Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess

Chapter 112 - Chapter 112: Creating Opportunities!

Chapter 112: Creating Opportunities!

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Yang Luo did not hide anything and told Su Qingmei about what happened three days ago.

However, Yang Luo deliberately hid what Li Haoyang had done to prevent Qingmei from worrying too much.

After hearing Yang Luo’s words, Su Qingmei’s beautiful eyes widened as she said in surprise, “Oh my god, you actually did so much today?

You managed to catch criminals and saved people. Looks like you’re even busier than me.”

Yang Luo said helplessly, “Perhaps this is what it means by ‘with great power comes great responsbility’.”

Su Qingmei teased, “Yes, yes, yes. You’re the most capable person in the world. Do you think you’re Superman and the entire world is waiting for you to save it?”

Yang Luo was caught between laughter and tears. He didn’t expect her to crack a joke even at this time.

He shook his head and changed the topic, “By the way, Qingmei, it’s almost six o’clock. Aren’t you going to get off work?”

Su Qingmei said, “I still have something to deal with today. I’ll probably be late.

You can go to the office next door for a while.”

Yang Luo shook his head and said, “It’s fine. Go do your thing. I’ll wait for you here.”

“Alright then.”

Su Qingmei nodded and continued working.

Yang Luo poured himself a cup of tea and picked up a magazine to read.

Time passed minute by minute. Unknowingly, it was already past seven in the evening, and the sky was gradually darkening.

At this moment, a call was made to Su Qingmei’s phone.

Su Qingmei picked up the call.

After answering the call, a hint of joy appeared on Su Qingmei’s face.

She stood up and said, “Yang Luo, let’s go. Follow me to Blue Sky clubhouse.”


Yang Luo looked puzzled, “Why are we going to the clubhouse?”

Su Qingmei said, “President Shen called me just now and said that she’s holding an exchange event at the Blue Sky clubhouse tonight. The bosses of the Heroes Chamber of Commerce will participate.

“Therefore, President Shen wants to invite me to this event to give me a chance to salvage my cooperation with some bosses.”

Yang Luo sighed and said, “Qingmei, didn’t I say that there’s no need to do these things?

In any case, when our new product goes on the market, those guys will come running over and beg to cooperate with us.”


Su Qingmei shook her head and said, “For the sake of the company, I have to make two sets of preparations!

Are you going or not? If you don’t want to go, I’ll go myself!”

With that, Su Qingmei turned around and left the office.

“Qingmei, I didn’t say that I wouldn’t go. Wait for me!”

Yang Luo called out and quickly followed.

After leaving the company, Yang Luo drove straight to Blue Sky clubhouse.

At around eight o’clock in the evening…

The car arrived at the entrance of the Blue Sky clubhouse.

After parking the car, Yang Luo followed Su Qingmei into the clubhouse.

Under the lead of an attendant, Yang Luo and Su Qingmei arrived at the hall on the third floor of the clubhouse.

The entire hall was very spacious. It was low-key yet luxurious.

There were drinks and snacks on the long tables.

At this moment, many bosses had already arrived. Everyone was well-dressed and elegant, chatting in groups.

However, when Su Qingmei walked into the hall, the bosses all looked over.

“Isn’t this President Su of Hua Mei Biomedical? Why is she here?”

“President Su is also a member of the Heroes Chamber of Commerce. She must have been invited by President Shen!”

“I heard that Hua Mei Biomedical can’t hold on much longer and is about to close down!”

“Isn’t that so? Now that Ding Sheng Biomedical is suppressing Hua Mei Biomedical in all aspects, Hua Mei Biomedical is finished!”

The bosses were all whispering.

Moreover, most of the bosses pretended not to see it. Only a few bosses greeted her simply.

“Mr. Yang, you’re here!”

At this moment, Li Sihai from the Four Seas Trading Company ran over with a smile.

“Mr. Yang, I was planning to look for you in the next few days!”

Cai Donglai from the Baolin Medicinal Herbs Company also ran over with a smile.

Many bosses present were very puzzled when they saw Li Sihai and Cai Donglai’s enthusiastic expressions towards Yang Luo.

“Eh, who is this kid? President Li and President Cai are actually so respectful to him?”

“You don’t even know this. This young man is the son-in-law of the Su family. It’s said that he cured Old Master Su’s chronic illness!”

“So he’s the mysterious Divine Doctor who cured Old Master Su. He looks too ordinary, right?”

Some of the bosses recognized Yang Luo, but there were also some bosses who did not know Yang Luo.

Therefore, many people were very curious about Yang Luo.

Yang Luo ignored the others and looked at Li Sihai. He asked, “President Li, are you feeling better?”

“Mr. Yang, my body is much better now!

“If you hadn’t helped me get rid of the evil spirit on me, I’m afraid 1 would have been finished long ago!”

Li Sihai sighed and said, “Mr. Yang, don’t worry. No matter what others think,

I, Li Sihai, will definitely stand on your side and not terminate my cooperation with Hua Mei Biomedical!”

“Mr. Yang, I will also stand on your side, on Hua Mei Biomedical’s side!”

Cai Donglai also echoed. Then, he chuckled and said, “Mr. Yang, the prescription you gave me is really too awesome!

“Now, I’ve already regained my dignity as a man. 1 can reach 20 minutes every time!”

Su Qingmei blushed when she heard this. She now naturally knew what Cai Donglai was talking about.

Yang Luo knew that Su Qingmei was shy, so he didn’t harp on this topic.

Instead, he said, “President Li, President Cai, not canceling the collaboration with Hua Mei Biomedical is the best decision you made!

“It won’t be long before you’ll be glad that you made this choice!”

Li Sihai touched his chin and said, “Mr. Yang, can Hua Mei Biomedical be revived?”

Yang Luo said, “Not only can it revive the dead, but it can also make a beautiful comeback.”

“Let’s hope so.”

Li Sihai sighed and nodded.

Actually, he did not think highly of Hua Mei Biomedical.

Now that Hua Mei Biomedical had already fallen to the bottom, how could they make a comeback?

Cai Donglai had the same thoughts as Li Sihai.

However, although they thought so in their hearts, they did not say anything.

“President Su, Mr. Yang, you’re here!”

At this moment, Shen Yun, who was wearing a light gray professional suit, walked over with a smile.

Yang Luo asked, “President Shen, is Little Meng better?”

Shen Yun smiled and said, “Mr. Yang, it’s all thanks to you for saving her. Little Meng is much better now. The doctor said that she can be discharged in a few days.”

“That’s good.”

Yang Luo nodded in reply.

Shen Yun turned to look at Su Qingmei and said, “President Su, I specially organized this event today to facilitate everyone’s communication and cooperation.

Secondly, it was also to create an opportunity for you.

Tell everyone about the current situation of Hua Mei Biomedical and the subsequent plans.

Perhaps we can salvage some of their cooperation.”

Su Qingmei thanked him, “Thank you for providing this opportunity, President Shen.”

Shen Yun waved it off, “There’s no need to thank me. I promised to help you, so

I naturally can’t go back on my word..”

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