Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess

Chapter 316 - Chapter 316: Even a monster will not hurt its own children!

Chapter 316: Even a monster will not hurt its own children!

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Seeing Aguda condense dozens of energy spears out of thin air, Grondor and Jin Yumin were instantly stunned!

They were considered experienced and knowledgeable, but they had never seen such a magical method!

However, Yang Luo’s expression did not change. He sneered and said, “You want to compete with me with this little trick? Are you worthy?”

As he spoke, Yang Luo took a step forward!

A violent golden True Qi spread out from his body, as if turning into a storm that instantly shattered the energy spear that whistled over!


Aguda’s pupils constricted as he exclaimed, “You’re also a Martial Warrior?”

“Isn’t it too late to find out now?”

Yang Luo sneered and rushed towards Aguda in a flash.

Aguda said in a trembling voice, “So what if you’re a Martial Warrior? I can still kill you!”

As he spoke, he continued to chant an incantation and shouted coldly!

“Undead Summoning!”


Accompanied by shrill screams, undead creatures condensed in the sky and pounced at Yang Luo!

These undead were ancient Western knights riding horses, as well as some Western magical beasts!

No matter how strong Grondor and Jin Yumin were, they were still frightened.

At this moment, the people outside the villa also heard the commotion and rushed to the door.

When they saw this scene in the living room, they were all dumbfounded!

“Oh my god, what is this?”

“Isn’t this a scene only seen in movies?”

Many people exclaimed and did not dare to step into the villa.


Gesang laughed crazily and roared, “Mr. Aguda, good job. Kill this kid!”

“You want to kill me?

Let’s see if you have the ability!”

Yang Luo sneered and drew nine golden dragon talismans in the air with his right hand before shooting them out!

Nine golden dragon talismans smashed out. Golden light shone brightly and was dazzling!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of explosions resounded in the living room!

The souls summoned by Aguda were all defeated and dissipated in the sky!

“Impossible! This is impossible!”

Aguda was terrified and broke out in a cold sweat.

He did not expect this Chinese kid in front of him to be so powerful that he could easily defeat the souls he summoned.

Seeing that Yang Luo continued to charge over, he did not dare to hesitate and continued to chant!

“All living beings in the world, listen to my orders!”

As the incantation spread!

In an instant…

The people at the door seemed to have lost their souls. Their eyes were empty as they charged towards Yang Luo!

“Mr. Yang, be careful!”

Grondor and Jin Yumin reminded him in shock.

However, Yang Luo was not flustered at all. He also chanted an incantation!


The next instant…

The people who were charging over suddenly stopped, and their eyes regained clarity!

“What’s going on? What was I doing just now?”

“I think we were being controlled by that guy!”

“This guy is too strange. Go and don’t get close to him!”

These people exclaimed one after another. They did not dare to stay in the living room any longer and turned around to rush out.

“How is this possible?!”

When Aguda saw that Yang Luo had broken his sorcery again, the fear in his heart intensified.

He said ruthlessly, “Kid, since 1 can’t control others, I’ll control you!

I’ll put a curse on you and kill you!”

As he spoke, he took out a palm-sized puppet from his pocket and threw it into the sky!

Then, he continued to chant.

The puppet emitted a strange black-red light that shone at Yang Luo!

Yang Luo immediately felt that his body was a little out of control, and his mind started to get a little chaotic.


However, he quickly regained his senses and let out a dragon roar, directly breaking the curse.

Then, he suddenly waved his right hand and shot out a stream of True Qi at the puppet in the sky!


The puppet instantly exploded and turned into wood shavings that slowly floated down the sky!

Seeing that all the sorcery spells could not do anything to Yang Luo, Aguda was so frightened that his face turned pale. He turned around and prepared to run.

“You want to run? No way!”

Yang Luo shouted and flashed forward. He punched Aguda in the back!


Aguda spat out a large mouthful of blood and fell heavily to the ground. His entire body twitched a few times before he stopped breathing.

Seeing this, Gesang sprinted over, shouting at Aguda, “Mr. Aguda! Mr. Aguda!”

“There’s no need to scream. This guy is already dead.”

Yang Luo said indifferently and walked over.

“No… No… How could this be…”

Gesang shook his head vigorously, not daring to accept this fact.

One had to know that Aguda was a helper he had spent a lot of money to hire.

He did not expect him to be killed by Yang Luo so quickly.

This kid was too terrifying!

Grondor looked at Gesang coldly and said in a low voice, “Gesang, show me what else you have!”


Gesang knelt on the ground and kowtowed as he cried, “Dad, I know 1 was wrong. 1 know I was wrong!

Please spare me this time, please!”

Yang Luo and Jin Yumin only sighed deeply and did not interfere.

After all, this was Gesang’s family matter, and they could not interfere.

Grondor took out his pistol and pointed it at Gesang’s head. He said fiercely, “Dog, do you only know your mistake now?

Did you ever think that this day would come when you did these things?”

Gesang trembled in fear and continued to beg for mercy, “I’m sorry, Dad. 1 won’t dare to do it again!

For my mother’s sake, please spare me this once. Please!”

Gesang wanted to pull the trigger and shoot this unfilial son, but when he heard this, his heart softened.

He instead moved the muzzle down and fired two shots at Gesang’s legs.

Bang! Bang!

The gunshot rang out, and Gesang’s legs immediately exploded into two mists of blood!


Gesang rolled on the ground in pain and screamed non-stop.

“Take him away!”

Grondor waved at his subordinates at the door.

Soon, two subordinates ran in and dragged Gesang out.

At this moment, the mercenary leader, Bahem, was so frightened that he knelt on the ground and said to Yang Luo, “Sir, I did as you said. Can you let me go now?”

Without saying anything, Grondor shot Bahem in the head.

After doing all this, Grondor threw away the gun in his hand and collapsed on the sofa, his face full of grief.

Jin Yumin sighed and said, “Brother, how do you plan to deal with Gesang? Are you really going to kill him?”

Grondor said in pain, “He’s my son after all. I really can’t bear to kill him.

However, he has ultimately committed an unforgivable sin.

1 will chase him out of Country Noodle and make him never step foot in Country Noodle again.”

Yang Luo also knew that this kind of thing was really difficult to deal with.

Even the ruthless Grondor could not bear to kill his son in the end.

Perhaps this was what it meant by “even a monster would not hurt its own children”.

After saying that, Grondor wiped his face heavily and stood up. “Mr. Yang, Brother Jin, I’ve made a fool of myself tonight. Let’s go.”

Yang Luo and Jin Yumin sighed and shook their heads before following Grondor out of the villa.

After leaving the villa, the others prepared the funeral arrangements while Grondor and Jin Yumin sent Yang Luo to the hotel..

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