Super Gene

Chapter 2039 - Xius

Chapter 2039 Xius 

Han Sen had noticed Dragon Fifteen and his maid, so he kept his power in check. He didn’t behave in a way that would draw particular attention, but Dragon Fifteen could still see he was worth watching.

Han Sen’s wounds had almost healed by this point, and so he could fight almost like usual. But this place belonged to the Dragon, and he couldn’t leave it freely. If his identity was exposed, then he could be trapped there.

Suddenly, a roar came from the sea. A Spiky Turtle the size of a tank came lumbering up the shore. The defenders’ faces went pale.

Long Shan could deal with one Marquise class turtle, but the family didn’t have anyone strong enough to handle a second one.

When the Marquise class turtle came onto the island, it immediately headed for the battle on the mountain. Long Lan looked pale. No one could stop that shiny, Marquise Spiky Turtle.

Han Sen frowned. The two Dragons were still not going to help. It looked as if they did not care about Long Shan’s family at all.

Han Sen knew that he had already exposed himself, anyway. The Dragon man had been staring at Han Sen the whole time, so there was no point in attempting to hide any longer.

Han Sen had been staying with Long Shan’s family for two weeks, eating their food. He didn’t want to just watch them die now. He did not hesitate; he went straight for the Marquise Spiky Turtle and punched it.

Long Lan was currently protecting the kids, and she looked desperate. The adult men were preparing to block the attacker, but a jade light suddenly shone on the Spiky Turtle. The Spiky Turtle slowed down. A shadow appeared in front of the turtle, punching it continuously with fists that slammed into the turtle like meteors.

That cruel Marquise turtle looked like it was in slow-motion. It was even slower than an ordinary turtle.

“San Mu!” Long Lan and the others were delighted. Long Yan shouted in joy.

Han Sen could not kill the Marquise class turtle, but he attacked it steadily. He went to the Earl turtles and slowed them down as well.

Even the other Marquise turtle, the one that Long Shan was fighting, was slowed by Han Sen’s punches. For the first time in the fight, Long Shan had the advantage.

Long Shan’s family was very happy, but they had no time to celebrate. They still needed to focus on the turtles, especially those with the turtle symbol upon them.

The Dragon lady on the leaf noticed how powerful Han Sen was and raised her eyebrows. “That crystallizer’s xenogeneic genes are strange. That is such a powerful speed reduction.”

“It is not just a speed reduction technique,” Dragon Fifteen said quietly.

The Dragon lady started to respond, but then she saw another green leaf come floating by. On that green leaf stood a person with a human upper body and a snake lower body. It was one of the Gana.

The leaf was moving by itself, and it drifted over in front of Dragon Fifteen.

“Xius, why are you in Return Ruin Sea?” Dragon Fifteen looked at the Gana woman strangely.

Xius smiled and said, “Don’t you want to see me?”

Dragon Fifteen laughed and said, “I was just joking. Seeing you is an absolute pleasure, but don’t you have business to attend to in Dragon Palace?”

Xius looked at the fight on Dragon Pool Island, her eyes alighting on Han Sen. She smiled. “Dragon Palace is boring, and you are here, Fifteen. I wanted to come and see you, but I did not expect to find something else so interesting.”

“What do you mean?” Dragon Fifteen pretended to be surprised.

“This island possesses a strange lifeforce. I can’t tell what it is exactly, but it has certainly attracted many of the Spiky Turtles to it. Something fascinating must reside there.” Xius paused. She then looked at Han Sen and said, “And for an elite like him to appear here? That is not a coincidence.”

Dragon Fifteen looked shocked, and he said, “Really?”

You don’t have to pretend you didn’t know,” Xius said gently.

Dragon Fifteen’s expression turned serious. “If you hadn’t told me, I really wouldn’t have guessed that. I’m here to investigate a strange incident in Return Ruin Sea. I didn’t come for this island.”

“Then what are you planning to do?” Xius asked, her smile widening.

In a hard voice, Dragon Fifteen said, “This is a region owned by the Dragon, and I cannot allow things outside of our laws to continue.”

Xius smiled. It sounded as if he was referring to Han Sen, but it was also a warning for her.

On Dragon Pool Island, Han Sen killed two Marquise Spiky Turtles. Long Shan and the others killed some turtles, too.

But the Spiky Turtles were still coming to Dragon Pool Island. Then, another two arrived. Luckily, Han Sen was there. If he hadn’t been, the entire family would have been eaten by the turtles.

Han Sen killed another Spiky Turtle, and then he started to frown.

Something was wrong with how the turtles were moving. The turtles did not seem to be going after them specifically. Once they arrived at Dragon Pool Island, it looked like they were going straight for the Dragon Pool itself.

Han Sen did not know much about the Dragon Pool. When he arrived, he was already in the pool. Once he had gotten out of it, he had never bothered returning to it. The turtles seemed quite interested in the Dragon Pool, however. Many of them were ignoring the fight entirely.

Seeing how many Spiky Turtles were headed for the Dragon Pool, Han Sen thought, “Even though the Dragon God is gone, its presence still remains. Why do these low level turtles want to go there?”

As Han Sen was thinking about this, a giant wave rose from the sea. A large black body was coming out of the water. It was a huge Spiky Turtle. Its body was like a castle, and the spikes on its back were like ancient cannons. The mere sight of it was terrifying.

“Is that… a Duke class Spiky Turtle?” Long Shan’s family froze. This was far worse than they had expected.

“We will go to the western beach!” Han Sen shouted at Long Shan and the others. Then, he used his Turtle spell to slow down the other Earl turtles.

Long Shan and the others followed and Han Sen to the western beach.

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