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Chapter 132 - Chapter 132: Acting Like Bandits!

Chapter 132: Acting Like Bandits!

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Jiang City East District.

On a bustling street sat a Country Sakura Dojo.

This martial arts school was called Ichiki Karate Dojo. It was the martial arts school run by Sato Taro.

As soon as the Ichiki Karate Dojo was established, it triggered a registration frenzy.

Many Chinese young people eagerly signed up to learn karate.

At this moment…

At the entrance of the dojo.

Two young men from Country Sakura, who were wearing white martial arts clothes with black belts around their waists and wooden clogs, were guarding the door and chatting.

One of the square-faced men smiled at a thin-faced man and said, “Tanaka-kun, the dojo master brought Nakamura-kun, Kitada-kun, and Yagyu-kun to challenge the dojo today.

I’m afraid all 19 martial arts schools run by the Chinese have been kicked out of their places.”

“Of course.”

The thin-faced man smiled smugly and said, “Jiang City’s martial arts world is a bunch of trash. Nakamura-kun and the others will definitely be able to trample Jiang City’s martial arts world under their feet and raise the might of Country Sakura’s martial arts!”


The square-faced man laughed out loud.

But at this moment…

Cars drove over from afar and stopped at the door.

The square-faced man’s laughter stopped abruptly. He said in confusion, “What’s going on? Why are there suddenly so many cars? Could it be that the Hall Master and the others have returned?”

The thin-faced man shook his head and said, “That’s not right. The dojo master and the others don’t drive these cars!”

Soon, the car door opened, and Yang Luo and the others got out of the car and walked over.

When Hong Yunzhi and the others arrived, the square-faced man exclaimed, “Isn’t that the leader of the Martial Alliance in Jiang City, Hong Yunzhi?” “What’s going on? Why are they here?

Shouldn’t they have already been hospitalized by Nakamura-kun and the others?”

The thin-faced man was also surprised.

Just as the two of them were in a daze, Yang Luo and the others had already approached.

At this moment, when the passersby on the street saw that Yang Luo and the others had created such a huge scene, they also surrounded them and prepared to watch the commotion.

“What do you want?”

The square-faced man asked coldly in stiff Chinese.

“What do you think we’re doing?”

Yang Luo sneered at the two of them and said in a trembling voice, “We Chinese care a lot about reciprocation!

Since your dojo master brought people to challenge our Chinese martial arts school, we naturally have to return it!”

“What?! Challenge?!”

The square-faced man and the thin-faced man’s expressions changed drastically. They turned around and prepared to rush into the martial arts school!

The onlookers also got excited!

Although they had always heard of martial arts schools challenging each other under the pretext of sparring, they had never seen it before!

They did not expect to encounter a real challenge today. There was something to watch!

“Do it.”

Yang Luo just waved his hand.

Chen Rongrong and Qiao Yongjie immediately stepped forward and kicked out!



The square-faced man and the thin-faced man cried out in pain and flew into the martial arts school.

In the hall of the martial arts school.

Three middle-aged men in training clothes were teaching the apprentices.

These three middle-aged men were the three teachers of the martial arts school, Ryuji Ida, Shotai Yamashita, and Yassen Miyamoto.

As for these apprentices, there were some from Country Sakura, a small number of Caucasians, and black people, but most of them were Chinese.

But at this moment…

The square-faced man and the thin-faced man flew in from outside and fell heavily into the hall.

For a moment, everyone in the hall was alarmed and turned to look.

“Tanaka-kun, Hasegata-kun, what happened?”

Ryuji Ida quickly helped the two of them up and asked in a low voice.

“Ida-kun, someone is challenging us!”

“They’re already in!”

The two of them quickly replied with terrified expressions.

Ryuji Ida’s expression turned cold as he said in a deep voice, “Someone actually dares to come to our place to challenge us. How bold!”

But right after he finished his sentence!

A teasing voice came from outside.

“Why? Could it be that this is a dragon’s pool and tiger’s den that nobody can kick?”

Ryuji Ida and company looked up and saw a group of people striding in. Many people who were watching the commotion also followed.

The leader was Yang Luo.

Ryuji Ida and the others were shocked when they saw Hong Yunzhi and the others!

Yang Luo sneered and said, “Why? Are you surprised to see Alliance Master Hong and the others safe and sound?”

Ryuji Ida and company were indeed very surprised.

What was this situation?

Didn’t the dojo master bring Nakamura-kun, Kitada-kun, and Yagyu-kun to challenge the dojo?

Why did Hong Yunzhi and the others come knocking on their door when they were fine?

But before Ryuji Ida could speak…

A young woman in a white martial arts suit with a white belt around her waist walked out. Her figure was not bad, and she had heavy makeup on.

She placed her hands on her hips and said unhappily, “China is a country of etiquette. Aren’t you shameless to bring so many people to challenge us?”

This woman’s name was Wang Xiaoli, and she was an apprentice here.

The reason why she joined Ichiki Karate Dojo was firstly because she felt that Country Sakura’s karate was indeed very powerful and that foreign things were good. Secondly, she liked the dojo master, Sato Taro.

Yang Luo turned to look at Wang Xiaoli and frowned.

He looked at Wang Xiaoli and asked, “Are you from Country Sakura?”

Wang Xiaoli replied, “I’m Chinese!”

Yang Luo asked coldly, “Since you’re Chinese, why are you speaking up for the Sakura people?”

Wang Xiaoli said, “It’s true that I’m Chinese, but 1 feel ashamed of your actions!

The martial arts school is minding their own business, but you guys came to challenge it. This is simply a bandit act!”

As soon as these words were spoken…

Hong Yunzhi and the others’ faces darkened.

They never expected that their compatriots would speak up for the people of Country Sakura and even say that they were bandits.

Yang Luo was instantly amused, “Then do you know why we came to challenge you?”

Wang Xiaoli said unhappily, “How would I know why?!”

“Then I’ll tell you!”

Yang Luo’s eyes turned cold as he said loudly, “Not long ago, the dojo master of Ichiki Karate Dojo brought a group of people to our Chinese dojo to challenge us and injured many of our dojo masters and disciples!

Those guys even clamored to trample on Jiang City’s martial arts world!

“That’s why we came to challenge you!”

Upon hearing this, the people who had run in to watch the commotion immediately understood what was going on.

“So it was these Country Sakura people who started it first!”

“How dare these guys trample on the martial arts world of Jiang City? They’re too arrogant!”

“Brother, I agree with the challenge. We should teach these guys a lesson!”

The onlookers were filled with righteous indignation and spoke one after another.

Even many Chinese apprentices present were a little unhappy.

However, Wang Xiaoli screamed, “What’s wrong with that? Hall Master Sato brought people to challenge the sect just to spar and exchange martial arts with you!

You were beaten up because you weren’t strong enough. Now, you actually found so many people to take revenge. What kind of ability is this?

If you have the ability, wait for Hall Master Sato and the others to return.. You guys will fight one-on-one with them!”

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