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Chapter 912 - Strengthening the Hidden Realm

Chapter 912: Strengthening the Hidden Realm

“I think that there’s nothing more I can teach you,” Celestial Artificer Wind Raja excitedly said. “In just one week, you’ve reached level 7 in the Law of Artificing! I’ve never seen such an amazing individual in my life!”

Xia Fei frowned and asked, “Level 7 isn’t the peak of artificing, so why do you want me to stop cultivating?”

To tell the truth, Xia Fei had not felt level 7 of the Law of Artificiary to be too difficult. Perhaps because the Law of Artificiary was an auxiliary law, it was less difficult, and Xia Fei also had the help of the wondrous rainbow energy ball in his brain region. Perhaps these were what had allowed him to progress so quickly.

As for powerful laws like Speed and Primal Chaos, even with Xia Fei’s astounding talent, he still found them difficult to cultivate. After all, these two law forces were both super laws that defied the heavens!

Wind Raja chuckled. “Slow and steady progress is the key to advancing in all law forces. As a warrior, you are familiar with law forces, possessing incredible talent that lets you crazily advance in cultivation, but ordinary artificers like me are too weak, so we cultivate laws very slowly.

“Progression speed is one thing; solidifying foundations is another. It’s precisely because you shot up to level 7 of the Law of Artificiary that you need to spend an even longer time solidifying your foundations. Moreover, the Law of Artificiary is only a part of an artificer’s routine. Besides that, you need to learn design, smelting, composition, forging, and other skills. Only then can you create the best armors and weapons.

“Don’t rush. With your talent, becoming a celestial artificer is only a matter of time. I’ll say that level 7 Law of Artificiary is already enough for you to use. Even when it comes to Sin Raksha, while you may be unable to make one, you’re completely capable of repairing it if it’s damaged.”

Wind Raja spoke with great sincerity. It was clear that this celestial artificer who had been imprisoned for several centuries was very satisfied with Xia Fei’s attitude and talent. He considered him his disciple and planned to pass onto him everything he knew.

Xia Fei bowed to Wind Raja. With the last day of lessons over, he returned to the main control room. On the way, he asked Radix, “How much can your current energy last you?”

After a few moments of thought, Radix replied, “The pulses produced when advancing in the Law of Artificiary are rather weak. At my current energy reserves, I can last one month at most.”

Xia Fei frowned. “In other words, in one month, no matter what law it is, I must quickly advance in order for you not to dissipate?”

“Precisely,” Radix affirmed.

Xia Fei pursed his lips. He suddenly realized that Radix was a lot like a lingering ghost, constantly pestering him to advance, as Radix would die if Xia Fei stopped advancing. He felt somewhat like he was not in control of his actions.

At this moment, Little Goldie stopped at the perimeter of the Hidden Realm. Once Xia Fei gave the order, it would emerge from Dark Space.

“Xia Fei, you came at the perfect time. Yabli and I have just confirmed again that there are no problems on Pinnacle’s research station. All of the hidden signal transmission devices have been removed,” Teddy said, wiping the sweat from his face.

Xia Fei firmly nodded. “Thank you for your hard work. I’ll order Little Goldie to return home.”

Yabli said in shock, “It’s best if you check things over yourself. It would be awful if we missed something.”

Xia Fei smiled. “That’s not necessary. I trust in your abilities.”

These words almost had Yabli and Teddy in tears. Xia Fei had not only granted these two masters freedom and dignity but also immense trust!

This was the difference between heaven and hell. In the past, when Teddy and Yabli had been imprisoned by Fig Corporation, every day had been torturous, but after meeting Xia Fei, they had found value in their existence in the space of a single night. They were deeply grateful and thoroughly devoted to Xia Fei.

In truth, Xia Fei had already checked over Pinnacle and confirmed that there were no problems. He had not said this because he wanted these masters to feel like they were coming home and so that they would prefer to stay in the Hidden Realm, working for him. This way, Xia Fei’s beloved Titan could come out a little faster.

The Hidden Realm.

Little Goldie’s sudden appearance triggered a massive turmoil, with countless warships surging out and aiming their cannons at Little Goldie.

Fortunately, Xia Fei had sent out a communications signal in a timely fashion, thereby avoiding unnecessary combat. Xia Fei was very satisfied with the Hidden Realm’s defenses. Less than one minute had elapsed between Little Goldie’s emergence and the gathering of the Mech Race fleet. From this, he could tell that this steel division already had formidable fighting power and rigorous safety protocols.

Xia Fei used the radar system to seek a secluded star region in the Hidden Realm, and then he had Little Goldie head there.


Little Goldie’s belly stretched and then contracted as it spit out Pinnacle. It was thanks to its massive body that Xia Fei had been able to bring Fig Corporation’s best research station out and into the Hidden Realm!

Teddy and Yabli quickly moved to anchor the space station, and a few minutes later, everyone who had been left in the Hidden Realm arrived.

Unlocking the access compartment with a smile, Xia Fei welcomed Sophie, Warstar, Sophie, and Phantom.

