Super Gene

Chapter 3131 - Going Back to Gold Crystal System

Chapter 3131 Going Back to Gold Crystal System

After taking Bao’er to a safe place, Han Sen asked her how she had got there.

“The old liar brought me here,” Bao’er said.

“The old liar? Which old liar?” Han Sen was shocked.

“He is the one who wears weird clothes and has the flag.” Bao’er then angrily said, “He is such a liar. He kept scamming people out of food, drinks, and all sorts of things, yet he never gave me anything.”

“Han Jinzhi?” Han Sen’s heart jumped. He quickly asked Bao’er for more details about the process that led her there. Han Sen learned that the Four Sheep Cube could lead people to the anti-material world. To do so, all sheep heads had to be pushed down together.

The old liar was going to scam Bao’er out of her Four Sheep Cube, but Bao’er was not that gullible. She did not give it to him. So, the old liar took Bao’er to the anti-material world. The worst part was that after scamming her out of the Four Sheep Cube, he left Bao’er behind.

“This is terrible. He took the Four Sheep Cube and left Bao’er here all alone.” Han Sen was angry. Han Sen had no idea that it was not because Han Jinzhi did not want to take Bao’er with him. It was because he was scared of Bao’er. He needed to provide Bao’er food and entertainment, which was very hard for him to do. It was like a very sad slavery story. In the end, he was unable to afford to have her around, so he made a calculation. He calculated that Han Sen might come there, and Bao’er would end up meeting someone. Therefore, he left Bao’er there to wait for Han Sen.

Regarding Bao’er missing Han Sen’s appearance, the old liar had no fear of that. After being with Bao’er for a while, it was fine if Bao’er did not scam others. At least, no one was able to scam her.

As for the Four Sheep Cube, the old liar had spent a fortune getting it from Bao’er. It was not how Bao’er made it sound.

“Dad, do not leave me behind again. I missed you. I always want to follow you.” Bao’er held Han Sen’s neck. She sounded very cute.

Han Sen looked hurt. He rubbed Bao’er’s head and said, “In the future, I will always be with you. We will not be separated again. By the way, how are Littleflower and Ling’er? Is your

mom OK?”

Bao’er nodded. “They are fine. I told Mom and my brother and sister that you will be fine too. Mom is waiting for you to go home.”

“That horrible old liar scammed us of the Four Sheep Cube Han Sen madly said. “We could have reunited if he had not done that.”

“Yes.” Bao’er felt guilty, not wanting to keep talking poorly about the old liar.

The universe of kingdoms was really big, so Han Sen did not know where he could find the old liar. He would have to wait and see where he ended up. He was going to take Bao’er with him to the Gold Crystal System so they could dig up god pulses together. Han Sen asked about Bao’er’s situation. She was not really restricted by the rules of this world. As to why the flying fish followed her, she did not know the reason.

Han Sen was used to her peculiar circumstances. It did not matter what creature it was, but they always loved Bao’er. The higher class the creature, the more they behaved lovingly to her.

“Bao’er’s history must be unique. What is her race?” Han Sen had a few guesses, but he did not think any of them were correct.

He took Bao’er back to the Gold Crystal System. He went to the planet to find Bald Guy and Li Bing Yu. Fortunately, they had not moved. They were still there, so Han Sen easily found them.

Han Sen was told what happened after he and Sky King departed. He learned that many elites had arrived. None of them were able to earn rewards from the planet. Besides not getting a God Spirit Blood-Pulse, they were also unable to find any gene eggs. “Of course, you could not find anything. All of the good stuff was ruined by the flying fish.” Han Sen thought as he looked at the flying fish next to Bao’er, which was acting like a dog. Bald Guy looked at Bao’er with curiosity as he asked, “Old Han, where did you get this little girl from? How did you bring her here?”

“This is my daughter, Bao’er. Bao’er, this is Sister Ghost Kill and Uncle Xia Yu Fei.” Han Sen introduced the pair to Bao’er.

“Really? You have such a big daughter, and she is so cute.” Bald Guy looked at Han Sen in disbelief. He then looked at Bao’er. He also realized something and complained, “Why is she a sister and I am an uncle?” “What is it?” Han Sen asked. “Are you not like one? People always say we look very similar.”

“I can’t tell, but your daughter looks much better than you,” Bald Guy said with a laugh. He took out a gene egg and presented it to Bao’er. “Bao’er, this gift is from me.”

“Thank you, Uncle Xia.” Bao’er took the gene egg and politely thanked him for the gift.

“You can just call me Brother Bald Guy.” Bald Guy wanted to impress her, so he told her about the gene egg and its level. He wanted to make her happy. Bao’er threw the gene egg at the white-jade, flying fish’s mouth. The flying fish swiftly swallowed it.

Bald Guy suddenly shouted, “No…”

It was too late. The flying fish had already eaten it. Bald Guy was so sad that he wanted to throw up.

“Quick! Cut his belly open and get the gene egg back… That is a very rare king-class gene egg…” Bald Guy was depressed. He wanted to grab the flying fish, kill it, and take back the egg. Han Sen was shocked. He hastily stopped Bald Guy. If he dared touch the flying fish, it would have been a massive death wish.

Han Sen looked at Bald Guy and said, “Forget it. It has already swallowed it. It wouldn’t hatch even if you got it back,”

Bao’er looked at Han Sen with confusion and asked, “Dad, did I do something wrong? Did you not say gene eggs are for feeding gene races?”

Bald Guy had a wry smile as he said, “It depends on what gene egg. That was a rare king-class gene egg. It was very rare. To feed it to a flying fish was a waste.”

The flying fish had heard Bald Guy say he wanted to kill him, so it was not happy. It stared at Bald Guy with murderous eyes.

Han Sen saw that, and it frightened him. If Bao’er was not there, Bald Guy would have been dead. With the vengeful personality of the flying fish, it would have undoubtedly used fire to turn Bald Guy into a heap of ash.

The flying fish opened its eyes wide. Bald Guy was still unaware of the crisis he had put himself in, so he stared back. He shouted, “Dead fish, what are you looking at? Your ancestor’s graveyard is smoking. To be able to eat a rare king-class gene egg, I am afraid you can only have this one chance.”

Han Sen saw Bao’er holding onto the little flying fish. If she hadn’t been, the flying fish would have attacked Bald Guy.

“All right, let’s go find a land pulse,” Han Sen said with a smile. “The god pulse here is so strong, so it should be easy to find king gene eggs. If we are lucky, perhaps we can find a god-class gene egg.” “This place is so dangerous,” Bald Guy worriedly said. “Why are you bringing your daughter along?” “She used to follow me around everywhere,” Han Sen said with a smile. “I have been away from home for too long, and she was not used to it. Her family sent her here, so I picked her up. But it is fine. While I am around, no one will be able to hurt her.”

Bald Guy felt as if Han Sen was too confident, but there was no other option. They had to take Bao’er along with them.

“Bao’er, if something happens, follow Brother Bald Guy,” Bald Guy told Bao’er. “I will keep you safe.”

“Thanks, Brother Bald Guy, I understand,” Bao’er nicely replied.

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