard, you’re still too inexperienced to play with lightning with me!”

As he spoke, Yang Luo raised his right hand, and golden lightning flickered on his palm. It was dazzling!

“Damn, it was True Qi turning into fire previously, and now it’s True Qi turning into lightning?”

Bujie was dumbfounded, “Brother Yang, how many attributes do you control?”

After mobilizing the lightning, Yang Luo waved his right hand!

The golden lightning whistled out and ruthlessly collided with the black-purple lightning!

In an instant!


The two bolts of lightning collided in the sky, emitting loud thunderclaps!

Lightning spread and flickered, and it was as if the entire Getault Mountain was trembling!

After Yang Luo’s lightning shattered the black and purple lightning, it continued to shoot towards the Scarlet Eye Lightning Python!

The Scarlet Eye Lightning Python’s pupils constricted. It wanted to dodge, but it was too late!

With a loud bang, the lightning struck the Scarlet Eye Lightning Python’s body heavily, causing its scales to splatter and blood to spray. It screamed endlessly!

“Roar, roar, roar!”

The Scarlet Eye Lightning Python roared crazily and charged towards Yang Luo again!

On the way over, the Scarlet Eye Lightning Python kept spitting out lightning at Yang Luo!

However, Yang Luo was not afraid at all. He clenched his fists and punched out one punch after another, scattering the lightning!

But right at this moment…

The Scarlet Eye Lightning Python suddenly changed its direction and charged towards Bujie!

Demon beasts that had cultivated for many years had long developed intelligence!

Through the exchange just now, it clearly sensed that Yang Luo was stronger than it, but Bujie was weaker than it!

Therefore, it planned to eat Bujie to replenish its stamina and energy before dealing with Yang Luo!

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