Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess

Chapter 307 - Chapter 307: Strengthening Potion!

Chapter 307: Strengthening Potion!

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At the same moment…

In private room number three opposite them.

There were ten boxers standing in front of Zachary.

He glanced at the ten boxers and said in a low voice, “Did you hear what I said just now?”

“Loud and clear!”

The ten boxers responded in unison.

“Very good!”

Zachary nodded and looked at three of the boxers, “Barrett, Austin, Nelson, you’ll fight this match!”


A huge white man and two huge black men took a step forward and responded with a loud voice.

These three huge men were more than 1.9 meters tall. Their muscles bulged like three iron towers.

These three huge men were the three strongest boxers under Zachary.

At this moment, Barrett frowned and said, “Mr. Zachary, Grondor will definitely send Wu Donglin, Titan, and Thomas out for this match.

“It will probably be difficult for the three of us to defeat the three of them alone.”

Austin and Nelson both nodded.

After all, they had fought Wu Donglin, Thomas, and Titan several times over the years, but they had lost more than won.

That was why they were worried that they would not be able to defeat Wu Donglin and the other two.

Zachary narrowed his eyes and smiled, “Don’t worry, I’ve already considered this point.

Therefore, I’ve prepared something good for you.”

As he spoke, he got his subordinate to bring over a pin code briefcase.

After opening the password box, everyone saw three bottles of red potion the length of a thumb.

He took out the three bottles of red potions and handed them to Barrett and the other two. “These are the first-generation strengthening potions I bought from Country Stars & Stripes.

As long as you drink this potion, your speed, strength, sensitivity, and so on will instantly increase by ten times.”

” Increase ten times?!”

“Is this true?! Isn’t this too exaggerated?!”

“If it can really be strengthened by ten times, it won’t be a problem for us to sweep through the entire underground arena!”

Barrett and the other two looked at the strengthening potion in their hands in a daze and exclaimed.

The other boxers were also shocked.

Zachary blew out a mouthful of smoke and said, “This potion has been tested many times. You don’t have to worry about its effects at all.

However, the effect of this strengthening potion only lasts for ten minutes.

After the medicine wears off, your bodies will become very weak and you will need to rest for a few days to recover.

“Therefore, the moment you feel that you’re no match for them, drink the potion immediately and end the battle as soon as possible.”

Austin laughed out loud and said, “Mr. Zachary, with the strengthening potion, it’s difficult for us not to win this competition.”

Zachary said coldly, “i hope that not only do you guys have to win this competition, but you also have to take this opportunity to kill the three of them!

Even if you cannot not kill them, you have to cripple them completely so that they can never step onto the arena again!

“As long as you can win this competition, I’ll reward each of you with five million USD!”


Barrett and the other two responded with evil smiles.

Zachary waved his hand and said, “Alright, go and prepare!”

Barrett and the other two nodded and left the private room.

Zachary looked at Grondor in the private room opposite and sneered, “Grondor, not only do 1 want to win back my jade mine in this competition, but 1 also want to kill the strongest boxer under you and trample on your face!”

Not long after…

After the current competition in the arena ended, an emcee ran to the arena with a microphone.

The emcee said passionately, “Ladies and gentlemen, just now, I received exciting news!

The next match will be fought by the six boxers sent by Mr. Grondor and Mr. Zachary!

There were no rules in the competition. If one is killed on the stage, unable to stand for ten seconds, or is knocked off the stage, they will lose!

In the end, the final victory will go to whoever still has their boxers standing on stage!

Moreover, the bet between the two gentlemen is a jade mine. Whoever won will obtain a jade mine from the other party!

In short, the following competition will be a visual feast. Please scream and shout!”

Right after he finished his sentence!

The crowd went wild.

“Oh my god, Mr. Grondor and Mr. Zachary are actually playing such a big game tonight. They’re betting on a jade mine!”

“Haha, the following competition will definitely be very exciting!”

“Hurry up and start. I can’t wait anymore!”

“Bet, bet. i bet five million on Mr. Grondor winning!”

“I’ll bet three million on Mr. Zachary winning!”

Everyone present cheered and shouted. Many people even began to bet.

The emcee didn’t say anything else. Instead, he loudly announced, “The competition begins next. Will the boxers of the two sides come on stage!”

Soon, two boxers walked onto the arena. They were Titan and Barrett!

Titan was more than two meters tall, and Barrett was more than 1.9 meters tall. They were considered two heavyweight boxers!

“Go Titan, beat Barrett up!”

“Barrett, come on! Kill the Titan for me!”

“Titan, if you win this competition, I’ll reward you with a million dollars!”

“Barrett, if you win, I’ll reward you with three million!”

The people below the stage raised their arms and shouted excitedly.


As the gong sounded, the competition officially began!


Titan and Barrett let out a roar at the same time. They crashed into each other like two trucks!

The two of them rushed forward rapidly, and the entire arena trembled!

And in that instant!


The two of them collided heavily, causing the entire arena to tremble even more violently!

The moment the match started, an explosive force erupted, directly igniting the atmosphere of the event location!

Screams, cheers, and shouts rose and fell!

Under this terrifying collision, Titan and Barrett were both knocked back at the same time!

But soon, the two of them stabilized themselves and rushed towards each other again. They kept punching and attacking each other!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sounds of collisions resounded non-stop like muffled thunder, making everyone’s hearts skip a beat!

At this moment, in private room 10.

Jin Yumin asked Yang Luo, “Mr. Yang, who do you think will win this competition?”

Yang Luo looked at the battle situation in the arena and replied, “Although both sides are heavyweight players, there’s still a difference in strength.

The Titan’s strength and speed is stronger than Barret’s.

“Therefore, if nothing goes wrong, Titan will naturally win.”

Grondor said in surprise, “Mr. Yang, it seems that you really know how to fight.”

Jin Yumin said, “Brother, I’m not bragging, but Mr. Yang’s skills are really not bad.

Previously, I saw more than ten well-trained bodyguards being beaten down by Mr. Yang in a few moves.”

Grondor said in admiration, “Mr. Yang, not only do you know medicine, know how to identify jade, and you’re also quite skilled in fighting. You’re an all-rounder!”

Yang Luo smiled and said, “I’m not all-rounded. I just learned a little more.”

While Yang Luo and the other two were chatting…

With a loud bang, the Titan threw Barrett outwards!

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