Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess

Chapter 318 - Chapter 318: A Catastrophe Is Coming!

Chapter 318: A Catastrophe Is Coming!

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Soon, Yang Luo returned to the food stall.

The monk followed and sat opposite Yang Luo.

He shouted into the shop, “Attendant, give me another ten lamb skewers, ten chicken wings, ten kidney skewers, and five bottles of cold beer!”


The attendant responded.

Yang Luo was caught between laughter and tears, “Why are you eating meat and drinking when you’re a monk?”

The monk shook his head and said, “As the saying goes, wine and meat pass through the intestines, but Buddha stays in the heart.”

Yang Luo rolled his eyes, “What a twisted logic.”

Monk shook his head, “No, no, no. It’s not a twisted theory. That’s the truth.”

“By the way, what’s your name?”

Yang Luo asked curiously.

Monk said, “I don’t have a name. 1 only have a Dharma name. My Dharma name is Bujie.”

“Not quitting©?”

Yang Luo was stunned for a moment, “What do you mean?”

Bujie said, “The Buddhist Sect has the Eight Percepts, but I don’t abstain from any of them. That’s why my Dharma name is Bujie.”

Yang Luo nodded and said, “That’s true. Monks like you who kill, eat meat, and drink are indeed different from the norm.”

Bujie asked, “Benefactor, what’s your name?”

“My name is Yang Luo.”

Yang Luo simply replied.

Bujie smiled and said, “Since we are fated, we will be brothers in the future.

How about I call you Brother Yang?”

Yang Luo said speechlessly, “1 already said that we’re not fated. Don’t call me brother.”

Bujie shook his head and said, “Brother Yang, fate is predestined. You have no choice but to admit it.”

Yang Luo was instantly left speechless by this monk.

Bujie stared at Yang Luo’s face for a while and said, “Brother Yang, your glabella is black, and there’s a bad omen above your head. I’m afraid a calamity is coming.”

Yang Luo rolled his eyes, “Calamity my ass.”

Soon, a few more plates of skewers and cold beer were served.

Bujie asked while eating skewers, “Brother Yang, what are you doing in Country Noodle?”

Yang Luo took a sip of wine and said, “I’m settling some business.”

Bujie asked, “What business?”

“It’s none of your business.”

In the following period of time, Bujie’s mouth was chattering non-stop as if he had forgotten to lock it.

Yang Luo was about to go crazy.

Why did he have to join the fun just now? He had now provoked such a joker into relentlessly chatting with him.

After supper, Yang Luo paid the bill and prepared to return to the hotel.

However, Bujie followed him.

Yang Luo said, “Bujie, you’ve already eaten and drunk. Why are you still following me?”

Bujie said, “Brother Yang, didn’t 1 just say that you and I are fated?

“Therefore, no matter where you go in the future, I will follow you.”

Yang Luo waved his hand, “Up to you.”

After walking past a street…


A black MPV rushed out of the intersection and shot towards Yang Luo!

“Brother Yang, be careful!”

Bujie shouted and pushed Yang Luo out. Then, he suddenly slapped out at the MPV!

With a loud bang, the MPV was forced to stop!

Right at this moment!

Another nine A4PVs rushed out from the intersection and surrounded Yang Luo and Bujie!

Bujie shouted, “Brother Yang, 1 told you that a calamity was about to befall you. Isn’t this proof!”

“I think you’re a jinx!”

Yang Luo retorted. Meanwhile, his gaze swept across the ten MPVs and his expression darkened.

He was really speechless.

One thing after another happened tonight. There was simply no end to it!

At this moment, the doors of the ten MPVs opened. Fifty burly men alighted and walked towards Yang Luo and Bujie.

Yang Luo recognized seven of the burly men in the lead at a glance. They were the boxers under Zachary.

After all, he had seen them in the underground arena not long ago.

Yang Luo’s expression darkened as he asked, “Did Zachary send you here?”

“That’s right, the boss sent us here!”

A huge black man responded and said, “Kid, you helped Grondor defeat our boss twice in a row tonight and even caused our boss to lose two jade mines!

“Do you think you can leave China alive after offending our boss?”

Bujie asked curiously, “Brother Yang, what’s going on? Do these guys have a grudge against you?”

Yang Luo nodded and said, “They do have a grudge against me. As for the reason, 1’11 explain it to you later.”


Bujie nodded and shouted at this group of people, “You want to touch my Brother Yang, but have you asked this Lord Buddha here?”

The huge black man said fiercely, “Stupid monk, this has nothing to do with you. Get lost quickly, or I’ll kill you too!”


Bujie’s eyes widened, “You want to kill me? Dream on!”

The huge black man could not be bothered to talk nonsense anymore. He waved his hand and said, “Brothers, attack!”

With this order!

This huge black man and the other 49 burly men took out a bottle of strengthening potion at the same time and drank it!

Bujie asked curiously, “Eh, what are they drinking?”

Yang Luo said, “They’re drinking some kind of strengthening potion. Be careful!”

Not only was Bujie not afraid, he even said excitedly, “There’s such a thing, it’s quite interesting!”


The huge black man waved his hand again and charged towards Yang Luo and Bujie.

The other 49 burly men also rushed over.

Just as the black hunk and the other 50 people charged over, the muscles on their bodies bulged, their veins bulged, and their eyes turned bloodshot. Their auras rose steadily!

“Twenty-five each, go!”

Bujie shouted and charged forward.

Yang Luo reacted immediately and rushed forward as well.

“Go to hell!”

That huge black man directly twisted his fist, exploding the air, blasting towards Bujie!

“Demon Subduing Buddhist Fist!”

Bujie shouted and also twisted his fist, mobilizing a golden True Qi to meet the attack!

And in that instant!


When the two fists collided, it was like a thunderclap had exploded on the ground!

The next second!


The huge black man let out a miserable cry. His right arm, which was thicker than Bujie’s thigh, was directly broken!

His entire body was sent flying. With a bang, he knocked over an MPV!

Just as the huge black man was sent flying!

Another six burly men rushed up and punched Bujie at the same time!

Bujie’s feet were rooted firmly on the ground. He pressed his palms together and let out an explosive roar!

“Golden Bell Shield!”

The next instant…

Bujie’s body emitted a dazzling golden light. The Buddhist True Qi seemed to have transformed into a golden bell that enveloped Bujie!

Dong, dong, dong!

Six huge fists landed heavily on the golden bell, emitting waves of loud clanging sounds!

Even though the strength of these six giants had increased by ten times and the heavy punches they threw were incomparably powerful, they still could not break through Bujie’s defense!

“Get lost!”

Bujie shouted and stomped on the ground!

In an instant!

The golden bell immediately transformed into waves of earth-shattering True Qi that spread in all directions!


The six burly men cried out in pain. Their arms were broken and blood spurted from their mouths as they were sent flying like sandbags!

After sending the six burly men flying, Bujie moved his feet and executed a Greater Teleportation Technique, instantly dodging the attacks of the burly men. Then, he launched a fierce counterattack!

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