Pod, Avril, and Xiao Yu were at Sunset Villa, protected from the shadows by powerful experts sent by the Skywings. The Hidden Realm was extremely boring, and Xiao Yu and Avril were both at the age where they wanted to be moving around. Barring special circumstances, Xia Fei did not intend to make them suffer in the Hidden Realm.

Dimsky’s eyes widened when he saw the Pinnacle research station. As the head researcher of the Mech Race, he had never seen such advanced equipment before. After all, Pinnacle had been created by the Law Realm’s Fig Corporation, and its level of technology was many times greater than that of the Hidden Realm.

“My god. I must be dreaming! Was there really something this good in the universe?” Dimsky muttered, his jaw dropping.

Warstar frowned, saying, “Even in the Law Realm, this research station is considered top-class. Xia Fei, how did you get it?”

“I stole it,” Xia Fei indifferently replied.


Everyone was rendered speechless, even blushing in shame. Dimsky made a weird yelp. “Just how long have you been in the Law Realm, that you’ve already started burglarizing the place? Are you going to steal the entire Law Realm next?”

The Law Realm was where the strongest fighting powers of the universe resided. The mechs were astonished as they should be to hear that he had stolen Pinnacle from there.

Xia Fei did not say anything else about this topic. He introduced and recommended Teddy, Yabli, and Wind Raja to Sophie’s group, and everyone was once more shocked. Teddy and the other two had not imagined that Xia Fei would have such a powerful force in the Hidden Realm, and it was made entirely of loyal robots.

Sophie did not see her father and became very disappointed. Xia Fei walked up to her, grabbed the piece of morphite that Phantom was possessing from her hand, and whispered, “Radix has returned, but he’s in a rather strange state. I’ll explain it to you later.” Sophie was startled, and then she excitedly nodded. The young and female body she was wearing now had more humanity to it, no longer seeming so cold. This was probably Phantom’s work.

Xia Fei made a round of introductions so that the three masters and Little Goldie could familiarize themselves with the mechs.

Xia Fei had reaped a rich harvest this time, and everyone was satisfied. Dimsky had been the Hidden Realm’s only scientist, but now he had Teddy, Yabli, and the best research station in the universe. The Hidden Realm’s research capabilities had undoubtedly received a huge boost. Even those tech companies in the Law Realm would probably have to concede defeat.

Meanwhile, Warstar peppered Wind Raja with questions on how to strengthen mech warriors. Wind Raja was a professional when it came to producing equipment, so he naturally had a lot of authority when it came to how they could improve the defensive and offensive abilities of mech warriors. At time, a minor adjustment in alloy composition was all that was needed to make a mech warrior’s body several dozen times stronger. With him around, the hundreds of millions of mech warriors were bound to get stronger.

“Everyone will have plenty of time to work together later. Let’s return to base and celebrate!” Xia Fei loudly said.


The warship took everyone back to base. As the base needed to be ready to receive Xia Fei or Avril at any time, it was lavishly supplied and adapted for human habitation. Teddy and the others were full of praise when they saw the rooms that had been prepared for them.

The Mech Race had arranged their food, clothes, and accommodations to exquisite detail, and they had everything they could ever want. Compared to lives in the cells on the research station, the Hidden Realm was paradise! They were all excited almost to a hysterical level. This sort of freedom and stability was exactly what they yearned for all these years.

Xia Fei waved his hand, calling Sophie, Warstar, and Dimsky together; they then set off to Sophie’s room together.

He enigmatically took out that temporary base from his bosom and placed it on the table. He smiled as he began to walk out, saying, “Someone wants to meet you three.”

He closed the door and lit a cigarette.

Phantom curiously asked, “Was Radix in that box?”

Xia Fei nodded. Phantom was stunned. “How could Radix be in a box? Isn’t he the king of the mechs?”

Xia Fei chuckled. “Radix is actually an immortal soul. The mech was simply his body. It looks like there’s hope for you. Radix is very knowledgeable when it comes to integrating a soul with a machine. I trust that it won’t be long before you get a new body, and one without the problems of integration.”

Phantom was both confused and excited. At this moment, Xia Fei’s spatial compass beeped. He looked down and saw that it was Xia Guanghai.

All of Xia Fei’s possessions were with Xia Guanghai. He was coming to give those items back as well as to convey the clan’s next plans.

Xia Fei welcomed Xia Guanghai atop a giant platform in the steel city. The moment he saw him, Xia Guanghai pointed at him and said, “I heard that you’re someone who specializes in causing trouble, but I thought that you’d be more restrained since you got to the God Race, but not only didn’t you restrained yourself, you went even crazier! You stole Fig Corporation’s trump card! Do you realize that the entire God Race is in turmoil right now? Those guys at Fig are about to go crazy!”

Xia Fei pouted. “What does it matter to me if they go crazy? With the mighty Pinnacle right in front of me, wouldn’t it be even crazier if I didn’t steal it?”

Xia Fei was truly an unreasonable fellow, and Xia Guanghai heartily laughed.

Hooking an arm across Xia Fei, Xia Guanghai sternly said, “You really are the monster of the Skywing Clan! Let’s talk over here. I’m not just delivering your items this time; the undying old man told me to give you a mission, and you’ll probably be busy soon.”

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